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  • PAULA PINS THE PLANET NICHE: This blog is to inspire you to find a life balance between exploring the Planet and Living a Healthy Lifestyle!

    Paula is an interesting and unique mix: A marketer, world traveler, and professional bodybuilding athlete!

    With 25 years of professional background in international marketing and sales, advertising, product management, digital media, and communications, Paula understands the unique international travel marketing landscape, and also the need to follow a healthy and fit lifestyle.

    Paula is graduated with a B.A. in Communications, Digital Photography, and MBA in Marketing.

    She is passionate about other cultures and is fluent in three languages (Portuguese, English, and Spanish). 

    Paula has lived on 3 continents, traveled to 40+ countries and her travel style is real-life adventures and authentic experiences, always seeking unconventional destinations. Also, Paula has found life-balance between Travel & be Healthy and she loves to inspire others through her experiences. 

    Paula has experience with blogging, photography, travel writing, SEO, keyword research, and being an athlete with a passion to share inspiring content on fitness and health.

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Are looking for an ambassador to represent your adventure business, or your fitness and healthy lifestyle brand? I would love to collaborate with you and help you achieve your business objectives and to inspire your customers.

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