Botswana Wild Camping Safari – Complete guide with 28 things to know

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BOTSWANA – THE BEST GUIDE ON HOW TO GO ON A WILD CAMPING SAFARI Remote…Isolated…Wild! If you are planning a trip to Botswana, the best way to experience the country landscape and wildlife is by driving and wild camping in the remote safaris of Botswana. There is no question that the best way to explore Botswana with a real and …

Botswana adventure self-drive 4x4 tent safari

Camping in Botswana – Sleeping under the stars on the remote safari

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CAMPING UNDER THE STARS ON THE REMOTE SAFARI IN BOTSWANA During 10 days I slept under the stars of Botswana, camping without fences in the most remote areas on a safari, and sharing the same space with wild animals like hyenas and African lions. Check out this “tale” of a real life adventure on one of the most isolated safaris …