Brazil at a glance

Rio de Janeiro interesting facts
  • LANGUAGE The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. You’ll also find that not many people speak English so you’ll want to brush up before you go.

  • CURRENCY The currency in Brazil is the Real. The exchange rate is constantly fluctuating, click on the icon for the conversion rate of the day.

  • GEOGRAPHY Brazil occupies roughly half of South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil covers a total area of 8,514,215 km2 (3,287,357 sq mi) which. Brazil is bordered by the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, and French Guiana.

  • ECONOMY & BUDGET Brazil has a developing mixed economy that is the ninth-largest in the world by nominal GDP. The average budget to travel in Brazil per day/ person is US$150.

  • SAFETY Brazil has a bad reputation for being unsafe and is known for its crime rates. In general, the scenarios that involve tourists are typically mugging and pickpocketing. Safeguard your belongings, avoid traveling alone if possible, and practice caution at all times and you should be just fine. It is recommended to have Travel Insurance to Travel to Brazil.

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