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This blog is to inspire you to find a life balance between exploring the Planet and Living a Healthy Lifestyle!

Welcome to Paula Pins the Planet!

This travel & fitness lifestyle blog has a special love for active travels around the Planet. I truly believe that travel and a healthy lifestyle are the holy grail for a happy life. My goal is to help busy and active people like you plan your next adventure, and to inspire you to make healthy decisions while traveling or at home!

About me

Hello, I’m Paula – A Brazilian, living in the USA who has been exploring the Planet in over 40 countries while following my fitness journey.

I am a fitness athlete, professional marketer, and avid traveler always on the lookout for authentic experiences – especially if it involves active and adventure travel! 

“Travel is my passion, fitness is my lifestyle, and living a balanced life is my mantra.”

With this unique blog, I want to inspire you to find a life balance between Active Travel & a Healthy Lifestyle! 

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Hi, I am Paula

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