South Africa Safari: 25 Pictures to inspire you

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Bucket list - SAFARI in SOUTH AFRICA in 25 pictures

I believe that doing a Safari in Africa is something that is included on every traveler's bucket list. What's not to love about the mix of adventure + animals living in their natural habitat.

I started my safari in South Africa at Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre with a guided tour of their large preserve. Next it was on to one of the largest game reserves in Africa -  Kruger National Park, for a self-drive safari. I then visited the Ado Elephant National Park close to Port Elizabeth, followed by a Private Game Reserve with a guide.

The safaris were an amazing opportunity to observe the animals in their natural habitat and see families of animals together; the relationship between the same and different species; animals hunting and eating their meals, or simply resting under the shade of a tree. Enjoy some of these moments captured by my lens.

I shot everything with my Canon 70D using a Canon 70-300 mm DO IS USM lens to get up close without disturbing the animals (or becoming a morning snack).

One of my favorite moments, seeing different species sharing the same area without any conflict. We have so much to learn from the animals.
Did you know that zebras stripes come in different patterns, unique to each individual
A curious giraffe in our way, during our safari at Kruger Park
Giraffe can be from 14 to 19 ft. tall, making a tree look small.
It was fascinating to observe how the mothers care for their young.
The king! This was one of the most remarkable moments of my safari, to be face to face with a lion
Just resting under the shade of a tree, looking peaceful and not even worring about our presence.
Another very special moment, to see a white rhino dad with his baby.
I saw many baboons during my safari at Kruger, and in the majorty of times they walk in a large group.
Another remarkable moment, while driving my car I heard a lot of noise. I found out the noise was coming from this fight. It was fascinating to watch.
A hyena enjoying its meal...amazing, isn't it?
My favorite animal! A big group of elephants crossing right in front of my eyes (and lens).
This baby was enjoying to drink from the lake.
A very precious momento of pure happines. Can you see the "smile" on the face of this momma elephant?
Wildebeests, also called gnus are popular during a safari in Africa, and most of the times they are found in large herds.
Large groups of Antelopies are also very easy to see during the safari.
This was the first time I heard about this animal, Eland. It is the largest antelope in Africa. This one was about 6' at his shoulder.
Kudu is another specie of antelope, and another animal that is easy to find during a safari in South Africa
Another remarkable moment, so observe a Cheetah from so close. Cheetahs are the fastest mammals on our planet.
Hippopotamus is among the most dangerous animals in the world as it is highly aggressive and unpredictable. I was a little nervous to get so close to this hippo.
This was a very large group of buffalos in Kruger Park. The guide told us that there were thousands.
Oh that face...I wonder what he was thinking. Buffalos are such beautiful animals
Safaris are a great opportunity to observe animals up close, and more importantly, in their natural habitat
This is the car we used during our first safari. If you haven't yet I strongly recommend to include an ethical safari in your bucket list and support conservation of these beautiful creatures.

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  1. Paula these are genuinely some of the best safari pictures I have ever seen. Absolutely eye-popping. I love that water buffalo picture; I can feel his emotion through his facial expression. I cannot wait to do a safari. So much fun. Fabulous job on this post.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much Ryan. This is an amazing feedback on my pictures! I am a big animal lover, and be able to see them in the nature and be able to capture precious moments makes me feel a blessed person. I hope you can do a safari soon, it was one of the best things I ever done!

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