Best Places to Stay in Tuscany | From the Villas in Tuscany to Castles

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If you are planning to visit the most beautiful towns in Tuscany, you will be amazed to find out about these incredible dreamy places to stay in Tuscany!

Tuscany is a magical destination in west-central Italy, rich with stunning vistas, incredible cultural heritage, well-preserved ancient architecture, and historical wonders.

With a long list of places to explore and memories to create, the big question becomes “what are the best places to stay in Tuscany?” This can be especially difficult to figure out if you’re visiting Tuscany for the first time. But don’t worry because I got you.

As a passionate traveler who has been to Tuscany several times, I put together this detailed guide on the best places to stay in Tuscany without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned to discover my recommendations on the best towns to stay in Tuscany and accommodation options that fit your budget.

Places to Stay in Tuscany By Area

Tuscany is a beautiful destination in Italy, but it’s not just a city or a town. It’s a region with 10 provinces, a collection of cities, picturesque little towns, and the perfect scenery for many movies set in Italy.

The 10 provinces in Tuscany include Florence, Arezzo, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena.

Of these 10, the most popular cities you may have heard about are Florence for its fantastic collection of Renaissance art, Pisa for its stunning leaning tower, and Siena for its authentic medieval history.

But Tuscany is much more than these beautiful cities. The entire Tuscan region is rich with spectacular hillsides and magical landscapes, magnificent architecture and cityscapes, charming historical wonders, amazing cultural heritage, superb local cuisines, fantastic Italian wineries, and the list goes on.

The Italian Tuscan region has a sea of options available to tourists so it may be challenging to figure out the best areas to stay. To help you decide on the best areas to stay in Tuscany, think of the towns and cities you’d like to explore and places you’d like to spend the most time in, then choose one of them as your base.

How To Choose the Best Places to Stay in Tuscany

Whether you’re visiting Tuscany for a brief 2-day trip, a 2-week vacation, or an extended holiday, you need a place that is comfortable, provides easy access to the city center and major destinations, and also falls within your budget. In a moment, I will discuss the best areas to stay, but first here’s a breakdown of how my recommendations for the best places to stay in Tuscany are structured.


These are the best accommodation options for each town in Tuscany. Our recommendations for the overall top pick are the hotels with the best locations, easy access to the main attractions in town, and the highest-rated by guests.


These are the best accommodation options with great rates, and affordable prices, and also provide very comfy rooms and everything you’d need to enjoy your stay in Tuscany.


The best villas in Tuscany are very traditional accommodation options in the Tuscan countryside with stunning views of the expansive and breathtaking hillside. You can rent a room or a whole villa for you and your family or friends.


These are elegant castles and luxury accommodations for enjoying a lavish vacation in Tuscany if you have the budget for it.

Best places to stay in Tuscany, Italy

Best Places to Stay in Tuscany | Top Towns

FLORENCE: Best place to stay in Tuscany for ART & history experience

Where to stay in Tuscany

Florence is the third-largest city in Italy and the capital of the Tuscany region. Here you will find some of the best places to stay in Tuscany.

It is fondly called the “Cradle of the Renaissance,” and with good reasons. This gorgeous city is home to a great deal of historic architecture and an incredible collection of Renaissance art, including a long list of museums and art galleries.

Some of the best sites in Florence include the Florence Cathedral with a terracotta-tiled dome, the Uffizi Gallery with an incredible collection of ancient paintings and sculptures, and the Galleria dell’Accademia; an art museum best known for displaying Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture.

Florence isn’t just about history and art, the locals are very warm, and the city comes alive every evening with lots of eating, drinking, and chattering.

The Tuscan capital is very welcoming to tourists with beautiful seasonal weather, and you can easily connect to other cities in the region for the ultimate Tuscany experience.

Great weatherTouristy and can be overcrowded
Incredible art galleries and museums
Easy access to other parts of Tuscany
Great location to go on day trips in Tuscany

If you’re planning to spend a few days in Florence and wondering where to stay, here’s my recommendation for the best places to stay in Florence:

accommodations in Tuscany

OVERALL TOP PICK: Hotel Santa Maria Novella

Guests Rating

Right in the center of Florence is the Hotel Santa Maria Novella; a luxurious 4-star hotel with a rooftop terrace overlooking the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. The location of this hotel makes it perfect for exploring the city; it’s only a 5-minute walk from the Santa Maria Novella Train Station and a 10-minute walk from the Accademia Gallery.

where to stay in Tuscany

BEST VALUE: Artemente Florence B&B

Guests Rating

The completely modernized and beautifully furnished Artemente Florence B&B, with spacious, air-conditioned rooms, sits in a structure that dates back to the 18th century. It’s within walking distance of the train station, the center of Florence, and everything you’d need. It feels just like home away from home.

 accommodations in Tuscany

BEST VILLA: Tuscan Sun Villa

Guests Rate

This elegant villa features luxuriously-furnished rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a patio with amazing river views, and a beautiful garden with a barbecue. Guests have access to free Wi-Fi, spa and wellness facilities, and private parking spaces. And it’s 5 mi from the Florence Airport.

where to stay in Tuscany accommodations in Tuscany

TOP LUXURY: Villa Cora

Guests Rate

About 1.6 km from the center of Florence is the 19th-century Villa Cora with antique furniture and classic decoration. It’s surrounded by a park with an outdoor swimming pool and provides guests with free parking, Wi-Fi, a sauna, and a Turkish bath. An integrated hotel restaurant serves Italian cuisine and wines from Tuscany.

SIENA | Best place to stay in Tuscany to experience the taste of the Renaissance History

While Florence ushers you into the world of Renaissance history and art, Siena takes it up a notch with the true taste of tradition. Siena is a lovely medieval city stretched across a Tuscan hill, right in the heart of Tuscany, and it’s the perfect destination to experience medieval Italy.

This picturesque town is centered around authentic Italian culture and historical treasures, and the city is studded with magnificent medieval architecture, medieval art, gothic paintings, enchanting frescoes, and medieval cityscapes.

It’s no doubt an incredibly beautiful city, and you can discover most of the attractions on foot. Siena is also popular for the traditional Palio horse race that dates back to medieval times and is still held twice each year at one of the most beautiful piazzas in Italy (Piazza del Campo).

Great weather with mild temperatures It gets very crowded during the Palio horse races
Great destination to experience Tuscan tradition
Many incredible tourist attractions

Despite being a small city, Siena has a lot to offer, and if you find yourself in this enchanting medieval town, here are some of the best places to stay in Siena:

Accommodations in Tuscany


Guests Rate

Fonte Gaia Experience is a perfect blend of charming ancient Italian architecture and classical modern interior decoration. It features large air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, and guests wake up to continental breakfast every morning. This hotel is a walking distance of many prominent attractions in Siena.

Where to stay in Tuscany

BEST VALUE: Villa Sant’Andrea

Guests Rate

This is a beautifully preserved historic building by the seaside of Taormina. It has a panoramic terrace with lemon trees overlooking the dazzling sea. Guests enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisines and seafood specialties, plus a refreshing time at the pool and beach bar. Villa Sant’Andrea is close to the main attractions in Siena.

The best accommodations in Tuscany

BEST VILLA: Hotel Palazzo di Valli

Guests Rate

Only a 10-minute walk from the city center is the Palazzo di Valli with gorgeous views of the Tuscan hillside and medieval glory. This stunning villa features lovely, spacious rooms with frescoes on the walls and ceilings. It’s the perfect mix of value and comfort and is close to all of Siena’s major attractions.

where to stay in Tuscany accommodations in Tuscany

TOP LUXURY: Castello di Casole

Guests Rate

This elegant castle is famed for sensational food, world-class wine, laid-back luxury, and unforgettable Tuscan experience. It provides great views of the spectacular Tuscan landscape and features tastefully furnished rooms, an outdoor pool, a spa, and fitness center, 2 restaurants with superb food, state-of-the-art home service, and unmatched luxury.

LUCCA | Best place to stay in Tuscany for family & for the medieval experience

Lucca is an old Italian city surrounded by well-preserved medieval city walls and sports an impressive number of historic monuments and spectacular renaissance architecture. It’s a nice and intimate city, with recreation areas and shaded picnic tables perfect for families with children. It is definitely one of the best places to stay in Tuscany.

Lucca is also known as the city of a hundred churches and has some of the most beautiful medieval churches and iconic buildings in Tuscany. There are many incredible sites to behold in this city, like the massive Guinigi tower with holm oaks growing on its top, the Roman Amphitheater, which was originally built in the second century, and the medieval engineering marvel across the Sergio river; the dramatic Ponte Della Maddalena.

Less tourist traffic Some popular attractions may be closed
Lots of splendid ancient sites to visit
Close to Pisa, and Florence

This old town has very welcoming locals and a great atmosphere for tourists, it’s less popular than Florence and Siena, so you can find excellent accommodation options at great prices. If you’re planning to vacation in this city, here are some of the best places to stay in Lucca.

where to stay in Tuscany

OVERALL TOP PICK: Hotel Villa Casanova

Guests Rate

Villa Casanova is an enchanting hotel in an 18th-century Tuscan farmhouse, surrounded by the scenic Tuscan hillside, well-manicured gardens, and an infinity pool. The well-maintained and classic units are complete with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and TVs with satellite channels. Plus a simple kitchen serving classic Tuscan dishes.

where to stay in Tuscany accommodations in Tuscany

BEST VALUE: B & B La Rosa Nel Verde

Guests Rate

Nestled within the lush greenery of the Tuscan countryside is this B&B with super comfy rooms, a generous breakfast, and a family atmosphere. The attentive hosts are very hospitable and will make you feel at home. It’s a B&B that feels like a luxurious hotel, and the strategic location makes it easy to explore Lucca.

 accommodations in Tuscany

BEST VILLA: Villa La Preziosa

Guests Rate

The elegant renaissance-style Villa La Preziosa sits in a building that dates back to the early 1700s. This villa is a perfect getaway destination for experiencing the Italian dream, it’s surrounded by greenery; a lush garden, a pergola full of grapes, dense lemon groves, figs, etc. The villa has easy access to Lucca and surrounding attractions.

where to stay in Tuscany

TOP LUXURY: Casa del Campanaro centro storico di Lucca dentro le mura

Guests Rate

Casa del Campanaro provides a classic blend of ancient Italian charm and modern comforts. It features exquisite bedrooms with a medieval atmosphere and scenic views from all rooms. This hotel is 400 m from the iconic landmark in Lucca, the Guinigi Tower. Car and bicycle rental services are available to guests who want to explore the city.

AREZZO | Best place to stay in Tuscany for tradition and culture

Unlike Florence and Siena, Arezzo is off the beaten path of the Tuscan towns most typically visited by tourists. However, it’s a small, charming hilltop city with a serene atmosphere and charming views of the Tuscan landscape. Arezzo is the typical Italian city rich in culture, tradition, art, festivities, and medieval architecture.

Arezzo is a lovely, tranquil city with quiet ancient streets; a truly relaxing place to marvel at the beauty of history and art without the craziness of boisterous crowds. There are more than a few amazing sites in Arezzo. At the heart of the city is the Piazza Grande, one of the most beautiful piazzas in Tuscany with a unique tilted surface. If you love antiques, you’d certainly love Arezzo’s Antique Fairs and the several antique shops scattered around the city.

No crowded streets Not as popular and exciting as Florence
Many exciting attractions and events
Close to population destinations in Tuscany

Arezzo is less crowded and touristy than Florence and Siena, therefore it has more reasonably priced accommodations. If you’d love to stay in this city, here are my top recommendations for places to stay in Arezzo.

accommodations in Tuscany


Guests Rate

This serene estate with beautiful garden views, a great outdoor pool, and a beautiful terrace is an excellent vacation home in Arezzo. It has a restaurant offering a variety of splendid local and continental dishes, a bar,  free Wi-Fi, parking space, a sauna, and a fitness room, all for your pleasure.

where to stay in Tuscany accommodations in Tuscany

BEST VALUE: BioBenessere B&B

Guests Rate

This is a perfect holiday home in Arezzo with a mix of taste, value, and comfort. It has very stylish and spacious apartments with super comfy beds and a sumptuous breakfast buffet. The rooms are large with a beautiful terrace to enjoy the outdoors. From this B&B, you can easily access major attractions in the city.

where to stay in Tuscany

BEST VILLA: Residenza Paradisea

Guests Rate

Experience the enchanting historical Tuscan city in the Residenza Paradisea; an exquisite villa in a wonderful landscape. This Tuscan villa boasts tastefully furnished units with expansive bedrooms, an exclusive barbecue, a firewood oven, and a glistening pool. The city center is 4 km from this serene villa. 

accommodations in Tuscany

TOP LUXURY: Relais & Châteaux Il Falconiere

Guests Rate

This magnificent 17th-century country house sits just outside of Cortona with spectacular views of the Tuscan hillside and beautiful green scenery. The property is breathtaking with spacious rooms and great decor, an amazing restaurant, and delectable meals. The attractive large pool is a perfect relaxation spot with views of the beautiful landscape.

Most Unique Places to Stay in Tuscany

where to stay in Tuscany


Guests Rate

The medieval borgo is a stunningly beautiful Relais & Châteaux resort surrounded by the picturesque scenery of vineyards and olive groves. Guests are impressed by the spacious rooms with antique furnishings, beautiful swimming pool, and scenic landscape. The hotel has 2 restaurants offering gourmet cuisines and a selection of over 500 fine wines.

where to stay in Tuscany accommodations in Tuscany


Guests Rate

This is a beautiful Tuscan-style home with an outdoor pool and garden, set in the countryside amid scenic vineyards and olive groves. Each expansive Tuscan-style suite is decorated with fine wooden furnishings and terracotta floors and equipped with modern necessities. This vacation home is perfect for exploring Florence, Lucca, and other tourist destinations in Tuscany.

accommodations in Tuscany


Guests Rate

This magnificent castle sits on a vast expanse of farmland with endless stretches of vineyards and olive groves. The elegant hotel—with a serene atmosphere, breathtaking scenery of iconic hills, perfectly manicured lawns, organic kitchen gardens, 2 large pools, and a boutique spa— makes the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

where to stay in Tuscany


Guests Rate

La Pianaccia is an old Tuscan farmhouse converted to a tastefully furnished modern hotel. It’s surrounded by the breathtaking Tuscan hills and is located close to the exotic wild beaches of Monte Argentario. It’s the ideal place to enjoy a spectacular visual journey along the Tuscan countryside.

where to stay in Tuscany accommodations in Tuscany


Guests Rate

The Podere la Piscina is an ancient stone structure with an impeccably decorated interior and a wonderful landscape comprising a beautiful garden and a large outdoor pool. The villa features 5 elegant bedrooms, a thermal pool with spring water, two large lounges, a laundry area, a sauna, and a gym, all at the disposal of their guests.

How to Get to Tuscany


You can reach Tuscany by air using the airports of Florence and Pisa.

  • PISA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: with connections to and from all major European cities. The airport is only a few kilometers away from the city center, which you can easily reach by taking the Pisa Mover, the shuttle that connects the airport to the Pisa Centrale railway station. From Pisa Airport you can catch connections by bus to Florence (via Montecatini – Pistoia – Prato), and to Lucca and Viareggio/Pietrasanta with Vaibus.
  • FLORENCE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT:  offers connections to and from many European cities. You can reach downtown Florence in a few minutes using the T2 tramway line and by bus with Vola in Bus. The FlyBus service connects the airport to Prato, Montecatini Terme, and to Pisa Airport  (via Prato-Pistoia-Montecatini).


Driving from Rome to Tuscany is the best way to experience the stunning Tuscan country. It’s a beautiful and relaxing road trip. Highways in Italy are easy to navigate and most of the driving will be on the A1, except for occasional stops in small towns. 

If you decide to rent a car, you will get a 15% off your rental car when you book through this site.

  • Trenitalia and Italo Treno chigh-speed trains connect the Firenze-Santa Maria Novella railway station (Florence’s main station) to Milan, Turin, Rome, Verona, Bologna, Naples, Venice, Salerno. From Florence, with Trenitalia direct regional trains, you can reach Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Arezzo, Livorno, Viareggio, Montecatini Terme.
  • The company Trasporto Ferroviario Toscano operates rail connections in the province of Arezzo.


There are many bus companies operating across Tuscany. Most companies operate from the “Firenze Santa Maria Novella” railway station and the airports of Florence and Pisa:

  • BusItalia: operates the Vola in bus connections between Florence airport and the city center, as well as local public transport services in the Florence, Arezzo, Siena, Mugello, Valdisieve, Casentino, and Valdarno areas.
  • ACV Bus: connects 20 districts of the province of Florence, Poggibonsi, and five districts in the province of Arezzo.
  • FlyBus: operates connections between Florence Airport and Prato, Montecatini Terme and Pisa Airport, and five districts in the province of Siena

Best Time to Visit Tuscany

The best time to visit Italy is during spring and fall when the temperatures are comfortable and there are fewer crowds:

SPRING: Temperatures start to warm up in spring, going from the late teens to mid-twenties, although it’s still advisable to wear layers in case of colder spells.

SUMMER: The summer months of July and August see higher temperatures and visitor numbers reach their peak. Temperatures are normally around 81 °F and often reach over 88 °F at the height of the day.

FALL: Temperatures cool down gradually, so September is still very pleasant, with an average of around 77℉. Expect crisp fall leaves and some sunnier days, but plan for wet weather too.

WINTER: Temperatures in the south remain mild in winter. However, northern Italy is normally wet and cold, and it’s not unusual for snow to fall, especially in the mountains.

Where to Stay in Tuscany Conclusion

Tuscany is a dream destination for any travel lover, and you cannot go wrong with what villages you visit, as they are all amazing. Choosing the best places to stay in Tuscany is also a big part of the fun of any trip to Tuscany.

I hope this guide helped you to find out what are the best places to stay in Tuscany, and that you have found that dream destination to make your trip even more special.

If you enjoyed this guide and want to continue exploring some amazing destinations in Italy, you may enjoy the following guides:

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