Cambodia Travel Tips: Everything you need to know before your trip

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Cambodia at A Glance The Kingdom of Cambodia is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, but still not as popular as some other countries like Thailand and Vietnam. The most popular attraction in Cambodia is the ancient archaeological park of Angkor Wat located in the city of Siem Reap. Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is …

New Zealand: 25 Pictures to inspire you to visit

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Discover the amazing NEW ZEALAND in 25 pictures New Zealand is without any question, one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. It is a diverse country, that offers great metropolitan cities, amazing mountains and hills, Ancient Kauri trails, great wine and food, glaciers and some of the best treks in the world. New Zealand offers something for …

Cambodia: 25 Pictures to inspire you to visit

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Discover the amazing CAMBODIA in 25 pictures Probably you already heard and knew that Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. But Cambodia is much more than just Angkor Wat. There are so many fascinating things to do and see while in Cambodia, such as the amazing ruins, ancient temples, jaw dropping landscapes and so much history to …

Vietnam: 25 pictures to inspire you to visit

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Discover the amazing VIETNAM in 25 pictures A very diverse country, that offers a mix of big and busy cities with lots of history, a coastline with beautiful beaches, you can hike the mountains in Sapa, go on a cruise in the Mekong Delta or in Halong Bay. The colors and flavors of Vietnam are unparalleled and unique. Welcome to Vietnam …

SAPA, Vietnam: Ethical Travel Guide

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Giving back 7 reasons why I recommend booking an independent homestay in Sapa When planning your trip to Sapa, you have options to book through a travel agency or to book an independent homestay. Here I list 7 reasons why I recommend booking your trek with a local lady in Sapa, and the benefits behind ethical tourism, and how it …

Everything you need to know about trek & homestay in Sapa

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Sapa is located beyond the clouds in a mountain town in Lao Cai Province which also includes Vietnam’s highest peak, Fan Si Pan.

It is in a remote place in Vietnam located about 350 km northwest of Hanoi, close to the Chinese border. We were so close to China that while my phone didn’t have service in much of Vietnam, in Sapa I could get on service from China.