Namibia road trip

Namibia - Surreal Landscape & Remarkable Wildlife

Namibia road trip


Namibia is one of those jaw-dropping mind-blowing places that gets under your skin and really takes hold of your heart.

Namibia is a vast country of contrasts, home to one of the tallest dunes, some of the most iconic safaris, and the second least populated country in our planet, Namibia is absolutely one of the BEST destinations for nature and wildlife lovers.

Climb ancient sand dunes at dawn in Sossusvlei, see German-colonial architecture in coastal Luderitz and Swakopmund, drive Sandwich Harbor where the desert meets the ocean and explore the mystical Skeleton Coast before you go to the amazing safari in Etosha National Park.

Namibia has so much to see and experience. Enjoy my Namibia Travel Guide and Safe Travels!

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Namibia is without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary landscape in our planet, making the best description of this place be " SURREAL" - Namibia is home of Africa's premier safari, Etosha National Park. Despite a very small population, Namibia has a total of 13 different ethic groups, which one with a very unique and intriguing culture.



A well planned 11-day itinerary is sufficient to discover some of the mesmerizing places that Namibia has to offer. This itinerary covers some of the most amazing landscapes, a taste of the wildlife and also a cultural experience with some of the beautiful local people in Namibia. I have also added alternative routes to give you options while planning your own itinerary.

Namibia road trip self-drive itinerary

Namibia Road Trip – Detailed self-drive itinerary and map

By Paula Martinelli | January 23, 2020

Do you know why Namibia is considered one of the BEST road trip destinations? Check this itinerary for a self-drive and find out why it is a dream trip.


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