Tibet at a glance

In front of Potala Palace
  • LANGUAGE Standard Tibetan is the official language of Tibet. Mandarin Chinese is quickly becoming more prevalent.

  • CURRENCY The Chinese Yuan (CNY) is the accepted currency in Tibet. ATMs are not hard to find in Lhasa. Click on the icon for the conversion of the day.

  • GEOGRAPHY The altitude is inescapable in this plateau with mountains, lakes, and rivers. The average elevation is 5,000M above sea level. Lhasa lies in the center of Tibet at an altitude of 3,600M.

  • ECONOMY & BUDGET The economy of Tibet is underdeveloped. Tourists can expect inexpensive accommodations and food, but expenses for mandatory guides and entry permits can be pricey.

  • SAFETY There is a very strong security presence in Tibet and crime is nearly non-existent. While you should practice normal safety travel guidelines, you will not find a safer place to explore.

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