30+ Awesome Gifts for Travel Lovers in 2023 (Starting at $20)

Oh, the place you will go!… Looking for the perfect gifts for the travel lovers in your life, or maybe for yourself? You will love these 30+ Travel Lover Gifts ideas that fit your budget!

In this guide to unique travel lover gifts, you’ll find the perfect item that travelers actually want and will love – and maybe you’ll find some gifts that you’ll want for your own wish list too 😉 – Here you can really find the perfect travel gifts you are looking for. 

I have been traveling for business and leisure for the past 20 years, I have been to 40+ countries and lived on 3 different continents, and I have a pretty good sense of what type of gifts travelers really want and would love to have. 

This is not another “Gifts for Travel Lovers Budget Guide” but instead, a really useful travel gifts guide sharing things that I actually have, or would want.

In case you are short on time, you don’t need to go through the whole Gifts for Travelers List – You can go straight to the section based on your budget. So, without further ado, let’s find that perfect travel lover gift!

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Table Of Contents
  1. How to choose the best Gift for Travel Lovers
  2. Gifts for Travel Lovers Starting at $20
  3. Unique Travel Lover Gifts Starting at $50
  4. Gifts for Travel Lovers Under $100
  5. Top-Rated Gifts for Travel Lovers Over $100
  6. Gifts for Travel Lovers Conclusion
Travel Lover Gifts

How to choose the best Gift for Travel Lovers

This a quick note to make things easier,  since finding the perfect gifts for travel lovers can be challenging. In this Gifts for Travel Lovers Guide, it’s easy to choose and pick the winner. In most cases, the best travel gift idea is:

A travel gift that is thoughtful
A Gift that is useful
It is very important that the gift fits your budget
Travelers need a gift that is practical, and most times, compact and portable

Gifts for Travel Lovers Starting at $20

OVERALL BEST GIFT FOR TRAVEL LOVERS UNDER $25! – The Wander Club Token & Token Holder

The Wander Club helps people keep their travel memories alive!

Collect an engraved token for every country, national park, state, and landmark that you or your loved ones have visited and add it to a handcrafted token holder.

What’s also great about The Wander Club is that they provide a meal to a child in need for every order placed. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for the travel lover in your life, look no further.

The most useful Travel Lover Gift is this Portable Charger

This is definitely on top of my list that I have in my travel packing and a very useful gift for any travel lover, portable, and fits your budget: Win-win! This external battery pack comes with 3A speed for fast charging, and 2 USB-A outputs and it is compatible with iPhones, iPad, iPods, and Galaxy. It also comes in different beautiful colors.

A very cute travel lover gift – Leather Travel Passport Holder

Travel lover gifts

This a thoughtful travel lover gift idea that any traveler will actually love to have. This beautiful Passport holder is also walled with different slots, and a magnetic button for women and men with premium high-quality ECO-friendly PU leather, it offers protection and can easily fit in a pocket. It comes in a variety of colors.

A very thoughtful gift for travel lovers is this Scratch World Map

Travel lover gifts

This is a gift that any world traveler wants (or maybe already has, I do!).  This is a perfect gift for your adventurer to plan a trip on the world map wall poster and then record their journey. Just scratch off the coating to reveal the colorful map underneath. You could also look for a fun world map jigsaw puzzle too.

One of the most useful Travel Lover Gifts- Toiletry Travel Bag with Hanging Hook

Travel lover gifts

I have been using my toiletry travel bag for at least 5 years now, and I love it! I have packed this to travel everywhere – from a self-drive safari in Botswana to backpacking in Vietnam. This bag is water-resistance and has a double zipper with 4 compartments to keep items organized. This is an essential compact travel gift. 

Must have a gift for any travel lover who loves coffee is this Vacuum-Isolated Travel Mug

Travel lover gifts

I don’t know about the travel lover in your life, but I love my coffee in the morning and enjoy it slowly while I go on hiking, or I am on a road trip. This Travel Mug has Autoseal technology with leak and spill-proof, making it a perfect travel gift. It stays hot for up to 5 hours and cold for up to 12 hours. Easy one-handed drinking with the push of a button. What’s not to love about this gift?

Top travel lover gift, and on a budget is this Collapsible Water Bottle

Travel lover gifts

This is not a water bottle, this is a collapsible water bottle! OMG! Any world traveler will love this unique gift. I have been carrying my collapsible water bottle all over the world and I think that is a must-have gift for any traveler. It has a leak-proof twist cap and is BPA-free with 22 oz. also available in other colors. 

An awesome gift for business travelers is this Clothes Steamer

Travel lover gifts

This is a very useful travel gift, especially for any business traveler! With a 240 ml capacity, it lasts for 15 minutes of continuous steaming to bust wrinkles perfectly. It is very lightweight and makes an ideal travel companion.

One of the most thoughtful gifts for travel lovers!- A Perfect Book for Travelers

Travel lover gifts

A bucket list for any traveler is to visit all 50 States, and this book makes a perfect gift for the travel lover in your life. It is illustrated by the travel experts at National Geographic and showcases the best travel experience in every state in the USA.

Sleep tight my fellow travel lover with this Memory Foam Travel Pillow

I always travel with my memory foam pillow – A lovely travel gift because it helps to give comfort for short or long flights – or long waits in an airport. This pillow has a curved shape that helps to fix your neck and relieves pain during travel. It is also breathable to help to keep cool and sweat-absorbing fabric with millions of tiny premium microbeads inside.

Awesome gift for any travel lover – Leather Writing Journal Notebook

Travel lover gifts

This beautiful leather writing journal makes a great gift for travelers. It is very classic, made from a durable top layer of genuine leather. Each travel notebook is uniquely crafted, with great-quality paper. It has 3 different refill inserts inside (lined, blank, and kraft paper). An amazing gift that fits your budget!

Perfect gift for women who travel – Jewelry Organizer Case Travel

This is a very cute gift for a woman who travels. Carrying so many items is never easy, especially small things such as jewelry. This organizer is perfect because it is very portable, fits in the handbag, backpack, or suitcase, and keeps the jewelry organized and ready to swap.

Travel Lover Gifts

Unique Travel Lover Gifts Starting at $50


Any traveler will absolutely LOVE this gift card. There is no way to go wrong with this gift and you can personalize it with the amount you wish. I have been traveling all over the world and there is no best gift for any travel lover than this gift card.  

A gorgeous gift for the travel lover in your life – Leather Journal Gift Set

Gifts for Travel Lover

A very unique and elegant gift set, this handmade leather journal, leather bookmark, hidden pen holder & stylish pen – all finely crafted inside a beautiful box makes it a perfect present.

One of the coolest Travel Lover Gifts –Portable Lounger Air Sofa

Gifts for Travel Lover

I have this and I swear this is a fun travel gift. It is super easy to inflate, just whisk it through the air to inflate. It is super portable, really, the size of a travel pillow. It can be used on any type of trip: beach, hiking in the wood, camping…

One of the top Travel Lover Gifts- Day Pack Bag

Gifts for Travel Lover

I understand that a backpack is a very personal choice for style, size, and color. But trust me when I say that this makes simply one of the best gifts for travel lovers! I have this backpack, as well as my husband, and we have traveled everywhere and even hiked the Himalayas with our day pack. It fits all tastes and styles.

OMG! This is a very useful gift for the girly travel lover in your life Travel LED Light

Gifts for Travel Lover

This is a very functional gift for any traveler. It is light, compact, and portable – easy to carry in a backpack, and has 3 dimmable light settings. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a USB cable. 

Any Travel Lover will want this gift – Cell Phone Camera Lens

Gifts for Travel Lover

This is a great gift for travel photographers. This is a clip-on lens that can be attached to the phone to allow a wider frame and higher quality shots – compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and Google phones. The macro lens also allows for close-up detail shots. These are so much fun to shoot with and are an awesome value for your money.

What!? This is an awesome gift for travel lovers – Fire TV Stick

Gifts for Travel Lover

If you want to impress someone who loves traveling and still be within your budget, this is the perfect option for you. This is a perfect gift for travelers who travel, especially internationally. The Fire Stick solves all the problems for anyone who wants to watch TV in the country’s local language, allowing Netflix/ anything from your browser directly to your TV.

A perfect travel lover gift for your home – Glasses with Maps

Gifts for Travel Lover

This is a perfect travel lover gift in your life to use every day at home, and still, enjoy the travel obsession. This set of 4 glasses comes in a beautiful gift box. It is delicate and yet has a sturdy design.

Hint Alert ;-): I want this travel lover gift – Tote Bad with Wine Glasses – Wine Travel Kit

Gifts for Travel Lover

If the traveler in your life is like me and loves good wine, they will absolutely fall in love with this travel present. Wherever the adventure takes you, you will always have the perfect wine bag. It accommodates 2 bottles of wine or champagne, plus it includes two insulated stainless steel cups. 

A super cool travel lover gift is this Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Gifts for Travel Lover

Another perfect travel gift suggestion based on my personal experience. I am always working during my trips, and this keyboard is handy and foldable Bluetooth, your loved one can work comfortably in the sky. What an awesome gift of great value!

Most versatile Gift for Travel Lovers – Tour Guides in Any Destination in the World

Gifts for Travel Lover

Yes, this is a great gift idea for travelers, right? You can give this personalized gift of amazing tours all over the world. Just surprise the travel in your life with this special gift. 

Oh yeah, this is a really cool travel lover gift – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

travel gifts for her

Imagine bringing your favorite tunes all around the world with this super portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker. With the handy hook, this speaker can be latched to the backpack or even a shower ring.

gifts for travel lovers on a budget

Gifts for Travel Lovers Under $100


travel gifts for her

Yes, you can see it right. This stunning unisex leather and canvas duffel bag are under $100 and it makes a dream travel gift that the adventurer in your life will love even more. It is robustly made of premium materials and has a shoe compartment to separate the shoes from personal belongings, and useful pockets – Just have a look at this product review and you will have no questions.

If you have a photographer or travel lover, look at this Anti-Theft Camera Backpack

travel gifts for her

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my camera bag, and I am sure that this gift will impress any traveler too. I have been using my backpack for many years now, and it is amazing how much you can pack in this bag. Upper storage space for clothing, a lower compartment with removable padded dividers, a compartment for a laptop, a cable organizer, a water bottle holder, and even a tripod. This backpack is just WOW!

Who doesn’t want this Portable Smartphone Printer

travel gifts for her

I have to confess, I still don’t have one but I would love to get this gift (anyone?) 😉  – This portable printer can be used on any cell phone, with Bluetooth capabilities, and has fun filters and frames for photos. It is a great gift for travelers who like to build a physical memory wall as decor.

Travel around the world from your own house with the Atlas Tea Club

Atlas Tea Club is a tea club of the month that sources the best teas from 50+ tea countries around the world and delivers them to your door, on your schedule. Atlas is the only tea box subscription highlighting a new country each month with flavor notes, country information cards, steeping tips, a picturesque postcard to commemorate your journey, and more! The perfect gift for a tea + travel lover!


Top gift for travel lovers – Kindle Paperwhite

travel gifts for her

This is one of those gifts that any traveler wants! This is the thinnest and lightest Kindle Paperwhite yet, and even better – it is now waterproof, perfect to read and relax at the beach, by the pool, or at a nice hotel bath. A single battery charge lasts weeks and not hours.

Looking for the BEST travel lover gift? – Portable Espresso Maker

travel gifts for her

Now we are talking about a gift that any traveler and coffee lover will need for their next adventurer. Imagine, making your fresh espresso anywhere in the world – no battery or electricity needed! Sounds too good to be true, right?

Let’s Pins the Planet together with this Magnetic Wall Decor Map

travel gifts for her

I absolutely LOVE this map because this is how my blog name was chosen: Paula Pins the Planet – I have this map in my office and I am just obsessed to use my magnet pins to mark my destinations and memorable trips. It is a beautiful wall decor and it makes a perfect travel gift. 

travel lovers gifts

Top-Rated Gifts for Travel Lovers Over $100

OVERALL BEST TRAVEL LOVER GIFTS OVER $100 – Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Camera

gifts ideas for travel lovers

This camera makes an incredible travel gift for photography lovers! This camera detects the brightness of the surroundings and adjusts the amount of flash to optimize the photo quality and capture light creatively. This camera is also equipped with functions and features like macro mode.

A must-have gift for any Travel Lover – Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

gifts ideas for travel lovers

I don’t travel anywhere without this WiFi hotspot! This is truly any traveler’s dream gift. Mobile WiFi is a necessity to stay connected on the road. This Portable WiFi Hotspot is super fast and powerful and includes a power bank for charging along the travel.

A cool and extremely useful gift for travel lovers – Translator Device with 82 Languages

gifts ideas for travel lovers

This is hands down the Ultimate Gift for World Travelers! This multi-language two-way voice translator translates up to 82 languages in real-time. Seriously!? Imagine being able to have deeper conversations and connections anywhere in the world. Yes, it is more than a gift, this is a dream coming true for any traveler.

I have mine, and I highly recommend this Smartphone Gimble

gifts ideas for travel lovers

Guess what has a special place in my luggage on all my trips? This gimble, of course! Incredible image stabilization and a powerful 3-axis motor keep the smartphone steady and your videos smooth. Check the video from my trip to Namibia here, and see why I love this Gimble so much!

The Ultimate Travel gift for the adventurous is this Smart Watch with GPS and Accessories

gifts ideas for travel lovers

The ultimate travel gift for those who are serious about adventure. This Garmin watch is my go-to companion in my adventures around the world, and it is amazing for the toughest environments. Built-in 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter plus multiple global navigation satellite systems. It has GPS, heart, stress, and activity monitors. Plus it comes with must-have accessories for any adventure trip.

This is the OVERALL best carry-on – DELSEY Paris Carry-On

I am OBSESSED with this carry-on! I have been traveling all over the Planet with my DELSEY Carry on for business and also, for vacation. I even went on a 20-day trip to Italy with only this carry-on and you will be amazed how much you can pack. It is an elegant lightweight and durable, extremely resilient carry-on. A perfect gift for a travel business or any vacation, really.

Best travel gift for the plane – Bose Wireless Headphones

gifts ideas for travel lovers

I never really understood why these headphones are so expensive, until the day I used one on my long flight to Thailand. OMG! This is really incredible. It has a deep, immersive sound with the latest Bluetooth technology, microphone system, and HD voice for clear calls, or for that great good night’s sleep on the plane. An ultimate bucket-list gift for a serious traveler!

Gifts for Travel Lovers Conclusion

Whether you are searching for the perfect travel gift for a traveler in your life or just looking for something really special for some holiday inspiration for yourself, this list of very thoughtful gifts for travelers will help you find an awesome present. 

No matter your budget, if you have $25 Dollars or $200, there are useful and good quality travel gifts that will help you level up your travels or the travels of a loved one. 

It took me a really long time to select ONLY THE BEST TRAVEL LOVER GIFTS out there, and I really hope you have some great ideas, I would love to know if you ended up buying any of these travel gifts. 

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