Interview with travel expert Nomadic Matt

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 31, 2019

Insights and inspiration from a Travel Expert: Nomadic Matt When I got the opportunity to interview Matt Kepnes, the founder of one of the top travel blogs, Nomadic Matt, I …

The Best 2 Week Itinerary – Vietnam

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 24, 2019

Why THE BEST ITINERARY? I only had 2 weeks vacation in Vietnam and 1 week in Cambodia. There were so many places I wanted to visit, so I had to …

Cambodia – 10 Lessons on Ethical Traveling

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 19, 2019

The smiling faces that welcome tourists display the optimism and contentment of a people grateful for what they have. But Cambodia is much more complex than what we can imagine …

The Best 1 Week Itinerary – Cambodia

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 19, 2019

How to make the most of your visit to the temples of Siem Reap Just like many people, I took advantage of the geographical proximity of Vietnam and Cambodia and …

3 Days in Ho Chi Minh City

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 18, 2019

Ho Chi Minh City, also knowing as Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam, but 3 days is enough time to explore the city and take a day side trip …

13 Reasons why couples should travel together

By Paula Martinelli | Feb 13, 2019

13 years together, 13 reasons why traveling as a couple is the best way to fire up the relationship If I can give one piece of advice to anyone who …

Nepal – The ultimate culture guide

By Paula Martinelli | Jan 21, 2019

My best description of Nepal is a place that offers an explosion of contrasts between the chaos in the cities and the peaceful mountains. This combination can make Nepal tricky and complex…

People of Tibet – Faces of a strong spirit

By Paula Martinelli | Jan 20, 2019

An amazing photojournalism opportunity Have you ever wondered what a proud and a strong spirit looks like in the face of adversity? Travel to Tibet through my pictures and stories of …

Nepal Travel Tips: Everything you need to know before your trip

By Paula Martinelli | Jan 14, 2019

Here are the top tips you need know when planning your trip to Nepal. Make the most out of your vacation by learning these key pieces of information. Nepal at …

Hiking the Himalayas: FITNESS preparation guide

By Paula Martinelli | Dec 13, 2018

The Challenges: As I prepared for my adventure to hike the Himalayas mountains in Nepal, I focused on my health and fitness preparation for this challenge, and I am happy …

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Map of Countries Visited - New 2/2019
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