Marble Mountain, Danang – a day trip from Hoi An

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A day trip to the Marble Mountain

Danang is a perfect destination for a day trip from Hoi An. Located 45 km (28 miles) from Hoi An, it takes approx.. 1 hour by motorbike or a little quicker by car ride from Hoi An. You can rent a motorbike as cheap as US$5 per day or take an Uber drive from US$10-15 each way.

Marble Mountains is located about 7km from the center of Danang city. It is next to the Non Nuoc tourist area and situated in Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district.

Marble Mountain in the city of Danang

I rented a motorbike while I was in Hoi An and rode it from Hoi An to Danang. The traffic was light and the roads are in great condition. The only bad part is that I caught in very heavy rain on my way and I had to park the bike on the side of the road and have a hot coffee while I waited for the rain to stop. I am very thankful for dry-fit clothes and by the time I got to Danang, I was already dry.

Danang is located on the ocean, but because of the rain, I just visited the beach quickly. I was not able to take any good photos or to enjoy more time there. On a beautiful day you have the option to enjoy the beach.

What to expect from Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains consist of the five elements mountains: Kim Son (mountain of metal), Moc Son (wood mountain), Thuy Son (water mountain), Hoa Son (fire mountain) and Tho Son (mountain of Earth).

There is a lot to see in Marble Mountains, such as is a religious temples, pagodas, caves, amazing stone carvings, and local marble carving shops….

When visiting the Marble Mountains, visitors often come to the big mountain Thuy Son, Tam Thai Pagoda, the Huyen Khong Cave, the Linh Nham cave, the Van Thong cave, the Lang Hu cave and the Van Nguyet cave. Each of the mountains have a variety of sights to see and experience.

If you have an extra day in Hoi An or if you are visiting the Danang area I recommend the visit. It was great as many of the caves and pagodas where not overcrowded with tourists and I could enjoy the serenity of this magic place. The best option to avoid the crowd is to arrive earlier, around 8:00 AM.


Consider some fitness level involved

There are a lot of stairs involved and some steps are high and uneven and not too easy if you have short legs, but the view from the top is outstanding. Many areas are accessible through narrow steps in the rock and on a rainy day the steps can be slippery. Wear comfy and sturdy shoes. You have the option to pay to take the elevator up also.


After spending 4 hours exploring the mountains, I visited one of the marble carving stores at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son – Non Nuoc, with lots of artistic sculptures that are carved by hard-working local craftsmen. Check out these places and find out how much a 20 foot lady Buddha statue costs.


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