Cambodia – 10 Lessons on Ethical Traveling

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The smiling faces that welcome tourists display the optimism and contentment of a people grateful for what they have. But Cambodia is much more complex than what we can imagine and I am here to share the 10 lessons that I learned on ethical traveling during my visit. Cambodia is an amazing country which I always wanted to visit, mainly …

ETHICAL & RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER – A complete guideline every world traveler should follow

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While the big question for some people is, “How can I change my life while traveling the world?”, for me this questions has become, “How can I make a difference in the world while traveling?”. The biggest motivation for me to start blogging was not to encourage more people to travel, but primarily to encourage travelers to be ethical and …

How ethical is the tourism in Halong Bay and if I would do it again

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Halong Bay is a perfect definition of when the tourism goes wrong with the overtourism – But it is not all bad! Before I book a tour, I always try to learn as much as I can about how ethical the tours really are, and how the local tour companies care and help to protect the enviromnent. During my research, I …

SAPA, Vietnam: Ethical Travel Guide

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Ethical Tourism in Sapa and why I recommend booking an independent homestay Ethical travel is about creating better places to live and better places to visit – These 7 steps on my Ethical Travel Guide for Sapa help highlight why it is important to hire a local guide and to book an independent homestay if you are going to trek …

Everything you need to know about trek & homestay in Sapa

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Sapa is located beyond the clouds in a mountain town in Lao Cai Province which also includes Vietnam’s highest peak, Fan Si Pan.

It is in a remote place in Vietnam located about 350 km northwest of Hanoi, close to the Chinese border. We were so close to China that while my phone didn’t have service in much of Vietnam, in Sapa I could get on service from China.