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Trying to choose your next destination? Looking for inspiration for your next vacation? Want to know more how to have an authentic experience while you are visiting a new country? Wondering if that dream activity is ethical and how can you be a responsible travel and leave your positive mark on our planet? Or maybe you are looking for some motivation between being super busy, traveling and being healthy.

It is GREAT! You found my blog, and I would love to connect with you as I truly believe that the recipe for a happy life is to have LIFE BALANCE & surround ourselves with positive people.

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"What matters is not the places you have been, but what you left behind and what you will always carry with you"

- Paula Martinelli -

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9 Positive Lessons of things we can see when we slow down

By Paula Martinelli | Apr 7, 2020
Positive things we can see when we slow down

These 9 positive lessons from people all over the world of things we can see only when we slow down, will inspire you to find channels of hope, kindness and …

Workout on-the-go – Total Body Resistance Band

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 28, 2020

No access to the gym, no problem! The answer is workout on-the-go. You can workout out your total body anywhere, and very effectively. Get your workout done from your home, …

12 Tips on how to be in shape for your next vacation

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 26, 2020

Have you ever though about using your next vacation as a motivation for your fitness goal? If you are attempting to achieve a personal fitness goal, your next adventure should …

People of Tibet – Faces of a strong spirit (Photojournalism)

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 24, 2020

Have you ever wondered what a proud and a strong spirit looks like in the face of adversity? Travel to Tibet through my pictures and stories of these religious, devoted, compassionate …

Travel & Fitness – 5 Takeaways on how to find life balance

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 20, 2020

The holy grail for many people today is to find life balance. Imagine to find life balance between work, world travel and having a fit lifestyle? Sounds too good to …

Tibet- The truth behind the occupation, my personal letter to Dalai Lama

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 19, 2020
Love Letter to Dalai Lama

The lessons learnt from my trip to Tibet – The truth behind an occupied country

6 Ways to Cope with Anxiety During a World Crisis

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 14, 2020

The new headlines emerging daily about the spread of Coronavirus, it’s easy to feel out of control anytime we face the uncertainty and unknown. Where might it strike next? Who …

Iceland on a Budget 2020 – How to compare prices & save money

By Paula Martinelli | Mar 12, 2020

If you are dreaming of an awesome trip to Iceland, but are waiting for when you save enough money, I may have some good news to help you go sooner rather than later. I will share with some “secrets” with you on how to travel on a budget. There are ways to save without sacrificing the experience.

The Epic Beauty – 25 photos to inspire you to travel to Namibia

By Paula Martinelli | Feb 28, 2020

THE EPIC BEAUTY OF NAMIBIA IN 25 PHOTOS The epic beauty of Namibia is something that has to be seen with your own eyes and it is almost impossible to …

Ethical & Responsible Travel – 15 Tips every world traveler should follow

By Paula Martinelli | Feb 25, 2020

Ethical and Responsible tourism can be a very sensitive and confusing topic, but with these simple 15 Travel Tips every world traveler should follow, we can all encourage ethical and …

14 Reasons why Couples Should Travel Together

By Paula Martinelli | Feb 14, 2020

You want to make sure your relationship lasts and you feel happy? The answer is couples should travel together! Go on a new journey with your best half and have …

Ho Chi Minh City 3-Day Itinerary

By Paula Martinelli | Feb 13, 2020

Discover the best of Ho Chi Minh City in 3-day itinerary Discover the fascinating history, the fantastic food, the party city and rich history of museums and historical building. With …