20 Best Jackets for Hiking in 2021 | Expert Review + Buying Guide for Hiking Jackets

The best jackets for hiking in the market

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Best Jackets for Hiking: Buying Guide + Reviews on my Top Hiking Jackets

As I continue to Pin the Planet, I have also continuously grown my passion for adventure travel and hiking. Hiking and backpacking are some of my favorite things and with that comes shopping for jackets for hiking and testing them on the trails, and trust I’ve done a lot of testing, and as usual, I’ll be sharing the best hiking jackets for you!

If you love to get out sometimes to explore the outdoors with a good hike, then you understand how important it is to invest in a good hiking jacket for your adventures. And with different seasons and changing climates, hiking jackets are never one size fits all.

Finding the perfect jackets for hiking is a lot like finding the ideal hiking backpack because there is just so much to consider and so many options available which can pretty much get anyone confused very fast.

With jackets, you have to think of the weather, your hiking style, weight, comfortable fit, waterproof fabric, pocket placement, hood attachment and adjustability, jacket portability, insulation, ventilation, zippers, durability, layering ability, etc.

There is simply so much to consider in order to find your ideal jackets for hiking in different weather conditions, and thankfully you have me here to help.

Hiking and backpacking are some of my favorite things and with that comes shopping for jackets and testing them on the trails, and trust I’ve done a lot of testing, and as usual, I’ll be sharing my findings with you.

Enjoy this Hiking Jackets guide, and safe travels!

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In this guide for best Jackets for Hiking + The Best Hiking Jackets, you will find:

    • Expert detailed review on the Top Hiking Backpacks in the market today based on each category
    • Best Backpacks for multi-day hiking up to 35 lbs.
    • Best Hiking Day Pack
    • Best Ultralight Hiking Backpack
    • Best Weather Resistance Hiking Backpack
    • Best Budget Hiking Backpack
    • Expert Verdict on each backpack for hikers to help you to find the perfect hiking backpacking 

Jackets for Hiking Top Picks



There are several things to consider when shopping for a hiking jacket, but the very first consideration should be your hiking style. This is a no-brainer, but it’s certainly worth mentioning because it’s one of the major factors that determine the type of jacket for hiking you need.

Your hiking style here includes a number of things; the climate you most often hike in and how easy or challenging the trails are.

For instance, if you tend to enjoy summer hikes, then you should be looking for a that’s both waterproof and light enough for summer use.

And if you prefer to hike in spring or winter, then you’re better off with a weather-proof hardshell jacket and a well-insulated soft shell mid-layer for absolute protection from the elements.


When it comes to hiking jackets, the quality of the material is what determines how effective and durable the jacket will be. The most common label you’ll likely see on many hiking jackets are Gore-Tex, Nylon, Polyester, Canvas, etc.

Any of these materials can be a great option depending on your needs. Before deciding on the materials you need in a jacket, consider the need to layer. Gore-Tex or canvas are excellent for an outer shell waterproof jacket, Nylon with DWR finish is also a good option for a waterproof shell while a polyester fleece is perfect for a mid-layer.


Jackets for hiking are generally designed to be wind and water-proof and different materials and methods are used to achieve these features.

The most common method for water-proofing jackets is the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment. This is basically the process of applying a thin layer of hydrophobic material over the jacket for waterproofing.

The DWR coating is applied to polyester and nylon and doesn’t last for very long because every wash will make it less waterproof. A more durable wind and waterproofing method is the Gore-Tex laminate technology in which a microporous membrane with thousands of holes is worked into the jacket.

These holes are too tiny for water molecules to penetrate but big enough for air molecules to pass through, this feature makes Gore-Tex jackets 100% waterproof, highly breathable, and very durable. They can literally last for decades.


A good hiking jacket should have a good fit and not restrict your movement in any way, it should neither be too bulky, too heavy, nor too tight.

When selecting a jacket for hiking, make sure you think of how you intend to use it and also consider how well it will fit when you layer.

For instance, if an outer shell fits too snugly when worn alone, it may be too tight and uncomfortable when you wear a fleece underneath.

budget for Iceland trip


Buying a hiking jacket is an investment that should serve you for a good number of years which is why durability should never be overlooked.

The best hiking jackets are able to take some beating from continuous use on the trails and still maintain their fabric quality and weather-proofing ability. A less durable or thin fabric may be easily snagged which will ruin the jacket.

Care and maintenance will also affect the durability of a jacket for hiking. Your jacket should be washed with a mild detergent since a build-up of dirt and grime can affect its waterproofing ability.


The ideal jacket for hiking and backpacking should be lightweight and easy to stuff into your backpack. A minimalist jacket that is highly compressible and tucks into its own pocket is a great option for hikers and backpackers.

Nepal Travel Guide


Hiking jackets come at different prices, and you can spend over $500 or less than $100, but of course, this will depend on your budget.

There are budget hiking jackets with decent quality and feature-rich designs. However, the most durable hiking jackets with a high-quality construction that will last for decades tend to come with premium price tags.


Here are extra features you should look for in a jacket for hiking:

    •  Sealed/taped seams to ensure the jacket is 100% waterproof
    • Adjustable velcro cuffs and hem drawcord will trap warmth and seal off cold weather
    • Bonded zips and storm flaps will ensure water doesn’t get in through the zip
    • Pit zips for added breathability and proper ventilation, an essential feature in trekking jackets
    •  Adjustable hood to achieve a good fit and a stiff brim for complete coverage
    • Zippered hand pockets for securing small personal essentials

My Top 5 Jackets for Hiking

Based on the considerations above, I browsed through the endless list of jackets for hiking/backpacking on the market to find my top 5 recommendations based on weight, breathable and fabric quality, comfort, portability, customizable designs and additional features.

BEST LIGHTWEIGHT HIKING SHELL JACKET: the Arc’teryx Zeta SL is the perfect full-feature jacket for emergency protection from a heavy downpour. It’s comfortable, warm, ultralight and highly compressible, plus it comes in gender-specific designs; Arc’teryx Zeta SL Men’s & Women’s Gore-Tex Jacket.

VERSATILE GORE-TEX RAIN JACKET: if you want a hiking jacket with robust construction for braving unfriendly weather conditions, look no further than the Marmot Men’s Minimalist & Women’s Minimalist Lightweight rain jacket. The Gore-Tex waterproof quality is unquestionable and a feature-rich design makes it an excellent rain shell.

DURABLE AND ULTRALIGHT RAIN JACKET: Arc’teryx Zeta LT Men’s & Women’s Lightweight Jacket are excellent options for an extended summer hiking/camping in mountainous regions with unpredictable weather. They are both warm, comfortable, easily compressible, with a minimalist design.

BEST INSULATED DOWN FOR SPRING AND FALL: mountaineering or high alpine adventures require a well-insulated jacket to comfortably hug your body and keep you warm. And my top choice here is the North Face Thermoball Eco Men’s & Women’s Insulated Hooded Jacket

ULTRALIGHT AND QUALITY FLEECE HIKING JACKET: the Columbia Benton Springs full zip fleece jacket is a great choice for when you need an added layer of warmth on the trails. It’s a soft fleece that comfortably warms up your body like a blanket.

Best Hard Shell Jackets for hiking

TOP PICK Best Hiking Shell Jacket

If you want a compact and lightweight jacket for hiking during summer and spring in mountainous regions with erratic weather, the Arc’teryx Zeta Gore-Tex for men and the Women’s Gore-Tex Jacket are an excellent choice. It’s highly compressible and won’t take up much space in your backpack. It’s the ideal full-feature jacket for emergency protection from a heavy downpour.

BEST FOR: extended jacket for  hiking/backpacking in unpredictable weather


WEATHER RESITANCE: Waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric

DURABILITY: well-constructed and durable jacket

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: weights 9.5 oz. to 10.9 oz., and packable

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: features a watertight front zipper, adjustable hem draw-cord, adjustable velcro cuffs, and two zippered hand pockets with watertight zippers



  • Lightweight, comfortable and compact jacket for hiking with a water-proof shell
  • Adjustable cuffs and hem, and the hood has a halo adjuster to direct water and snow away from your face.
  • The fabric on the inside is comfortable, and the jacket doesn’t restrict movement in any way.
Top Pick


  • This hiking jacket is expensive
  • It would be nice to have a small carryng bag to easily transport it

EXPERT VERDICT: Arc’teryx jackets are known for their impressive quality, this doesn’t disappoint. The Zeta SL is an excellent jacket for all-year round weather, this is a jacket for hiking that will also have a space in your backpack. It’s comfortable, warm, ultralight and highly compressible.

THE BEST extreme weather jacket for hiking

The Helly -Henson Odin 9 for men and the Helly-Hansen Women’s Odin 9 Worlds Jacket is a heavy-duty high-performance winter hard shell. The highly breathable fabric and mesh lining keeps you warm and comfortable in freezing cold weather while the waterproof exterior ensures you stay dry and warm even when it’s pouring. It’s certainly made for extreme weather.

BEST FOR: cold, windy, rainy weather.

MATERIAL: a 3-layer waterproof/breathable fabric 100% polyamide 70D X 70D face & 100% polyurethane back

WEATHER RESISTANCE: waterproof and weather resistant

DURABILITY: made with quality materials to last for years

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: weighs 1 lb 4 ounces and compressible

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: fully adjustable hood with a stiff brim, large zippered hand pockets, adjustable hook-and-loop wrist closures


  • Very heavy and warm jacket, perfect for unfriendly icy weather
  • Hand pockets are roomy and comfortable, hood is stiff and effectively defects rain drops from the face
  • Chin guard keeps your neck, check and chin safe from extreme weather, and you won’t feel like you’re being choked.


  • The jacket is too heavy and if you’re looking for a lightweight jacket, then this isn’t for you.

Expert Verdict: the Odin 9 World’s 2.0 is certainly a durable hard shell waterproof and weather resistant jacket designed for very bad weather. It’s comfortable and leaves plenty of room underneath for multiple layering and unrestricted movement.

BEST Hiking Jacket for long Hikes

The 3-in-1 Mammut Convey hiking jacket, features a removable down liner and a waterproof shell for protection from any type of bad weather. This can be your hiking, camping, biking, or backpacking jacket on cold and rainy spring, fall, or summer days. And with proper layering, the Convey also makes a great winter jacket.

BEST FOR: long hikes in extreme weather

MATERIAL: GORE-TEX 2.5-layer polyester

WEATHER RESISTANCE:  the jacket is both wind and waterproof

DURABILITY: solid 2.5-layer construction and very durable

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: 1lb 11.7oz and highly compressible

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: a full-length water-resistant front zipper, underarm zippers for ventilation, two zippered hand pockets, adjustable cuffs and an adjustable hem for customizable fit.


  • Great jacket, balances weight, comfort and durability. Provides all year round protection from inclement weather
  • The 750-fill duck down with DWR coating provided the perfect insulation and warmth, while providing reliable year-round performance
  • A multipurpose 3-in-1 jacket for hiking in cold weather and highly compressible for portability
  • Underarm vents allow ample flow of air, hood is adjustable for better fit during a downpour


  • The inner jacket has no adjustment options and the jacket isn’t windproof

Expert Verdict: this jacket will keep you warm and comfortable whether it’s snowing, pouring or just a mild rain with cold air. You can wear the Mammut Convey alone or with a fleece underneath and still be comfortable.

Top Hiking Rain Jackets

TOP PICK Versatile Rain Jacket

The Marmot Minimalist is a jacket with the premium build quality for braving unfriendly weather conditions. The thick Gore-Tex waterproof fabric makes it a great choice for occasional backpacking and hiking. The quality of this hiking rain jacket is unquestionable and its feature-rich design makes it an excellent rain shell.

BEST FOR: hiking jacket in unfriendly weather

MATERIAL: Gore-Tex PacLite 2.5-layer waterproof breathable laminate

WEATHER RESISTANCE: weather-proof and breathable fabric

DURABILITY: very strong fabric and feature-rich design for durability

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: weighs 15 oz., designed to be light and packable

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: it has a hood and chin guard for facial coverage, drawstring hem for good fitting, zippered hand pockets and a zippered chest pocket.


  • It’s generally warm and comfortable, and the zippered underarms is great for ventilation
  • The hood offers enough protection and has a stiff brim to deflect water from the forehead and face. And a chin guard protects the sides of the face and the chin.
top pick


  • This jacket has a heavy shell and certainly not ultralight or minimalist

Expert Verdict: if you want a rain jacket that will effectively shield from a rainstorm, the Marmot Minimalist is a great choice, and the price tag is just right. It’s waterproof, windproof and breathable, excellent for a spring/fall backpacking trip.

Best hiking rain jacket & wind breaker

North Face Jackets are known for their superior quality, and they almost never disappoint. The North Face Men’s Resolve and the Women’s Resolve Waterproof Jacket are excellent windbreaker jackets with a DWR finish that repels water to keep you dry and warm when caught in a rainstorm. Although this isn’t your ideal winter jacket, the lightweight design and loose fitting makes it great for winter layering.

BEST FOR: hiking in rainy and windy days

MATERIAL: 100% nylon ripstop DryVent fabric

WEATHER RESISTANCE: 100% water-proof jacket with 2-layer waterproof breathable laminate

DURABILITY: This jacket for hiking is very well-made and should last a long time.

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: 16 oz. and packable

ADDITIONAL FEATURES:  comes with an adjustable hood that stows in the collar, hem cinch-cord for better fit, storm flap with a hook and loop closure for added protection in harsh weather, and secure zippered hand pockets.


  • Comfortable, lightweight and stylish windbreaker with a breathable fabric
  • It certainly keeps you warm during cool conditions
  • The fabric dries very quickly
  • It has a loose fit which makes it great for winter layering


  • Has poor ventilation and restricts movement
  • Not a winter jacket because it doesn’t come with a thermal lining or padding

Expert Verdict: the North Face Resolve is a lightweight windbreaker jacket designed for hiking, camping, and backpacking. It is an excellent choice for spring and fall, but you’ll need a fleece jacket underneath for winter usage.

TOP PICK Osprey Day Pack backpack

When going for extended summer hiking/camping in mountainous regions with unpredictable weather, you need a reliable windproof rain jacket to protect you from the elements. The Arc’teryx Zeta LT Men’s & the Arc’teryx LT Jacket Women’s are the exact jackets for such a situation. For an easily compressible and emergency rain jacket with a minimalist design, it does have a warm and comfortable fit.

BEST FOR: summer hiking in unstable mountain weather

MATERIAL: 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric with GORE C-KNIT™

WEATHER RESISTANT: weather-resistant and waterproof breathable laminate

DURABILITY: robust and durable 2.5 layer design

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: weighs 11.8 oz. and packs up small.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: has a watertight front zipper, adjustable velcro cuffs, two hand pockets with water-resistant zippers and an internal chest pocket with laminated zipper


  • The ZETA LT is a lightweight and durable hiking jacket that offers full protection from unfriendly weather
  • The material is waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • It has enough room to fit a fleece underneath in freezing weather
  • An adjustable hood with a stiff brim keeps the rain out of your face.
Top Pick


  • The only downside for me is the price

Expert Verdict: The Arc’teryx Zeta Jacket is very lightweight, it can go into your day pack or suitcase and won’t take up much space. This is a hiking rain jacket that will dutifully accompany you on your travels or backpacking trips, and the fabric is pretty comfortable on the skin.

Best women's hiking rain jacket

The Columbia women’s Arcadia is the ideal casual jacket for fall and summer hiking. If you’re unsure of the weather, take the Arcadia with you, it’s lightweight and easy to pack, plus it’s 100% waterproof and guaranteed to shield you from drizzle to downpour.

BEST FOR: summer hiking and camping

MATERIAL: Nylon with fine mesh polyester lining

WEATHER RESISTANCE: waterproof and breathable fabric

DURABILITY: high-quality durable jacket

WEIGHT& PACKABILITY: 11.2 oz. and easy to stuff down

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: adjustable hood and velcro cuffs help keep the rain out, drawcord adjustable hem for custom fitting and 2 zippered pockets on each side helps secure your small items.


  • Lightweight rain jacket with breathable feature-rich design to keep you dry and comfortable during the heaviest of downpours
  • Adjustable velcro cuffs at sleeve opening and adjustable hood help to keep the rains out
  • Comfortable and warm, 100% waterproof


  • The waterproof fabric makes noise when you walk.

Expert Verdict: the Columbia Arcadia is not just a hiking jacket, it’s stylish and versatile. It’s the perfect jacket for ever-changing fall weather, but not the best option for super-cold winter.


Best comfortable down jacket for hiking

The Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown DS is a combination of soft, stretchy and comfortable. It’s made with a stretchy fabric that offers great flexibility which doesn’t restrict your movement in any way. You may find the Stretchdown a bit bulky, but the compromise is worth it for the warmth and comfort it brings.

BEST FOR: day hikes

MATERIAL: 100% polyester

WEATHER RESISTANCE: not great for windy weather

DURABILITY: Made of high-quality material

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY:  1 lb. 1 oz. ounces. Bulky and not very packable

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: a dual-sided adjustable hem, zippered hand warmer pockets, zippered left chest pocket, and two easy-access interior drop pockets.


  • It’s very warm, comfortable and offers great mobility
  • The fabric repels dust and dirt very well
  • This jacket looks good, with a stylish appearance


  • The hood has no drawstring, and it doesn’t stay put in windy weather
  • This jacket runs small, so you may need to get a size up

Expert Verdict: the Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown DS is a stylish jacket with enough insulation for wet weather conditions, but not enough warmth for freezing temperatures. Good for casual and light outdoor use.

BEST isolated down jacket for shoulder season

With its smooth shell and impressive loft, the Thermoball Eco for men’s & the ThermoBall Eco Isolated Hooded for women’s provides enough insulation to keep you warm in cold conditions. It’s certainly not an ultralight jacket at almost 16 oz., but synthetic down fill comfortably hugs the body to ensure you stay warm. These jackets stow in the hand pocket for portability.

BEST FOR: day hiking or trekking

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester, ThermoBall Eco synthetic insulation fibers

WEATHER RESISTANCE: The shell has a DWR coating that works well in a drizzle, but the fabric is not water-proof.

DURABILITY: well-made with quality materials for durability

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY:  at 15.9 ounces, it’s not ultralight but packable

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: has an internal elastic-bound cuffs, a hem cinch-cord, two generously-sized zippered hand pockets and a small internal zippered chest pocket.


  • This jacket can be both a comfortable outer layer in cool weather or mid-layer when it's freezing cold. It’s certainly a jacket for different seasons
  • The fabric is DWR-treated which provides enough shield for a drizzle. And the hood blocks of biting wind to keep the head warm
  • Well-positioned secure-zip pockets for storing small items


  • This hiking jacket is not an ultralight jacket, it’s actually much heavier than most of its counterparts
  • Not very breathable

Expert Verdict: the Thermoball Eco for men’s & the ThermoBall Eco Isolated Hooded for women’s aren’t jackets for mountaineering or high alpine adventure, but an excellent companion for spring/fall hiking and backpacking. It works great as an outer layer when the sky is gray, but in icy weather, you’ll need a hard shell over it.

Best Ultralight Hiking Backpack

BEST compact and lightweight down hoodie jacket

The Mountain Hardwear Men’s Ghost Whisperer and the Mountain Hardwear Women Ghost Whisperer are ultralight fully featured hooded down jacket. The Q.Shield™ DOWN 800-fill insulation provided the right amount of warmth while also resisting moisture. With this jacket comes an adjustable hem and zippered hand pockets, plus it can be compressed with ease and stowed in a pocket.

BEST FOR: backcountry day hikes

MATERIAL: 100% recycled, ultralight ripstop shell fabric with DWR finish

WEATHER RESISTANCE: certainly not weather resistant

DURABILITY: Made of high-quality durable material

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: weighs less than 8 oz. and highly packable

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: two zippered hand pockets, elastic cuffs, and drawcord hem adjustment


  • Very comfortable, warm, and lightweight
  • The soft fabric seems delicate but surprising warm and effectively blocks wind and small rain
  • Very compact and portable jacket, easy to pack and carry


  • This jacket is an expensive buy
  • It has a slightly boxy fit, especially around the torso
  • The hood doesn’t have a drawcord cinch and the cuffs are not elastic

EXPERT VERDICT: if you want a feature-rich ultralight down for hiking, trekking, biking, and backpacking, you’ve got it here. Despite weighing less than 9 oz., the Ghost Whisperer jacket for hiking, is very warm, soft and comfortable. You’ll certainly need a hard shell in extreme weather.

BEST outdoor sports jacket

The Outdoor Research Illuminate Men’s & the Outdoor Research Women’s Illuminate down hiking jacket is a great choice If you want an all-around weather sporting jacket with good build quality and excellent fit. The soft fabric comfortably hugs the skin, while the elastic cuffs and drawcord seal off cold with a layer of warm air trapped beneath for insulation.

BEST FOR: spring/fall day hikes

MATERIAL: material shell: 100% nylon; insulation: 100% goose down

WEATHER RESISTANCE: slightly weather resistant

DURABILITY: it’s delicate but durable

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY:  11.8 ounces., and very compressible

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: adjustable hood, 2 zippered hand pockets, zippered chest pocket, elastic cuffs and drawcord hem for custom fit and more warmth.


  • Great lightweight sporting slim fit jacket
  • Very soft fabric, comfortable and provides enough warmth
  • You can wear a fleece jacket beneath it without an added bulk
  • Can act as an outer shell in mild weather and a mid-layer in freezing temperatures


  • The nylon shell is very thin and delicate, and may not be very durable.

Expert Verdict:  The Outdoor Research Illuminate Men’s & the Outdoor Research Women’s Illuminate are down hiking jackets and backpacking. You can also wear it for winter skiing or mountain climbing, but you will need a hard shell over it to keep warm.


Best burly backpack for heavy hauling

The North Face Apex Bionic 2 is a breathable and stretchable windbreaker. The soft fabric is comfortable and keeps you warm in very windy conditions. When it’s a bit chilly and breezy, the Apex Bionic 2 is a great jacket to cut the wind and stay warm. And when the weather is freezing, this can also act as a good mid-layer. It’s a versatile wind jacket with a good fit.

BEST FOR: day hikes in windy and cold weather

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester With Non-PFC DWR Finish

WEATHER RESISTANCE:100% windproof fabric but not waterproof

DURABILITY: high-quality jacket

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: 1 lb. 7.9 oz. and compressible

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: breast pocket with a secure-zip and two hand pockets with zippers


  • This jacket is very effective at blocking wind, and it feels much warmer than it looks
  • Great for cold spring/fall days, and light enough for windy but not-so-cold days.
Top Pick


  • The material is loud and makes an annoying noise when you swing your arms.
  • Feels a little boxy, and sometimes the zipper sticks on the jacket
  • The sleeves do not have cuffs to block out drafts, so you have to wear it with gloves to help keep your wrists warm in cold weather.

Expert Verdict: the Apex Bionic 2 is an excellent windbreaker for very windy weather, and it’s capable of handling fairly cold conditions. But it’s not a jacket for extreme weather.

Comfortable trekking backpack

Made from recycled polyester, the 3-layers Fjallraven wind jacket with water-proof Eco-Shell gives maximum protection from the elements. It’s an excellent jacket for hiking or trekking through the woods with a backpack. This jacket has a snug warm fitting and a 3-way adjustable hood which is helmet-compatible making it a good choice for bikers.

BEST FOR: backpacking, hiking & camping

MATERIAL: 100% polyester, DWR treatment

WEATHER RESISTANCE: wind and waterproof 3-layer jacket

DURABILITY: extremely durable

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: 1 lb 4.1 oz., and very compressible

ADDITIONAL FEATURES:  2 massive zippered chest pocket and a zippered sleeve


  • Fully waterproof and good windbreaker for hiking and backpacking
  • Zippered sleeve promotes ventilation, and large chest pockets for storing small items
  • Adjustable hem drawcord and velcro cuffs to seal out cold and lock in warmth


  • No hand pockets by the sides, the only pockets are two chest zipper pockets which can be a bit awkward and unnatural.

Expert Verdict: this is a great jacket for backcountry hiking and camping, it’s soft, comfortable and warm. The lightweight and stretchy fabric makes it an easy-to-pack jacket.


TOP PICK versatile hiking backpack on a budget

If you’re headed for the trails and need an added layer of warmth, this Columbia Benton Springs full zip-closure fleece is a great option. It’s a soft, warm and comfortable jacket and locks in warmth with a drawcord hem and high neck full-zip closure.

BEST FOR: hiking in cool fall weather

MATERIAL: 100% polyester MTR filament fleece

WEATHER RESISTANCE: Not weather resistant

DURABILITY: Great quality

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY:  weighs 8.8 oz and very packable

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: drawcord hem, hand zipper pockets, and high neck provides extra warmth


  • Very soft and comfortable lightweight fleece jacket
  • Drawcord hem and high neck gives better protection from cold
  • Very good quality and great price too
Top Pick


  • It’s an anti cold-weather but doesn’t block wind

Expert Verdict: a fleece jacket is certainly a cold-weather essential and the Benton Springs fleece is unbelievably soft and warm with a snug fit.

Great option budget backpack for hiking

The North Face Osito is a stylish high-pile zip-up fleece jacket that can keep you warm as you hike through chilly mountains. It’s beautifully-designed for everyday use; both at home and out on the trails. It has a soft teddy-bear feel and warms your body like a blanket.

BEST FOR: camping in cool weather

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester

WEATHER RESISTANCE: Not weather resistant

DURABILITY: Not very durable since it sheds

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: 1 lb. 3 oz. and compressible

ADDITIONAL FEATURES:  2 zipper hand pockets


  • Very soft fleece jacket, perfect for layering
  • Zippered hand pockets to securely hide your small items


  • The coat sheds severely, not sure about durability
  • Fleece gets stiff with cold-water wash

Expert Verdict: very soft and comfortable but surprisingly warm. It’s great for both home use and late summer/early fall camping.

The beautifully-made Norhiem fleece jacket is an incredibly soft and cozy hoodie for everyday wear. It’s a classy hoodie that snugly wraps your body like a blanket and keeps you toasty on a chilly day. The soft fleece also makes for a warm mid-layer, it’s essentially a jacket for any weather.

BEST FOR: Long day hikes in cool weather

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester Fleece

WEATHER RESISTANCE: Not weather resistant

DURABILITY: the jacket sheds which raises questions about durability

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: weighs 1 lb. 1.9 oz. and packs small

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: it has 2 hand pockets for warmth


  • Stylish and attractive jacket, the soft fabric is very warm
  • Has a good fit and the full-zip and hand pockets provide enough warmth
  • Excellent jacket for layering in icy weather


  • Great jacket but not worth the price, plus it sheds.

Expert Verdict: very warm and cozy jacket, has a good fit and keeps you warm on the trails. It’s just perfect for late summer/early fall hiking.

Great option budget backpack for hiking

This Mountain Hardwear fleece jacket is soft, flexible and built to retain maximum warmth with its high loft. The fabric is stretchy and breathable, the jacket itself is ultralight and highly compressible. It’s perfect for backpacking and camping trips, and works great as an early season jacket.

BEST FOR: cool evening outdoors by a campfire.

MATERIAL: 97% Polyester

WEATHER RESISTANCE: Not weather-resistant, excellent for layering

DURABILITY: well-made and durable

WEIGHT & PACKABILITY: 14.8 ounces and very packable

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: 2 zippered hand pockets and a zippered chest pocket provide plenty of space for storing small essentials


  • Very warm, breathable and comfortable jacket
  • Has a cozy feel, nice fitting sleeves and full-zip closures
  • Lightweight and packable, excellent for layering


  • Great jacket but not worth the price, plus it sheds.

Expert Verdict: if you want a jacket that offers dependable warmth while trekking outdoors in a slightly chilly weather, this is a great choice. It’s lightweight and packs small, so you’ll have problems stuffing it in your backpack.

The best jackets for hiking in the market

Final Verdict Jackets for Hiking

Every hiker knows the importance of great quality jackets for hiking. Or you simply cannot function properly let alone enjoy your hike when you’re freezing (if your jacket isn’t warm enough), or very sweaty (if the fabric doesn’t breathe), or struggling to move if the jacket is restricting your movement.

These are some of the biggest challenges you face when wearing the wrong hiking jacket on the trails, and I can tell you that it’s absolutely no fun—the wrong jacket can totally ruin your hike.

Finding the ideal hiking jacket also has a lot to do with your personal preference and in addition to that think of weight, breathability, and fabric quality, comfort, portability, customizable designs, and the additional features we mentioned above.

My top recommendation for a lightweight hiking shell jacket remains the Arc’teryx Zeta SL Men’s & Women’s Gore-Tex Jacket.

For a versatile rain jacket with very sturdy construction, check out the Marmot Men’s Minimalist & Women’s Minimalist Lightweight rain jacket.

And if you enjoy mountain climbing and alpine adventures, an insulated down jacket is a must and a good choice is this North Face Thermoball Eco Men’s & Women’s Insulated Hooded Jacket.


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Marketer, Blogger & Athlete

I'm a Brazilian native who calls U.S. home.

Travel & be healthy is my philosophy for a happy life balance, and for this purpose, I embarked on a journey to inspire and empower others to seek new adventures and live an active and healthy lifestyle..

Let's Pin the Planet together!


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