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Professional Natural Figure Athlete | 25 years of Fitness experience | Workout on-the-go expert | Outdoor & Adventure Traveler

Travel & be Healthy is my philosophy of a happy life

I am here to inspire you to travel to a new adventure, and also to empower you to follow a Healthy Lifestyle.

I am a professional Figure athlete, and I love to push my physical limits and challenge myself to be better than the day before. Being an athlete helps me improve as a human being as it requires so much mental discipline.

WORKOUT ON-THE-GO is a series of articles and videos to inspire you be follow your fitness journey from anywhere in the world! Visit my YouTube Channel 

For any trip that I go on, I incorporate a physical challenge. Some in my list are:

  • Hike the Montana Machu Picchu in Peru,
  • Hike the Himalayas for 7 days to the Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal,
  • Trek for 3 days the mountains in Sapa in Vietnam,
  • Hike the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand,
  • Ice climb in Iceland...


Healthy Guides to Inspire you

Ultimate Africa Hiking – 13 Best off-the-beaten-treks for adventurers

Por Paula Martinelli | jun 30, 2020

Africa Hiking – 13 Lesser-known hiking trails to avoid crowds I think it is time to admit the truth, I am obsessed with hiking and exploring our breathtaking Planet as …

best hiking in South America and North America

14 Best off-the-beaten-path hikes in South America & North America – Recommended by travel experts

Por Paula Martinelli | jun 29, 2020

14 Epic Hikes in North & South America you should add to your bucket list Trying to decide where to go next to find some of the best hiking in …

Best hikes in the world

63 Best Hikes in the World: The Ultimate off-the-beaten-path Revealed by Travel Experts

Por Paula Martinelli | jun 26, 2020

63 Best off-the-beaten path Hikes in the Planet If you are always searching for less crowded places to visit, love to discover hidden gems on our Planet, are a nature lover, and like to combine your vacation with a …

Hiking on Vacation: A Complete Fitness Preparation Guide

Por Paula Martinelli | jun 5, 2020

In this fitness preparation guide for hiking during your vacation, you will find advice on how to prepare for this big adventure, separated in 9 easy sections, from exercises, diet, …

7 Best Portable Fitness Equipment for Travel (review, overview & guide)

Por Paula Martinelli | abr 2, 2020

Not having access to the gym, shouldn’t be an excuse to not work out. If you are looking for the best portable fitness equipment to workout while on-the-go, you found …

Workout on-the-go – Total Body Resistance Band

Por Paula Martinelli | mar 28, 2020

  No access to the gym, no problem! The answer is workout on-the-go. You can workout out your total body anywhere, and very effectively. Get your workout done from your …

12 Tips on how to be in shape for your next vacation

Por Paula Martinelli | mar 26, 2020

LESSONS LEARNED FROM TRAVELING THAT LED ME TO ACHIEVE MY FITNESS GOAL Have you ever thought about using your next vacation as a motivation for your fitness goal? Check these …

tips to be in shape for your vacation

Travel & Fitness – 5 Takeaways on how to find life balance

Por Paula Martinelli | mar 20, 2020

  The holy grail for many people today is to find life balance. Imagine finding life balance between work, world travel, and having a fit lifestyle? Sounds too good to …

6 Ways to Cope with Anxiety During a World Crisis

Por Paula Martinelli | mar 14, 2020

With the world Pandemic and spreading of Coronavirus, it’s easy to feel out of control anytime we face the uncertainty and unknown. It’s distracting and depleting. But it is also …

Keto Diet for Travel Preparation

Por Paula Martinelli | dez 8, 2019

Lessons learned from a 8 Weeks Keto Diet for my Travel Preparation   Staying in shape or following a diet can be very challenging while traveling. I am on the …

"We have 1 body and 1 planet, we need to take care of both! Be healthy and connect with nature. Leave your positive mark on our Planet"

- Paula Martinelli -


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