Paula Pins the Planet

Hi, I am Paula

I was born and raised in Brazil, studied in England and I have been living in the U.S.A since 2006; and I am on the road at every opportunity I get: on vacation, on business or for humanitarian work. I have been in 30+ countries and counting.

I love new adventures and exploring new places on our planet, connecting with people and learning from different cultures, photographing different landscapes around the world and sharing my journeys.

I have a BS in Social Communications, a MBA in Marketing and I work as a Global Market Manager for a Multinational Company, a professional with over 20 years of experience on International Marketing.  I am also a  professional athlete,  an animal lover and I support ethical traveling work all over the world.

Writing a blog allows me to combine my passions, to use my creativity and to be a storyteller. I would like to inspire you through my adventures, photography and fitness lifestyle.

Why Paula Pins the Planet

Pin the Planet to me means to leave my positive mark in the world. Respecting the environment and connecting with people while supporting the local communities through the tourism.

Traveling to me goes much beyond fulfilling my personal desires, but to learn about new cultures and to help to promote and encourage ethical and responsible traveling.

The more I travel, the longer my bucket list gets, therefore each "pin" in my world map is very precious to me.

My goal is to continue to "Pin the Planet" at any opportunity I have and to LIVE MY MARK ON THE PLANET - Travel, be healthy and practice compassion.

More about me...

Clearwater, FL - USA

My family

My family comes first!

I met my (American) husband, Mike, in Brazil in 2005. After a year together in Brazil, I quit my job, left my family and started a new journey moving to the U.S., getting married, buying a house and adopting our puppies. Mike and I share the same passion for fostering and adopting dogs & exploring the Planet together.

NPC Figure Team Universe - USA

Fitness Lifestyle

I am obsessed with Fitness!

I am a professional Figure athlete, and I love to push my physical limits and challenge myself to be better than the day before. Being an athlete helps me improve as a human being as it requires so much mental discipline. We have 1 body and 1 planet, we need to take care of both!

Vik, Iceland


Photograph our amazing world!

I developed my interest for photography when I was very young and I am a lucky girl to be able to travel to around the world and capture the magical moments with my camera. I want to encourage you to travel by sharing some of my traveling photography.

Love & Bananas in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ethical Traveler


I am in love with our Planet, and I feel that it is my responsibility to be an ethical traveler. I believe in caring about our Planet and our environment, respecting people and their culture and learning from them.

Protecting animals is important and I learned not to support any kind of animal abuse for tourism. Help preserve our Planet for the future generations.

Nepal, trekking the Himalayas

Adventure Traveler

Each trip is an adventure!

There is always something new to discover; a new place, different flavors, smells and colors. A new hiking trail, a high mountain to conquer, that remote village you only saw in books. Not speaking the local language, not having a hotel booked for the night, or not being able to read the menu? Not a problem, traveling is an adventure.




Sapa, Vietnam

Humanitarian Traveler

Give Back to the communities!

When I plan a new trip, I research opportunities to connect with locals and to give back to the local communities, by making choices to stay at a home stay, eat at local restaurants, learn about other cultures and their needs and to blog about my experiences, while encouraging people to have the same experience.