Ethical Travel

We should all be Ethical & Responsible Travelers 

Paula Pins the Planet Blog mission is to encourage ETHICAL TRAVEL by giving back to the local communities, helping to protect our environment & practice animal cruelty-free tourism.

As it is great that more people are travelling than ever, it is also bringing negative impact in our Planet:

Overtourism - Exploitation - Animal Abuse - Pollution - Emission - Environment Degradation 

As a World Traveler, I believe that it is my responsibility to treat each place I visit with respect to the culture, religion, customs and to give back to the local communities by making choices for homestay and to eat at local restaurants, not participating on any source of animal cruelty, and to help protect our Planet for our future generations.

We all can have a great impact on the Planet in a positive way, by making good choices while on the road - Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s a good choice though, so I am here to share some stories, because just like you, I am constantly learning and educating myself on the best choices I can make during my traveling around our home, our Planet!

"I believe my love for traveling includes caring about our Planet and our environment and not practicing any source of animal abuse, respecting people and their culture and learning from them"

- Paula Martinelli -

Responsible and Ethical Travel guides 

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