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12 Best Glacier Tours in Iceland you can not go wrong with

Best glacier hikes in Iceland

Wondering what are the Best Glacier Tours in Iceland? With so many options to choose from it can be consfused to pick the best option for you. It will depend on what area, if you are looking for a short of a long tour, include visiting an ice cave, or only do the glacier hike […]

Glacier Hike in Iceland & Ice Climbing: Everything you need to know + FAQ

Glacier tour Iceland

A trip to the land of fire and ice is not completed without going on a Glacier Hike in iceland or an the Ice Climbing. This was the highlight of my trip, and I highly recommend you to add it to you Iceland Bucket list too. Here you can find all the information on my […]

10 Iceland Hidden Gems – A local’s guide to off-the-beaten-path in Iceland

Iceland hidden gem

Iceland’s popularity has been increasing in recent years, and you are probably familiar with the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon. But there so many Iceland Hidden gems just waiting to be explored. I worked with my Iceland guide, Hnerik, in order to put together this top 10 Hidden Gems in Iceland, and this is […]