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I launched the WORKOUT ON-THE-GO program, with a series of videos and articles to inspire you on a fitness journey from anywhere in the Planet!

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Best 8 Portable Fitness Equipment

Not having access to the gym, shouldn’t be an excuse to not work out. If you are looking for the best portable fitness equipment to workout while on-the-go, you found the perfect answer.

BONUS: Includes videos with exercises with many variations you to follow and to inspire you to have a healthy lifestyle.

Tube Resistance Band

This is my number one fitness equipment for the workout on-the-go. Portable, for a full body workout

Fabric Exercise Bands

Very effective for legs, hips and glute workout on the go. Amazing results to tone & firm

Ruber Exercise Bands

Amazing option for stretching, strength training and pilates. Versitale for full body workout

Core Sliders

Perfect for a low impact full-body workout on the go. Portable and convenient to pack

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