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For the past 4 years I have been dreaming about going to Nepal, and finally the time is here. Guys, I AM GOING TO NEPAL!

I found this great tour company through my friend's blog Bobo & Chichi and what I LOVE about them is that Kathmandu Adventures doubles as a Social Enterprise which aims to give back to the people of Nepal by taking 50% of company profits and using it to fund various social projects. Bingo! I am going to visit Nepal AND I am going to give back to the local community.

Also, they are being very flexible with my itinerary and customizing it based on my desires and purpose. Here is my itinerary in Nepal:

Kathmandu for a few days visiting the city and some temples, Pokhara and then I am going to hike the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) and visit some remote villages in the Himalayas including Bandipur.

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Back to Kathmandu I will spend a week only visiting social and charitible programs, such as:

  • Nepal Cooking School by Journey Nepal,
  • Blind Orphanage,
  • Sarangi Project,
  • Fearless Nepal (Womens Charity),
  • Friends of Fulkharka,
  • OurSansar street kids project in Butwal, and
  • Seven Women Charity.

Stay tuned as the countdown starts and I will bring some amazing content to share with you.


In May, 2018 I started my in-season for my  Figure Competitions in October and November and I have to say that I worked super hard to be in my best physical shape, plus handling my full time job and launching my blog Paula Pins the Planet.  Competing is part of my lifestyle, and I put a lot of hard work, dedication and discipline to get results.

In November, 2018 I started my training program to get ready for my ABC (Annapurna Base Camp). Hiking in Nepal will demand some good strength and cardio conditioning for more comfortable hiking in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. Considering that it will be during the winter, with the average temperatures down below 0°C, I want to be as ready as possible.

The altitude of Annapurna Base Camp is 4,130 meters, and the normal length of time to hike it is 12 days. Because of the timing, I will try to do the trek in 8 days, and look for another 2 weeks of adventure in Nepal. I want to make the most of my time while I am there.

Keep pushing my physical limits while I Pin the Planet!



Drone: Flight hours

Practice makes perfection!

We are practicing with our DJI Mavic Pro Drone in order to bring some amazing images from Nepal. We are so excited about flying and capture amazing footage in the Himalayan mountains and to document our adventure in our VLOG.

Photography: New toys

I shoot with my Cannon 70D and I love it! Also, I am getting into video and I am studying Nomadic Matt's Travel Video and investing on some new gear to make sure I have the perfect equipment for the best pictures and video for my trips. The newest addition is the Zhiyun Smooth 4 (3 axis gimbal). Taking all my toys is a difficult task, so I need to be thoughtful with my choices.

Packing: Only what I need

Packing light and taking what I only ABSOLUTELY need is challenging and I decided to get started early. Getting ready for a long hike in the Himalayas where the temperature will be low, I won't have access to showers and my porter can only help to carry my photography gear. Packing smart and layers are key!