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Paula Pins the Planet is a travel and healthy lifestyle blog, launched in 2019 serving a unique niche focusing on Authentic, Responsible, and Adventure Travel Experiences and offering detailed itineraries, travel tips, and professional photography. In addition, share content, videos, and tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

who is PAULA

Paula is an interesting and unique mix: A marketer, world traveler, and professional bodybuilding athlete!

With 20+ years of professional backgrounds in international marketing and sales, advertising, product management, digital media, and communications, Paula understands the unique international travel marketing landscape, and also the need to follow a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Paula is graduated with a B.A. in Communications, Digital Photography, and MBA in Marketing.

She is passionate about other cultures and is fluent in three languages (Portuguese, English, and Spanish). 

Paula has lived in 3 continents, travelled to 40+ countries and her travel style is real-life adventures and authentic experiences, always seeking for unconventional destinations. Also, Paula has found life-balance between Travel & be Healthy and she loves to inspire others through her experiences. 

Paula has experience with blogging, photography, travel writing, SEO, keyword research, and being an athlete with a passion to share inspiring content on fitness and health.

why parnter with paula pins the planet

Rio de Janeiro interesting facts

The easy answer is: Partnering with Paula Pins the Planet (PPP) will increase your brand’s awareness, reach, and reputation, and that the partnership will be beneficial for everyone involved. 

PPP offers complete content creation, through her personal experience with your destination, brand, or product, shared by engaging storytelling and professional photography.

Since the launch in 2019, PPP has enjoyed consistent growth and engaged thousands of people searching for travel adventurer and fitness inspiration.

I can create comprehensive travel itineraries, product/ brand review, detailed travel guides, Photojournalist, and more. I write Search Engine Optimized content (SEO) that is proven to rank on Google.

A few of my work are:

Namibia Travel Guide
Essential Portable Exercise equipment

Are you looking for an ambassador to represent your authentic and adventure travel business - or fitness and health brand? I would love to collaborate with you and to help you achieve your business objectives and for your customers to feel inspired by Paula Pins the Planet!

Paula Martinelli

Paula pins the planet ad values


I am looking to work closely with brands I believe in and that I am proud to recommend to my readers, and to help you to increase your brand awareness.


As an experienced product and traveling photographer, I can help to bring your product or destination to life through high-quality images and visual storytelling.


I can help to give your brand the right kind of exposure, through informative and engaging content, reaching out to a like-minded audience.


I am a very faithful customer, and I am always looking for experiences and products that I tried and trusted to promote to my readers.
Let's work together!


I am always looking for new experiences to be capture into beautiful stories and great authentic traveling guides for my audience. Take me with you!


If you offer an awesome adventure experience or have a product that aligns with my brand, let me write great SEO content that is proven to rank on Google.

Paula pins the planet AUDIENCE

Audience Demographic

42% North America

22% Europe

16% Asia

12% Brazil

5% Others

Audience Age

27% 18-24

34% 25-34

16% 35-44

Audience Interested



Sports & Fitness

Audience Predominantly

54% Male

46% Female

Paula pins the planet partners

Business Inquiries

Ready for a new BUSINESS ADVENTURE? Let’s work together and achieve your business objectives.

Are you looking for an ambassador to represent your authentic and adventure travel business – or fitness and health brand? Not sure how to leverage the power of Content Creation and connect with your target demographic? Whether you are a tourism board, travel company, property, or product I would love to partner with you and to help you achieve your business objective. Contact me for collaboration ideas and rates.