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Hi, oi, hola – Welcome to my travel & fitness lifestyle blog!

  • This blog is to inspire you to find a life balance between exploring the Planet and Living a Healthy Lifestyle!

    I am a world traveler, a Marketing Manager, a Professional Bodybuilder athlete, and an adventurer seeker, and this blog is to inspire others to go on adventurous travel and to live an active & healthy lifestyle. 

    I was born and raised in Brazil and I have been living in the U.S. since 2006, based in beautiful and sunny Florida.

    With a B.A. in Communications and MBA in Marketing, my background includes extensive experience finding a balance between my career, travel, and a healthy lifestyle.

    For the past 25 years, I have been working on some of the largest corporate businesses in the Pharma & Biopharm Industry, I have lived on 3 continents, traveled for business and leisure to over 40 countries, and have more than 25 years of experience with fitness and health.

    In January 2020 I made a big decision in my life: start Paula Pins the Planet.
    Because Travel & Be Healthy is my philosophy for a happy life and I have decided to share my journey by inspiring and empowering others to find life balance and follow a healthy lifestyle.  

    CONTACT ME AT: hello@paulapinstheplanet.com

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My travel style is off-the-beaten-path destinations & Active Adventurous Travel, with lots of outdoor activities, and always focusing on ethical and responsible tourism.

I don’t stay at 5 stars hotels, or pay US$100 dollars for a meal just because I should enjoy the local food, instead, I prefer to search for a local restaurant and have a meal with the locals. I can sleep in a castle or in a tent. I can skip a shower if I can travel to a remote location. I can cook my own meal on an open fire in the middle of the wild in Africa. 

ROAD TRIPS | I do a lot of self-drive destinations and I am always searching for intriguing stories to share about places I visit and people I meet, my target is to help travelers like you, to have the most authentic and adventurous experiences while uncovering different cultures and support the local communities.

ADVENTURE TRAVEL | There is always something new to discover; a new place, different flavors, smells, and colors. A new hiking trail, a high mountain to conquer, that remote village you only saw in books. Not speaking the local language, not having a hotel booked for the night, or not being able to read the menu? Not a problem, traveling is an adventure.

RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL | I believe in caring about our planet and our environment and not practicing any sort of animal abuse, respecting people and their culture, and learning from them. When I plan a new trip, I research opportunities to connect with locals and to give back to the local communities, by making choices to stay at a homestay, eat at local restaurants, learn about other cultures while encouraging people to have the same experience.

My goal is to leave a positive mark and make new friends in all places I visit and every people I meet. If that sounds like you, then join the Paula Pins the Planet family.

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