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Best Places to Stay in Tuscany for All Budgets | From the Villas in Tuscany to Castles

Tuscany is a magical destination in west-central Italy, rich with stunning vistas, incredible cultural heritage, well-preserved ancient architecture, and historical wonders. Walking through the streets of the medieval towns in Tuscany is akin to traveling back in time to experience an entirely different era. The idyllic countryside and hilltop towns are charming with the preserved […]

The 20 Most Beautiful Italian Coastal Towns that will Blow your Mind!

Home to some of the most amazing landmarks in the country, the Coastal Towns in Italy offers a perfect combination: The Mediterranean breathtaking views, dramatic cliff faces, the terraced vineyards, pristine beaches, incredible seafood, and well-preserved architecture. Italy is surrounded by water on the 3 sides and it holds sovereignty over one of the biggest […]

30 Italian Landmarks: The Best Famous, Historical & Natural Landmarks in Italy

Italian landmarks

Italy is a history lover’s dream destination – from the Best Italian Coastal Towns or the Best Italian Hikes, wonder why Italy is one of the most visited countries on the Planet! The Historical Landmarks in Italy are packed with UNESCO World Heritage sites that attract millions of visitors every year, including incredible Roman ruins, […]

How to travel by train from Milan to Lake Como | All you need to know

How to travel from Milan to Como by train

If you are planning a trip from Milan to Como, I have great tips to help your trip to be as easy as possible. From finding the best train options, how prices compare, and the other alternative transportation to take a trip from Milan to Como. It was only on my third visit to Italy […]