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why travel to ITALY

Italy is a must-visit destination, and one of the most-traveled destinations on the Planet. It is also one of my favorite countries, and where my family emigrated from.

From the cobblestone streets of Rome to the Arno river running through Florence, to driving to the Tuscany region, Italy is just breath-taking.

Rome is my favorite city in the whole world, because of its beauty, history, and diversity. Anytime I travel to Italy, I always spend a few days in Florence, I just love the architecture and to be able to travel around Tuscany, and there is no better spot to watch the sunset.

Cinque Terre is also one of my favorite places, and it never gets old. It is the most picturesque spot in Italy.

The canals in Venice are one of the most magnificent destinations to explore.

Plus the people, the food, the culture, the language…what not to love about Italy!

Enjoy all the amazing and exclusive Travel Guides on this page journey and Safe Travels!

Italy at a glance

Italy Travel Guide


The official language in Italy is Italian.


The currency in Italy is the Euro. 1 USD is equivalent to about 0.88 EUR. Click on the icon to find out the exchange rate of the day.


Italy is located in southern Europe and comprises the long, boot-shaped Italian Peninsula, the southern side of Alps, the large plain of the Po Valley and some islands including Sicily and Sardinia.


The economy of Italy is the third-largest national economy in the European Union, the eighth-largest by nominal GDP in the world. Depending on your travel style, the rough daily expenses is around $100-$200 per day/ person.


Italy is generally a safe destination for travelers. Just be careful with pickpockets, especially on the large cities. It is recommended to have Travel Insurance to Travel to Italy.

how to travel Italy

30 Italy Landmarks you have to visit

If you are planning a trip to Italy, this is a perfect place for you to start.  This Italy Landmarks you should visit has the places you should add to your bucket list.

Enjoy it, get inspired and start to prepare for your dream trip to Italy

travel guides italy

travel essentials Italy

booking resources Italy


For all travel resources click travel planning


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Book your car rental with Rental Car


Protect your trip with World Nomads

guide books italy

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