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Christmas Market in Austria: 10 Most Magical Markets in 2021!

If you have on your bucket list to spend Christmas Market in Austria, you are in the right place! You are bout to discouver the top Most Magical Christmas in Austria you need to add in your bucket list! Christmas Market in Austria is where it all began – and visiting Austria during Christmas time […]

15 Amazing Places to visit in Namibia | An Epic Photo Journey Around Namibia

Namibia photography that will make you want to visit Namibia

You are about to find out the best places to visit in Namibia that you should add to your bucket list. Namibia is one of those places that will leave you in AWE doesn’t matter if you are traveling around the desert, or doing a safari, and you cannot go wrong whichever you choose to […]

Italian Coastal Towns: 20 Stunning Towns to visit in Italy

Italy is an amazing bucket list travel destination, and nothing compares to the natural beauty of the Italian Coastal Towns. If you have been dreaming about Italy, get a cup of coffee (or an Italian capuccino) and site back. You are about to see the 20 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Italy that will just […]

Glacier Hike in Iceland & Ice Climbing: Everything you need to know + FAQ

Glacier tour Iceland

A trip to the land of fire and ice is not completed without going on a Glacier Hike in iceland or an the Ice Climbing. This was the highlight of my trip, and I highly recommend you to add it to you Iceland Bucket list too. Here you can find all the information on my […]

21 Rio de Janeiro Interesting Facts You will Love to Find Out About!

If you love Brazil, and its rich culture, you will love to find out about these 21 Rio de Janeiro Interesting Facts! The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro has almost too many bucket-list attractions to count, but a few of them include the original Copacabana, Ipanema Beach, cable-car rides to the peak of Sugarloaf […]