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Brazil, is my mother land and eu sou uma Brasileira com muito orgulho e com muito amor! (I am a Brazilian with lots of pride and love).

There is so much to say about Brazil, the cultures, the history, the well known (Rio de Janeiro, Amazon, São Paulo) and the lesser known (Pantanal, Paraty, Natal, Porto Seguro, Fernando de Noronha Island, etc.). Brazil is a country that welcomes exploration and experimentation. It is a melting pot of various cultures as migrants from all over the world emigrated to this beautiful land of hope.

It is said that God proved he had a sense of humor when he made the Brazilian people. Brazilians love to socialize and look for any reason to celebrate or just get together.

Visit Brazil to experience all the different ways Carnaval is celebrated across the country. Take part in a Brazilian Barbecue (churrasco) where freshly grilled meat, cold beer (cerveja gelada) and laughs are the order of the day. Go to a soccer (futebol) game and experience the jogo bonito (beautiful game) like you have never seen it before.

From North to South, East to West, Brazil is an array of color, life, celebration and eternal optimism!

I will share with you how to explore Brazil as a local.


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Brazil Travel Guide - All to know before you go

Brazil is a diverse and beautiful country waiting for you to explore. Go beyond Rio’s beaches, and Sao Paulo’s metropolitan allure and see everything Brazil has to offer…


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