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I met Ryan (Blogging from Paradise) through one of the social media communities for bloggers a year ago when I was getting started blogging. Ryan is a travel expert and has tons of great experience that other travelers and bloggers can learn from. Ryan is not only a travel expert and blogger, he is also an inspiration for people like me, who are just starting out. Get ready to learn something new with insights and endless positivity from Ryan. He is one of the reasons I don’t give up on travel blogging.

I have always loved traveling, travel photography, getting to know new people, and experiencing new adventures all over the globe. I noticed I had increased my traveling to over 30 countries and collected not only memories for myself, but also, stories and experiences from all my traveling. I have decided to learn new skills and become a travel writer.

But I had more questions than answers, and this is when Ryan showed up in my life. He helped me through motivation and advice on how to be a successful blogger and to continue to pursue my dream.

A year later, I am very proud to say I pursued my dream and I have my blog.  I am so glad to have the opportunity to interview Ryan and share some great advice from one of the most experienced influencer on how to be a successful blogger and how to generate more traffic to your blog.

Ryan Biddulph Travel Expert

Getting to know a little more about Ryan Biddulph:

  • Ryan has been featured on sites like Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, Positively Positive, Life Hack Dot Org, John Chow Dot Com, Neil Patel Dot Com, Pro Blogger and Blogging Tips Dot Com
  • Ryan spoke about how to become a professional blogger at prestigious NYU
  • Some of the Blogging From Paradise eBooks on Amazon garnered tweet endorsements from a NY Times Best Selling Author.
  • Ryan has been featured on over 200 blogs since he launched Blogging From Paradise in July of 2014.


Blogging from Paradise Ryan Biddulph

1- How and when did you decide to become a travel blogger?

I only began genuine travel blogging a few years ago. I still focus on sharing blogging tips 90% of the time. But before my travel blogging gig, a few folks suggested I should make money through travel blogging since I circled the globe.

2- Based on your own experience as a travel blogger and helping so many bloggers understand the success and frustrations of blogging, what would you say are the keys to success every travel blogger should know?

Unfortunately, most aspiring travel bloggers have no idea what goes into actually BEING a travel blogger. People think you see the world, snap a few photos, whip up a post, publish, and get paid big bucks for your efforts. Nope. Travel blogging is a highly specialized skill that requires you to fulfill 3 roles:

  1. Being a careful observer – Skilled travel bloggers carefully observe surroundings, take mental notes, snap photos and record videos, and use this information to create content, or, to publish blog posts. If you become a sponge to your travels, you will have blog post ideas forever. Being a mindful observer requires patient, persistent mental work.
  2. Blogger – Blogging is a highly developed skill. Successful blogging is an even more highly developed, specialized skill. Most bloggers struggle to write one 600 word post daily. I wrote seven 600 word posts today, between guest posts and posts for my blog. Of course, I practiced blogging 40,000 hours over the past decade. I got some skills because I practiced blogging quite a bit over 10 years of my life.
  3. Business Person – This is, literally, the money step. Successful travel bloggers observe carefully, develop the skill of blogging, and become business people who monetize their blogs effectively.

Ryan Biddulph Blogging Sunset

3- When you say that being a careful observer during your travels is one of the most essential skills, what would you say that any travel blogger needs to focus on during their travels?

Most travelers circle the globe to enjoy traveling. Travel bloggers enjoy traveling but mentally work to record details, to remember stories, and to fill their blog with rich, in-depth content, that makes your readers feel like they are taking the journey with you.

Look around you during your travels. Focus on details. See what most travelers do not see. Take your time. Be mindful. Be observant. This is a real skill you need to develop, to overcome your mind’s tendency to rush through a trip, in a hurry.

4 – Based on your experience, how can a successful blogger develop their writing skills and be capable of writing content to engage the readers?

Successful travel bloggers learn how to blog from top blogging pros. Bloggers need to practice writing diligently to connect with readers. Toss in learning how to snap eye-popping photos, record eye-popping videos, and how to properly format a blog post for easy reading.

5- We know that creating engaging content is not a natural skill, and it requires time and practice. What would be your advice to anyone that plans to be a successful blogger?

You need to develop the skill of converting mental and physical notes, pictures, and videos into neatly packaged, clear, clean, enticing blog posts.

If blogging were easy, every blogger would be a millionaire. But the discomfort of developing skills weed out most bloggers – who struggle, fail and quit – leaving a select few highly successful, prospering bloggers, in every niche.

6- What would be other pro tips you could share with anyone interested to become a successful travel blogger?

  • Invest in a domain, hosting, and premium theme.
  • Write 500 words daily offline. Gain confidence and clarity in your voice. Publish content regularly.
  • Connect with fellow travel bloggers. Comment on their blogs. Promote them. Make friends.
  • Become a skilled blogger to effectively convey your world travels to your readers.

Ryan Biddulph Blogging from Paradise Photo

7- The million dollar question I get almost every day is, “Do you make money blogging?” – I believe people get curious to see bloggers putting so much effort into something, if you are not making money. In your opinion, what should be the motivation to become a professional blogger and to start making money?

You need to think and act like an entrepreneur to actually make money through travel blogging. Most travelers who try travel blogging get picked off at this stage-role because learning how to make money is a different skill than learning how to blog. Plus, most humans feel highly uncomfortable with the topic of money.

For example; most travel bloggers feel uncomfortable receiving money through affiliate sales. I see this because they explain that “they only make a small commission, at no extra cost to you, the reader,” in most affiliate disclosures. If you fear making money, money will fear being in your wallet. If you work a 9-5 job, do you feel ashamed, embarrassed, or uncomfortable receiving a paycheck for your work? No! Do you tell your human resources department that you only want a small paycheck? No! Then why do you say to your readers that it’s OK for them to buy your affiliate stuff, because you only make a small amount of money?

Most travel bloggers think like poor people when it comes to making money. Said poverty conscious affiliate disclosure is way too common, among other mental blocks.

Think like a wealthy entrepreneur. Open multiple streams of income. Know you are successful now. Have posture. Get comfortable with receiving money.

8- So, in summary. What would say is the “secret” to become a successful blogger?

You will become a successful travel blogger if you carefully observe your travels, if you become a skilled blogger and if you think and act like a business person. See you on the road!

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