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Paula Pins the Planet is a travel and healthy lifestyle blog, launched in Oct. 2018 serving a unique niche focusing on Authentic, Ethical, and Adventure Travel Experiences and offering detailed itineraries, travel tips, and professional photography. Also, Paula is an experienced athlete, offering healthy lifestyle content, with a special series of Workout on-the-go.

About Paula

World Traveler | Professional Fitness Athlete | Travel Writer | Travel Photographer | Adventurer Seeker



Hi, I'm Paula

I am the real person behind this blog. I was born and raised in Brazil and I have been living in the U.S. since 2006, based on the beautiful and sunny Florida.

I am a world traveler and an athlete who has decided to share my passion for traveling and help others to "Pin the Planet" while I also love to inspire my readers to have a healthy lifestyle.

I have a B.A. in Communications, MBA in marketing, and for the past 20 years, I worked as an international Marketing Manager, and I traveled to more than 40 countries on my vacation and for business. In January 2020 I made a big decision in my life: I quit my career to pursue my passion to start my own business.

I am here to inspire you to find a life balance between exploring the world and living a healthy lifestyle. My travel style is real-life adventures and I am in constant search for the most authentic experiences and seeking unconventional destinations.

I would like to inspire you through my adventures, photography, and fitness lifestyle. 


with love,

Paula Martinelli

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TRAVEL PLANNING to help you to plan for a trip: I spend a lot of time searching and preparing for my trips, and I am here to share everything I have learned. I share a complete Travel Resources with step-by-step on how to prepare for your next adventure.  I share very detailed Travel Itineraries, such as my 10-Day Road trip to Iceland, and I prepared a comprehensive Travel Guide for everything you need to know before your trip, such as my Brazil Travel Guide

DESTINATION to inspire you to explore the Planet: I decided to share and inspire others with travel guides and beautiful images and to introduce stories of real people who I met from my adventures all over the world. My travel style is real-life adventures and I am in constant search for the most authentic experiences and seeking unconventional destinations.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE to inspire you: I am also a fitness athlete who found life balance between exploring the world and living a healthy lifestyle. I am here to inspire you to follow a healthy lifestyle by sharing healthy tips, How to be in Shape for your Next Vacation and I have a YouTube Channel with a series of workout on-the-go, so you can follow a fitness routine during your travels. 

RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL by helping to protect our environment and give back to local communities:  I am here to share my love for authentic traveling with lots of adventure and ethical stories while exploring new places on our planet, connecting with people, learning from different cultures. Find amazing destinations and how we can all be better travelers respecting the environment, people, and their culture.

Paula Pins the Planet

"My goal is to continue to Pin the Planet at any chance I get and to LEAVE MY MARK ON THE WORLD - Travel & be healthy"




Each trip is an adventure!

There is always something new to discover; a new place, different flavors, smells and colors. A new hiking trail, a high mountain to conquer, that remote village you only saw in books. Not speaking the local language, not having a hotel booked for the night, or not being able to read the menu? Not a problem, traveling is an adventure.

The pursuit of happiness and seeking the unfamiliar and experiencing this crazy beautiful world, until we land somewhere where staying put is the greatest adventure of all!




Photograph our amazing world!

I developed my interest for photography when I was very young and I am a lucky girl to be able to travel to around the world and capture the magical moments with my camera.

I want to encourage you to travel by sharing some of my traveling photography.


I believe in caring about our Planet and our environment and not practicing any sort of animal abuse, respecting people and their culture and learning from them. When I plan a new trip, I research opportunities to connect with locals and to give back to the local communities, by making choices to stay at a homestay, eat at local restaurants, learn about other cultures while encouraging people to have the same experience.

Help preserve our Planet for future generations.

I am passionate about storytelling!

I have my B.A. in Communications and MBA in Marketing, and I am a travel writer by choice. My happy place is when I am exploring a new place and documenting my adventure and sharing with others. I left my home country for the first time at 23 years old and I never looked back. And since then I am in a mission to travel to many destinations

I found out that I am a natural storyteller and I am here to share my experiences and to inspire you to go on that big adventure of a lifetime.

I am obsessed with Fitness!

I am a professional Figure athlete, and I love to push my physical limits and challenge myself to be better than the day before. Being an athlete helps me improve as a human being as it requires so much mental discipline.

My philosophy is that we have 1 body and 1 planet, we need to take care of both!

I am a fur babies mom!

I met my (American) husband, Mike, in Brazil in 2005. After a year together in Brazil, I quit my job, left my family and started a new journey moving to the U.S. Please meet Pingo (Westie) and Cooper (Chinese Crested).

Mike and I share the same passion for fostering and adopting dogs & exploring the Planet together.



I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about the destinations, the blogs or suggestions for improvements, leave any comments on my blog posts and I always reply to comments.

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