Angra dos Reis, Brazil: A Local’s Guide to Paradise

If you are planning a trip to Brazil and looking for Angra dos Reis Brazil, or perhaps you would like to know what are the top things to do in Angra dos Reis, you have got to the right place!

Yes, I am biased since Brazil is my home country, but Angra dos Reis is a real paradise on earth! And I think it should be on any traveler’s bucket list as a dream destination, and you are about to find out why!

Angra dos Reis is packed with things to do, from paradise islands to amazing nature and unique landscapes. The coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil holds some hidden treasures. Among the most famous destinations in the Angra dos Reis region, with a bay of protected waters, pristine beaches, and breathtaking views, considered one of the top Dream Destinations for any travel lover!

Considered a paradise between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Brazil. The 365 islands and over 2,000 beaches are the biggest attractions. But there are also many other wonderful things to do in Angra dos Reis, including hiking trails, history, gastronomy, and more!

This is the most complete guide you will find on the web. It is packed with insider tips that will help you to discover the best of Angra dos Reis, the best places to stay, tips on how to visit it, and the best places to eat. So, without any further ado, I hope you enjoy this Angra dos Reis guide!

Where is Angra dos Reis?

First I would like to share where the paradise of Angra dos Reis is located on the South Coast of Rio de Janeiro state, and it is only 99 miles (160 km) from the city of Rio de Janeiro and 248 miles (400km) from São Paulo.

Angra dos Reis has 365 islands, with green water, white sand, and Atlantic Forest vegetation – the most illustrious and larger Island is Ilha Grande.

If you are wondering how to get to Angra dos Reis, it is easy. There are several airlines flying to Brazil, and you will be flying to a major city international airport. Most likely in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

The city of Angra dos Reis is 156km from Rio de Janeiro and 414km from São Paulo. So if you are coming from other regions of Brazil, the closest capital and airport are Rio de Janeiro.

Why will you love to Visit Angra dos Reis, Brazil?

Think of a place with beaches with calm and transparent waters and white sands. Plus surrounded by a forest that meets the sea. I could even be talking about a movie set, but I’m talking about a small piece of paradise very close to Rio de Janeiro: Angra dos Reis.

Angra dos Reis is right in front of another very popular place in the call Costa Verde (Green Coast) because the road connecting these amazing coastal towns in Brazil, including Angra dos Reis, takes you on a journey with incredible views of the amazing emerald green ocean.

Ilha Grande is the largest island, and it is another destination that is well.

Located in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil. Known for its beautiful beaches and natural landscapes, it has 365 islands dotted with a sea of green and crystalline waters, receiving thousands of visitors annually.

In Angra dos Reis, you can enjoy several walks close to nature, enjoy stunning landscapes, and have the option of diving and getting to know the marine life that inhabits Angra dos Reis.

In addition, you can visit the Historic Center, delight in the menus of the restaurants, or enjoy the city’s famous nightclubs. So that you don’t get lost, we have prepared a special tour of what to do in Angra dos Reis.

Visiting Angra dos Reis

Best Way to Visit Angra dos Reis, Brazil

If you are driving I recommend renting a car from a reliable source. To get the best service and rates in the market check If you have your own car it is the fastest, most practical, and cheapest way to get to Angra dos Reis.


Arriving at Rio airport, the trip by car to Angra takes approximately 3h15min through Avenida Brasil and then accessing BR-101, known as Rio-Santos. There’s no mistake!

Another way to get to Angra is by bus and the one who operates the route is Viação Costa Verde. Buses leave from the Novo-Rio bus station and if you arrived by plane, you’ll have to take a taxi or Uber there.

Here are some great options to visit Angra dos Reis, from Rio:


If you are driving your own car and driving from São Paulo, the most tourist and beautiful way is through Caraguatatuba. You should take Dutra Highway and enter the access to Caraguatatuba. When you reach the coast, take the BR-101 towards Rio. Google Maps can give you all the options available in more detail.

You can get a 15% off your rental car when you book through this site. I use and recommend RentalCar because it is the most reliable rental car source, and it allows you to compare the prices of different places.

Planning Your Dream Vacation: Angra dos Reis’ Best Accommodations

Angra dos Reis definitely has accommodations for all tastes and budgets, from simple hostels and inns to luxurious resorts.

In addition, you can find great options for B&B, cabins, and unique places with all the comfort and privacy you want. Both in a hotel and in a holiday home, the important thing is that your accommodation is pleasant and provides you with the best possible experience (and that it is within your budget too)!

If you don’t have a car, you will have to limit your accommodation in the City Center which is also located between the tours that are made through the bay and the departures to the islands. If you are visiting Angra dos Reis in your own car, you will find more options, as the best accommodations are located in areas far from the city center, and by car is the best way to access them.

Below you will see the selection I made of accommodations in Angra dos Reis:

Places to stay in Angra dos Reis

MOST POPULAR: Vila Galé Eco Resort

Take advantage of this All-inclusive Resort! Located in the middle of the exuberant Atlantic Forest and has clear and crystalline waters and ecological walks, go diving or take a boat trip through the islands of Costa Verde. Despite the simplicity of promoting a more intimate contact with the environment, the structure does not lack elegance, sophistication, comfort, and entertainment.

Hotels in Angra dos Reis

LUXURY: Hotel Fasano Angra dos Reis

Fasano is the most sophisticated hotel in Angra dos Reis. It has modern architecture and suites with paradisiacal views of the sea and mountains. The hotel has elegant environments and a wide structure including swimming pools, a spa with 2,000m², a kid’s area, a gym, two restaurants, and a pool bar. The condominium provides facilities such as a private beach, golf course, and pier for boats.

Where to stay in Angra dos Reis

MID-RANGE: Pousada Vitorino

Pousada Vitorino features a restaurant, bar, shared lounge, and garden in Angra dos Reis. The air-conditioned rooms provide a sea view and come with a wardrobe and free WiFi. It has a hot tub and here you can enjoy activities in and around Angra dos Reis, like hiking snorkeling, and fishing.

Hotels in Angra dos Reis

BUDGET: Pousada e Mergulho Jamanta

Surrounded by stunning nature and boasts scenic sea views. It offers an outdoor pool with an infinity edge, as well as a restaurant with a regional menu. Pousada Jamanta features a garden and guests can enjoy diving and snorkeling activities. The property also offers a kayak and stand-up paddle for guests to enjoy the beaches nearby.

Places to stay in Angra dos reis

ENTIRE PLACE: Condominio Porto Bali

If you are looking to rent your own place, this apartment is a great option for you. It has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchenette, and a balcony with garden views or the ocean view. It has free private parking and an amazing pool. This apartment is next to the Mercure Hotel, and it offers all the amenities of the hotel.


This accommodation is simply amazing! This eco-friendly cabin is located on private property, on top of a rock with a million dollars views. Comfortable, unique, and in an excellent location. It has a delicious breakfast included and the hosts are very helpful and friendly. I couldn’t recommend this cabin.

Things to do in Angra dos Reis Brazil
Places to go in Angra dos Reis
Places to go in Rio de Janeiro

Top 15 Things to do in Angra Dos Reis Brazil

Now, it is time to review the top 15 things to do in Angra ds Reis, Brazil. If you are visiting Angra dos Reis for the first time, I recommend joining a group or private tour, especially for some activities. A safe and great option I recommend is to book through Get Your Guide, as they have many options for tours, and you can plan and book ahead.  

1. Explore the Historical Center of Angra dos Reis

Angra is one of the oldest cities in Brazil and walking through the historic center of Angra dos Reis allows you to learn a little about the history and architecture of our country. There are several houses and buildings from the colonial period that are worth the visit.

In the center, you can visit the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, which is one of the oldest in Brazil, and the Convento do Carmo. Also stop at Praça Almirante Tamandaré. There you will find Mercado Redondo, where you can find a variety of super fresh fish and seafood.

Angra dos Reis Rio de Janeiro

Places in Angra dos Reis

2. Visit the Beaches in Angra dos Reis

The beach at Biscaia, in Ponta Leste, has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the region! It is about 30 minutes away from the center of Angra dos Reis and is very calm, great for going with children. From here there are also some trips by schooner and boat to the islands of Angra dos Reis.

3) Explore the Cuisine of Angra dos Reis

After you fall in love with the paradise beaches and islands of Angra dos Reis, it is time to fall in love with the local cuisine. With some great options to taste the real flavor of the local food, you can find places to eat amazingly fresh seafood, including the famous local scallop, Italian, and even hamburgers.

I have listed (below) my top pick restaurants in Angra dos Reis you must try. In Angra dos Reis you can also find some local breweries

4. Go Island Hopping in Angra dos Reis

The highlight of your visit to Angra dos Reis is to go on a boat tour. Ideally, you will rent a private boat to explore the islands and beaches in Angra dos Reis, but you can also go on a schooner that offers day tours, with stops for diving among the colorful fishes. Because it is almost impossible to know what islands to visit, below are the routes that are recommended by the locals:

Perhaps this is probably one of the most famous tours in Angra. The Lagoa Azul, which is actually located in Ilha Grande, is a heavenly place where the water is so clear that it is possible to see the fish even with the naked eye. By the way, if you like to dive, or have never done it, but feel like it, the Lagoa Azul region is great for snorkeling. You will be impressed by the wide variety of marine life that exists there.

Accessible only with smaller boats, Botinas Islands are a mandatory stopover for those who like to dive, as the visibility within the water there can reach 10 meters on sunny days! Because of the two islets, the Botina Islands are also called Sister Islands and are considered the most beautiful in the region. With a cinema-worthy landscape, the Botinas Islands are a true postcard of Angra.


Visitors who like more glamor can visit Praia do Dentista. Upon arrival, be prepared to see many speedboats and yachts. It draws attention for its fine white sand, without any structure on top. For this reason, when eating, it is necessary to call a floating restaurant, which takes food to the boats. It is a very pleasant option for those who enjoy a meal at sea.

INSIDER TIP: If you don’t like big crowds, avoid going island hopping in the schooner ride, especially on the weekends, when the islands get crowded.

5. Go on a Speedboat Tour

If you want to know what to do in Angra dos Reis with more privacy, the ideal is to hire a boat trip to visit the islands and nearby beaches. Even though it’s a little more expensive, it’s worth it. That way you will be able to understand why this corner of Brazil is so special!

I hired a private speed boat for a day, and I was able to visit some real paradise islands, enjoy some private beaches, take incredible photos, and even had the chance to lay down and tan at one of the beaches. You can negotiate the itinerary and the time when you hire a private boat.

6. Visit the Ilha da Gipoia

This is the second-largest island in the region, Ilha da Gipóia has an infrastructure with excellent bars, restaurants, and kiosks. From Praia das Flechas, you have a beautiful view of Ilhas Botinas, Ilha Grande and Praia do Dentista. Be sure to visit Praia das Amendoeiras, great for diving, and Praia Brava, suitable for surfing, or the small and crystalline Praia do Secreto

Angra dos Reis Brazil

7. Ilha dos Cataguases

Cataguases Island is one of the most beautiful in Ilha Grande Bay. The beach with white sand makes it a real paradise. To complete the striking look, the crystal water in emerald green tones makes everything look like a movie scene!

Surrounded by cherry trees, the beach is perfect for those traveling with children due to the calm waters. Also, if you like photos, here is the best spot for you!

Incredible things to do in Angra dos Reis Brazil

8. Go hiking at Pico do Frade

The second highest point in Angra dos Reis, you need a tour guide to reach the peak of its 1500 meters high. The main paths start at Frade and Bananal, taking up to 7 hours to reach the top. Pay attention to the dense woods along the way, so as not to get lost on the trail.

9. Take a day tour to Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is the largest island in Angra dos Reis, and due to the proximity, there are several day trips departing from Angra that go to Ilha Grande, including an easy day trip from Rio de Janeiro.

There you will find beaches for all tastes and all of them of breathtaking beauty. Don’t miss the opportunity and get to know the island. If possible, it’s worth staying a few days there.

Places to visit in Angra dos Reis

10. Sitio Forte Beach

Fine white sand and a beautiful landscape, interspersing the green of the forest with the blue of the sea. This is Praia do Sítio Forte, still little known among the visitors of Angra dos Reis! To do this tour, you can hire a tour of the islands of Angra dos Reis or rent a speedboat!

11. Praia do Aventureiro (Ilha Grande)

Praia do Aventureiro is the perfect place to be in contact with nature, go completely offline and recharge your batteries. The abundant nature and the “good vibe” of the place are sure to win you over!

Located on Ilha Grande, it is on the face of the island facing the open sea. You have to take a boat in the center of Angra dos Reis and sail for about 2 hours until you reach this corner. The beach has a simple structure of campsites and some fishermen’s restaurants, but if you don’t like camping, you can find some very simple rooms to stay in.

There you will be totally connected with nature – it’s amazing to sleep watching the sky and wake up facing the sea! There are also some really cool tours you can take, such as Praia de Parnaioca, Dois Rios and Praia do Caxadaço. Just book the tour in advance with a boatman on the beach!

What to do in Angra dos reis

12. Visit the Lopes Mendes: The Most Beautiful Beach in Brazil!

Praia do Lopes Mendes is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, with approximately three kilometers of fine white sand, and rough sea, and very suitable for surfing. The beach is well characterized by the transparency of the water, as well as its variation in hues.

In the past, the beach was mainly inhabited by the Caiçara community, but nowadays it is almost deserted, with a natural shade from the almond trees that are on its shore. There, street vendors and kiosks sell, snacks and drinks, surfboard rentals, and plenty of space for tourists to go hiking or cycling.

13. Visit Vila do Abraao (Ilha Grande)

Vila do Abraão is the main community of Ilha Grande, with a population of approximately two thousand inhabitants. The village has 14 beaches and 5 islets around it, which are widely explored by visitors who want to see beautiful landscapes and enjoy the beauty of the islands of Angra dos Reis.

The biggest beach is Abraão, where most of the residents live and where you can find the commercial center, embarkation and disembarkation points, restaurants, bars, and shops, among other things. The village has a very busy night activity and is therefore very frequented by young people.

In addition to the beaches, the ruins of Lazareto, monuments, ruins from the Brazil Colony era, and trails in the Atlantic Forest, peaks, and streams are other attractions to explore in Vila Abraão. The best way to visit the Vila do Abraao is by hiring a local boat tour.

14. Stay at a unique accommodation in Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis has amazing accommodations to choose from. You can stay at the most luxurious resort such as the Vila Galé Eco Resort, or choose to stay at a very unique Cabana do Mar (cabin) built on top of the rock on the ocean.

It doesn’t matter where you choose to stay in Angra dos Reis, make sure you take advantage of your unique stayed the stunning views surrounded by your accommodation, while you relax, wake up with the most beautiful sunrise, and even appreciate a glass of your favorite beverage while watching the sunset in paradise.

Places to go in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

15. Take a day trip to Paraty, the colonial town

Paraty is my favorite city in Brazil – this magical place has a perfect combination of the well-preserved colonial town, surrounded by the ocean with the forest and mountains in the backdrop. With incredible cuisine, Paraty is also very cultural with many galleries, libraries, and festivals.

Even better? Paraty is located only a little over an hour’s drive from Angra dos Reis, or you can take a taxi or a public bus for a day trip.

If you are interested to learn more about this incredible destination, I recommend reading my detailed guide on How to Explore Paraty.

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Angra dos Reis’ Local Cuisine: Tasting Brazil’s Seafood Delights

After you fall in love with the natural beauty and beautiful landscapes of the paradise beaches and islands of Angra dos Reis, it is time for another great surprise when traveling to the region of Angra dos Reis! The food!

Here you can find a great variety of bars and restaurants in Angra dos Reis to try, including everything from great seafood dishes, to the famous local scallops, and even craft breweries!

Below you can find the best recommendations to try the real flavor of Angra dos Reis!

  • SAMBURÁ: Considered one of the best restaurants in Angra dos Reis, Samburá is an Angra dos Reis classic. It has been open for 30-plus years! Specialized in fish and seafood. Its name, by the way, comes from the basket used in fishing boats to catch shrimp.
  • MISTURA CLASSICA BREWERY: a craft brewery in Angra dos Reis, beautiful and with delicious beers! The brewery is located in a very special place: in Marina Verolme, the largest nautical hub in Latin America, where hundreds of vessels are stored and under maintenance, on the water, and in sheds. It’s a beautiful place, facing the sea and you would never expect to find a brewery!
  • LUA E MAR: famous for offering a delicious fish with banana. It is the ideal destination for those who like to have lunch facing the sea, because it is located at Praia do Abraão, in Ilha Grande. The location is easily accessible for those in Angra dos Reis.
  • MARICULTURA COSTA VERDE: one of the largest scallop and beijupirá producers in the country, is a must. In addition to seeing the creation up close, it is possible to taste extremely fresh fish and seafood.
  • REIS E MAGOS: The atmosphere is pleasant, with live music and quality service. It is famous for its special caipirinha and fresh and delicious seafood. It is a must-place to appreciate the real flavor of Angra dos Reis.
  • FASANO: At Fasano, the gastronomic experience is also incredible. Those who eat at the restaurant will not forget the sophisticated presentation of fish, shrimp, crayfish, and even beijupirás. The chef works with a wide variety of seafood. It is a romantic and refined option.

What to Pack for Angra dos Reis Brazil

Considering that you will spend most of your time enjoying the beaches and islands, I have prepared a list of must-pack for your trip to Angra dos Reis.


If you are planning to carry a backpack for your trip to Brazil, I have compiled a very detailed review of the Best Backpacks for Travel in the market today – Also, I recommend bringing a waterproof jacket for your trip, check my complete review guide on the Top Jackets for Travel and pack smart!

Photography Equipment for Angra dos Reis

There are so many amazing opportunities for photos and videos, so it is impossible not to capture the amazing moments while traveling around. Therefore, do not forget to bring your camera equipment with you:

Best Time to Visit Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Angra dos Reis and the surrounding islands are a true spectacle of nature. However, because of its geographical position, close to the mountains, as well as because of the humidity that comes from the sea, it is very likely that you will get rain on several days of the year.

So, I’ll explain to you how the climate is depending on the time of year there:

Firstly, summer is the season considered as the high season in Angra. Temperatures are higher, so you can enjoy the sea. However, at this time we have a high incidence of the so-called summer rains (those that come and go without warning). So you might end up spending a few days at the hotel because of that. By the way, speaking of accommodations, because of the high season, be prepared for an increase in prices (not only for hotels but also for tours in general).

On the other hand, the winter months are those with the least chance of rain, but temperatures are lower. If you don’t like ice water, it’s better to choose another season.

Without a doubt, these are the best times to visit the region. With little rain, mild temperatures, and without many tourists, you will enjoy much more Angra dos Reis and the islands.

FAQ Before you Visit Angra dos Reis, Brazil


The answer is YES! But like any other place we travel to, I always recommend paying attention to your surroundings, leaving your expensive belongings at home, and studying the place you are visiting before your trip, especially about unsafe areas. Angra dos Reis is overall quiet to visit and go on tours. People are very receptive and like to help and provide information.


The city town of Angra dos Reis is pretty small and you don’t need a car, also, it is very busy and it is hard to find a parking spot. You will most likely spend most of your time on a boat visiting the islands and beaches and you don’t need a car either. But if you have your own car, you can visit different restaurants, and choose to stay at an accommodation that is far from the city center.


Private motorboat tours come at a high price, due to fuel, sailors, and all other costs involved. To give you an idea, the average value for a day of the tour is R$2,000 + fuel. Now if you take a tour of one of the schooners it is about R$120 per person.


Angra dos Reis has amazing options from the most luxurious hotels to simple B&B. My experience staying at the Cabana do Mar was amazing, to be able to stay at a local cabin by the water while enjoying the most incredible views, I super recommend it. But if you are looking for more comfortable accommodations, the Vila Gale Eco Resort is simply amazing. See the reviews and check the prices and availability above.


It is NOT expensive to visit Angra dos Reis, especially if you are visiting from the USA or Europe, because of the exchange rate. The highest cost can be if you choose to stay at a luxury resort and hire your own boat. Food and drink in Angra dos Reis are very affordable.


Because the region has 365 islands and more than 2,000 beaches, then one year would be perfect! But okay, let’s get serious. The ideal place to enjoy Angra dos Reis, take the main boat trips, and discover the most incredible spots to dive is a week. But of course, you can stay less time and enjoy it anyway, you’ll just have to prioritize what you like the most and want to really enjoy it.

Angra dos Reis Brazil

Things to do in Angra dos Reis Conclusion

Angra dos Reis is a real gem in Brazil, with more than 365 islands, you have an island for each day of the year. Angra dos Reis is a very unique place to visit, and expect to see some of the most magnificent views, with crystal clear blue water, surrounded by untouched forests.

You will need to hire a boat or pay for the tours to visit the islands. Also, expect to have some of the best fresh seafood you ever had in your life.

If you have any further questions, just let me know below and I will love to answer and help you to plan your trip to the paradise of Angra dos Reis, Brazil.

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