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Florence for 3 Days: The Best Itinerary in Florence, Italy

Sunset in florence for 3 days

Welcome to this 3-day Florence itinerary and guide of the Best Places to visit in Florence, from the amazing Duomo, stroll the medieval stone bridge Ponte Vecchio and explore the impressive collection of artworks at the Uffizi Galeria. Plus, when you visit Florence for 3 days, you can also explore the Tuscan Region as an […]

Italian Coastal Towns: 20 Stunning Towns to visit in Italy

Italy is an amazing bucket list travel destination, and nothing compares to the natural beauty of the Italian Coastal Towns. If you have been dreaming about Italy, get a cup of coffee (or an Italian capuccino) and site back. You are about to see the 20 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Italy that will just […]

How to travel by train from Milan to Lake Como | All you need to know

How to travel from Milan to Como by train

If you are wondering what is the best way to travel from Milan to Lake Como, the answer is BY TRAIN! It is super easy, affordable, and fast to travel by train from Milan to Lake Como. On this guide, you can find all the information you need from planning to book your trip from Milan […]