11 Top-Rated Lake Como Boat Tours for 2024: Expert Review

Are you ready to book the best Lake Como boat tours?

You are in the right place because the 11 highest-rated boat tours in Lake Como are featured in this article. And how do I know they are the best? I visited Lake Como several times and experienced many different boat tours in Lake Como myself. I am here to share the best tours for you!

Now if you are wondering if a Lake Como boat tour is worth it, my answer to you is YES! Visiting Lake Como and not going on a boat tour is the same as visiting Rome without seeing the Pope.

Exploring Lake Como by boat is an unmissable experience, no matter what your Lake Como itinerary looks like. If you’re visiting for the first time, taking a boat tour is the perfect way to explore this stunning destination. However, with so many tour options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best fit for you.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? My top pick is this Classic Speedboat Private Tour – with a 5 ⭐️ rating, and one of the most popular tours in Lake Como.

This guide to the absolute best boat tours of Lake Como, as it covers a wide range of interests from the most romantic boat tour, driving your own boat, to an amazing sailboat to watch the sunset and all between.

Here you can also find very useful information and have no doubt you will choose the right Lake Como boat tour to fit your needs. So, get ready to discover some of the most iconic places in Italy with these once-in-a-lifetime boat tours.

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Overview of the Best Boat Tours of Lake Como

In case you are pressed for time, I have included a list of my top picks for the boat tours of Lake Como. Before you make a decision, it’s important to consider your priorities and budget. Between this brief overview, and the next section on how much is a boat tour in Lake Como, you can make an informed decision that best suits your preferences.

#1 Top Pick

Exclusive Motorboat Private Tour🔥

🏆 TOP PICK: The Exclusive Motorboat Private Tour is the most popular boat tour on Lake Como. Have the opportunity to visit some of the most famous places on Lake Como, and to stop along the way for swimming.

TOUR LENGTH: 1 hour on a private tour on board a locally made artisanal motorboat

⭐️ Rating: Rating: 5/5 (30 Reviews) | Details: Read more reviews now!

🏆 Top-pick Lake Como Boat TourExclusive Motorboat Private Tour
🌸 Most Romantic Lake Como Boat TourLake Como Sunset Sailboat Experience
💸 Best Budget-friendly Lake Como Boat TourPublic Tour at Lake Como
⛵️ Top luxury Lake Como Boat TourA floating luxury crossing Lake Como
⭐️ Best 5-Star Review Boat Tour in Lake ComoLake Como Public Ferry Tour
⭐️ Best 5-Star review Boat Tour in Lake ComoLake Como Saling Boat Tour
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Top Small Group or Family Boat TourLake Como Boat Tour with Wine and Snacks

💡  EXPERT TIP: Before booking your boat tour of Lake Como, read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section for the tour(s) you’re considering, to ensure you pick the best one for your needs and interests. 

How Much Does a Lake Como Boat Tour Cost?

If you are wondering how much a Lake Como boat tour costs, it depends on your preference and what is included. This list has a variety of prices, from a luxury private sunset Lake Como boat tour to budget-friendly options.

A dinner cruise at Lake Como, will typically cost more than a standard boat tour of the lake at around💸💸💸💸
$1,100 as it includes the price of your meal and drinks.
If you choose to go on a private boat tour will usually be more expensive than a group tour as you’re essentially paying for the whole boat, and a captain to yourself. The prices will be around💸💸💸
$700 for a 2-hour tour
If you are traveling on a budget but still want to catch the best of Lake Como from the boat, I recommend booking this Small Group with a Shared Boat Tour Lake Como for only around 💸💸
$100 per person for a 2-hour tour
The ferry is a budget-friendly alternative to a traditional wooden boat tour. While it may not offer the same level of privacy and romance, it gives you a taste of cruising on this beautiful lake and taking in the sights and attractions at a much lower cost. You can buy the tickets for the ferry at the ticket office near the dock or on their website.💸
$3.00 is the starting price

What to Look For When Choosing Your Lake Como Boat Tour?

⭐️ CUSTOMER REVIEWS: Make sure you read carefully the whole description of the tour you choose to do and book in advance to make sure you will be able to join the right tour on the right day. Also, read customers’ reviews to make sure it is a well-rated tour and avoid any frustration.

🏆HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR TOUR: Pay attention to what the tours offer such as stopping at the villas for a visit or, swimming at the lake, a complimentary prosecco, or a private guide.

⛵️ BOAT TYPE: There are several different types of boats available for hire, from sleek and speedy motorboats to charming old-fashioned wooden sailboats or big-bodied ferries made for large groups on a budget – it just depends on what kind of experience you’re after

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Decide if you want to go on a private boat tour, or join a group tour. Normally group tours are more affordable, while private tours are more expensive, you also have the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself at your own pace. Also, some tours offer to stop at some villas or for swimming, while other tours are just around the popular places at Lake Como.

📍TOUR LOCATION: Choose what areas (Villas, Villages, celebrities’ houses…) you want to visit, and what village you want to departure

Best Lake Como Boat Tours Reviews

1. TOP OVERALL BOAT TOUR IN LAKE COMO: Exclusive Motorboat Private Tour


Lake Como Boat Tours

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Explore Lake Como on this private tour onboard your private artisanal limited production motorboat

📍TOUR LOCATION: Bellagio, Varenna, Villa Carlotta, Villa del Balblanello, Isola Comacina

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 (30 Reviews) | Details: Read more reviews now!

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1 hour on a private artisanal motorboat

Why Take This Lake Como Boat Tour:

This Lake Como Exclusive Motorboat is our top pick because the price is low for a private tour, it is highly rated with a personal experience, you can cancel within 24 hours of the start time if your plans change and you get the chance to go on a private motorboat and enjoy the most fascinating part of Lake Como and learn about the history with your Captain.

With this private tour, you will be able to see some of the most famous places in the Lake Como area such as: See famous Villa Balbianello, where James Bond movies and Star Wars were featured.

Start your tour by seeing the most beautiful villa in Bellagio, and tour past the “Pearl of the Lake”, Bellagio, all while learning about the history and stories of the area. Continue on to discover Varenna, Villa Carlotta, and Villa del Balbianello with its Hollywood fame. Before heading back to Bellagio, tour Isola Comacina (Lake Como Island) and its natural beauty and pure water surrounding the island.

“This boat ride was one of my favorite parts of the trip! Eduardo was incredibly knowledgeable, funny and drove safely throughout Lake Como. He gave us great advice on other activities to do on the lake and showed us many beautiful views. He took great photographs, and made us laugh throughout the entire ride. I highly recommend this tour! Thank you Eduardo for such a wonderful adventure!”

Maria (read more reviews now)

2. TOP LUXURY DINNER BOAT TOUR: A floating luxury crossing Lake Como


Boat Tours of Lake Como

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Explore Lake Como on this private tour on a refined, classic motorboat

📍TOUR LOCATION: Como, Cadenazzi, Villa Balbianello, Comacina Island, Bellagio, Tremezo, Villa Carlotta.

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours on a private wooden speedboat

Why Take This Lake Como Boat Tour:

If you are looking to feel like a movie star, this floating luxury dinner at Lake Como boat tour is for you!

Embarking at 6PM, you will step on board a classic motorboat that will take you for a relaxing evening cruise on Lake Como, past charming Italian coastal villages such as Bellagio or Tremezzo, before returning to Lenno fully relaxed and with your belly full of delicious food.

To make it even better? A professional local chef will cook a 3-course dinner for you, served by a waiter and including beverages. This unmissable experience will allow you to enjoy a complete dinner with stunning views of Lake Como that you won’t get in any restaurant.

  • A wonderful dinner is included in this Lake Como boat tour
  • A professional chef and a waiter onboard
  • A private motorboat and a skipper are at your disposal

3. SEE THE OFF-THE-BEATEN-PATH OF LAKE COMO: Sailing Experience with Private Skipper


Boat Tours of Lake Como

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Explore the off-the-beaten-path of Lake Como with this private sailing boat tour

📍TOUR LOCATION: You will observe the main villas in the center of the lake, such as Villa Balbianello Villa Melzi Villa Carlotta, Villa Monastero

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 (69 Reviews) | Details: Read more reviews now!

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours on a private sailing adventure

Why Take This Lake Como Boat Tour:

This boat tour will take you to the quieter side of Lake Como and allow you to get away from the crowds. On this private sailing adventure, you will set sail from Bellagio on an elegant boat to admire the sites along the shore, including Villa del Balbianello, Villa Melzi, Villa Carlotta, and Comacina Island. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters near the island, or relax on the boat with drinks, snacks, and music while enjoying the rhythm of the boat on the water.

This is a perfect Lake Como boat tour to snap photos of the famous lake villas from the water and stop for a swim.

  • Discover the beauty of Lake Como, away from the crowds with your own captain
  • Enjoy the flexibility and relaxed pace of a private sailing excursion
  • Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and snacks are provided onboard

Honestly the best boat trip we have ever been on! We were a group of 6 girls and both skippers were brilliant! We were able to play music, drink & eat… all whilst taking in the breathtaking views of lake como! Gorgeous boat, day and experience. Can’t recommend enough! Good for all ages!

Miya (read more reviews now)

4. BEST COMBO BOAT TOUR: Private Boat Tour in Lake Como


Lake Como Boat Tours

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Combo private tour – walking tour with a private speedboat with a local guide

📍TOUR LOCATION: Start and end in Como with tour of the lake and towns by boat

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 | Details: Read more reviews now!

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 5 hours on a private speedboat tour

Why Take This Boat Tour of Lake Como:

What sets this tour apart is that you will have a professional tour guide with you to shed light on local history and landmarks. You will combine a walking tour with this private boat tour. This is for anyone looking to really get to know Lake Como and Bellagio. Your guide will share with you the stories of Julius Caesar, who founded Novum Comum. They’ll also tell you all about the fortresses and castles, of destructions, fires, and reconstructions, of pilgrims crossing the lake and crowned monarchs who built spectacular villas with large Baroque gardens.

You will also learn the modern stories of politicians, and celebrities who choose to live in the stunning Lake Como. Every town here has its own story to tell. No villa lacks thrilling events in its past. Villa Olmo, Villa D’Este, Villa Pizzo, Villa Versace, Villa Pliniana, Villa Balbiano, Villa del Balbianello, Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi D’Eril, and Villa Serbelloni… will all remain in your memory and in your heart.

  • This tour includes a Professional tour guide, water, alcoholic beverages, and snack
  • Admire Lake Como gems from the water
  • Learn about the history of the area with your guide

“Ettore was an amazing historian and guide. Wonderful city tour and then the knowledge of the lakes villas. Paulo our Captain was super friendly and wonderful. Would do it again!”

Lisabeth (read more reviews now)

5. BEST FULL-DAY TOUR: Lake Como Public Ferry Tour


Lake Como Boat Tours

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Full-day tour with a small group of up to 6-people

📍TOUR LOCATION: The tour starts and ends in Como, with roundtrip ferry boat between Como and Bellagio (ferry is 30 Euros)

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 (14 Reviews) | Details: Read more reviews now!

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 7-8 hours combo tour, including local ferry

Why Take This Boat Tour of Lake Como:

Bang for your buck, this tour gets you a guide for a full day to visit and learn about the best of Lake Como. You really can’t beat this tour if you have the time. If you want to get the full experience of the beautiful area, this Como City & Bellagio Exclusive Full-Day tour is for you.

This Lake Como is one of the top excursions from Milan which is only 1 hour away. With this tour, visit two beautiful lakeside villages in one day. You will stroll through Como’s old town with a local guide and will learn about landmarks like the cathedral and city walls.

After free time for lunch, set sail for Bellagio passing villas and gardens along the way. Enjoy a walking tour and free time to explore this postcard-perfect village before the return ferry trip to Como.

  • Admire landmark villas and gardens during the ferry ride (own expense – 30 Euros)
  • A small group of just six participants for a relaxed pace
  • Free time in both Como and Bellagio to dine and shop on your own
  • The tour starts at 10:30 so you can make it here from Milan for a day of fun

Lake Como is truly an amazing place, but having an excellent tour guide made everything over the top! Violetta was special and truly made the experience wonderful, due to bookings, we made a last-minute adjustment to do the Bellagio and Villa Balbianello tour at her recommendation and was not disappointed! I highly recommend! Doing this in a small group helps to maximize the tour! So many incredible sights! I wouod definitely so this again on return to Como!

Martha (read more reviews now)

6. BEST 5⭐️ REVIEWS: Lake Como Sailing Boat Tour


Boat Tours of Lake Como

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Small groups of up to 6 people | Explore the wild side of Lake Como

📍TOUR LOCATION: Departure and return in Bellagio

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 (69 Reviews) | Details: Read more reviews now!

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 Hours on a private sailing boat

Why Take This Boat Tour of Lake Como:

With this Lake Como sailing boat experience, you will take a sailing tour to explore the quieter side of Lake Como. You will escape the crowds and relax while enjoying the stunning landscape of the mountains reflected in the clear blue waters. If your plans change, you can cancel up to 24-hours in advance for a full refund.

Embark on a delightful half-day boat tour in Lake Como and marvel at the rich vegetation, sparkling blue waters, towering mountains, and charming towns nestled along the shore of the lake. Take in the breathtaking views of Villa del Balbianello, Villa Melzi, and Villa Carlotta. Sail to Comacina Island where the boat will drop anchor and allow you to dive into the crystal clear waters. Take in the beautiful vistas while listening to music, sipping on drinks, and snacking.

  • This is a great tour during summer vacation, while you can jump in the lake and swim in this stunning area
  • Best tour to discover the quiet side of Lake Como
  • Toast your amazing boat tour in Lake Como with a glass of wine
  • Great value for your money 💸

10/10 Recommend doing this excursion. We had the MOST WONDERFUL time. Our tour guide, Frederico (and his wife, who coordinates the excursion), was GREAT. He was an excellent mix of educational, entertaining, and funny. We were a laid back group of 5 girls who went for a 40th birthday party (from the USA). It was honestly one of the highlights of our entire trip through Bellagio, Tuscany, Florence, and Milan. Can’t say enough great things about that experience. Would do it again TOMORROW! The personal/private experience was just so fabulous. Don’t miss this one!

Beth_B (read more reviews now)

7. BEST SHORT TOUR: 1-hour Boat Private Tour Como Guided


Boat Tours of Lake Como

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Private tour great for a small group and couples

📍TOUR LOCATION: Lake Como passes through small villages and incredible residences

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 (24 Reviews) | Details: Read more reviews now!

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1-Hour on a private boat with a photographer

Why Take This Boat Tour of Lake Como:

You will love this guided private boat tour at Lake Como if you are looking for a highlight of the stunning small villages, green valleys, and waterfalls.

This tour starts from Como, leaving to visit the most beautiful locations of the first basin of the lake: Villa Erba, Villa d’Este, Villa Pizzo, Villa Le Rose (hosted Churchill in ’45), Villa Fontanelle (historic Versace residence), Villa Oleandra (summer residence of Clooney).

On the way back, you will come back by the coast and observe the hotels Sereno and Castadiva admiring other incredible residences until they return to the city.

  • You will see amazing panoramas of Como
  • Couples love this tour because it feels like a secluded romantic and relaxing atmosphere
  • Enjoy an aperitif at sunset

“The captain and assistant were an absolute delight… prosecco, great music and fun company while cruising como lake… we would definitely do this again”

Anwuli (read more reviews now)

8. BEST FOR COUPLES: Sunset Sailboat Lake Como Boat Tour


Boat Tours of Lake Como

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Sail at the sunset with this private Lake Como boat tour

📍TOUR LOCATION: Departure and return to Bergamo

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 (2 Reviews) | Details: Read more reviews now!

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3-hour

Why Take This Boat Tour of Lake Como:

This Lake Como sailboat and sunset experience is a real romantic experience. You will be able to enjoy the stunning beauty of Lake Como with dinner and wine at sunset. Now sounds like a perfect romantic vacation, right?

During this sailing trip, you will be served local specialties crafted by a native chef. Relax and sip on Franciacorta in this enchanting atmosphere of the Lake Como. This experience is a great value and can accommodate up to 4 people. If your plans change, you can cancel within 24 hours of sailing for a full refund.

  • Surprise your partner with a very romantic experience on Lake Como
  • Enjoy finger food prepared by a local chef
  • Sip on Prosecco as you take in the amazing view

We so enjoyed our afternoon with Captain Otto and Maria. They were wonderful hosts. While the wind was not cooperating, the water was lovely, the snacks beyond amazing and overall this was a joyful and relaxing way to enjoy Lake Como. The swimming was awesome. This was so worth the money and a fantastic way to enjoy this countryside.

Tripadvisor Reviewer (read more reviews now)

9. TOP SMALL GROUP: Lake Como Boat Tour with Wine and Snacks


Boat Tours of Lake Como

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Private and Small groups are available with this speedboat tour at Lake Como **This tour is likely to sell out**

📍TOUR LOCATION: Lake Como, Villa Oleandra (George Clooney), Nesso waterfall, Isola Comacina, Bellagio, Varenna, Villa Cipressi, and more

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 (6 Reviews) | Details: Read more reviews now!

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours with a very informative local guide

Why Take This Boat Tour of Lake Como:

Embark on a private boat tour of Lake Como with your own local captain. Enjoy a fun and informative trip in a private speedboat. This boat has a fun and unique itinerary that will show you the very best of Lake Como. The 4 hours will pass by and you will have memories for a lifetime.

During your tour, you will get to explore the stunning Lake Como and enjoy a boat ride that includes wine and snacks. Admire the breathtaking views of Cernobbio, visit the famous Villa Balbianello, which has been featured in several movies, and also take a refreshing swim at a nearby waterfall.

  • Small group, maximum up to 8 people
  • Discover the best of Lake Como with drinks and snacks, fun onboard, and a captain for 4-hour
  • Relax and toast your best life with a glass of prosecco

“The private tour with Roberto was fantastic! He’s very knowledgable about the lake and the history. He is also very passionate about being on the water and it shows. If you’re in Como… book a tour with him!”

GetYourGuide Traveler (read more reviews now)

10. BEST PERSONAL BOAT: Lake Como Personal Motor Boat Rental


Lake Como itinerary

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Become the captain for a day and discover the best of Lake Como

📍TOUR LOCATION: Depart and return to Vassena. You are your own personal tour guide, so you can make your own itinerary

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 (175 Reviews) | Details: Read more reviews now!

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours on your own motorboat

Why Take This Boat Tour of Lake Como:

With this amazing personal Lake Como Motor Boat Rental tour, you have the opportunity to experience Lake Como on your own. For 2 hours you can visit the stunning region of Lake Como, stop swimming in the lake, and take the time to relax, take pictures, and discover the wonder of the Lake Como region.

You don’t require a boat license to rent this motorboat. The boat will be delivered directly to the dock, and you will be given instructions regarding the rules and functions to ensure you drive safely and enjoyably. Additionally, you’ll be provided with information on the key points of interest around the lake.

  • Learn the ins and outs of the craft before setting out for an adventure on the water.
  • Each tour is for a limited number of people (max 6 p.)
  • It includes insurance, an Awning, a Bow sundeck, a Swim ladder, GPS, and safety equipment including a life jacket and rescue donut.

“Wow! What an experience, if you do one thing do this! The staff are funny and friendly too, wish I did 3 hours!”

Nicholas_D (read more reviews now)


11. TOP BEST VALUE: Small Group with Shared Boat Tour Lake Como 💸


Lake Como Boat Tours

Tour at a Glance:

⛵️ TOUR TYPE: Public Tour with a local guide, a small group of up to 5 people

📍TOUR LOCATION: Lake Como and small villages

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 (91 Reviews) | Details: Read more reviews now!

⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1.5 hours

Why Take This Boat Tour of Lake Como:

If you are looking for a great opportunity to see the best of Lake Como with a local guide, and you are traveling on a budget, this Public Tour at Lake Como is for you!

On board a shared boat, you will visit, starting from Como, the first basin of the Lake and we will observe along its shores the various small and characteristic villages that overlook it (Cernobbio, Moltrasio, Torno, Blevio) and the magnificent Villas with their styles that is not possible see from the land … and more!

  • Great option tour if you are looking for a budget option
  • This is a shared boat with other people
  • This tour included fun, a local guide, water bottles, and insurance
  • Gas is not included and there will be a small charge per person

“This boat tour was outstanding and worth every penny. The views from the lake were astonishing and our guide was terrific. We saw a bunch of villas and learned fun facts about each. The boat seats 6 not including the guide, which was the perfect amount of people. After about an hour on the lake, we stopped for a snack and wine break, which was delightful. You are given plenty of photo opportunities with beautiful backdrops.”

Géraud (read more reviews now)


Boat Tours of Lake Como FAQ

What are the best places to visit during a boat tour in Lake Como?

During a boat tour of Lake Como, you’ll get to explore some of the most famous towns and villages such as Bellagio, which is often called the “Pearl of Lake Como,” as well as Varenna, Tremezzo, and Menaggio. Each of these places has its own distinctive charm and personality.

Now if you’re interested in exploring lesser-known areas, I recommend you to take a Private Boat Tour in Lake Como that will allow you to build your own itinerary. You can consider visiting one of the uninhabited places around Lake Como, such as Isola Comacina or taking a stroll down the Adda River which branches off south from Lecco. In these places, there are fewer tourists, giving you a chance to experience the laid-back lifestyle and natural beauty that northern Italy is famous for.

What are the departure towns?

The starting point for your tour or rental will depend on its type. For instance, public transport boats such as the vaporetti and ferries typically have several pick-up points located around the lake’s perimeter (with Bellagio being one of the most popular), while private boat rentals usually depart from either Tremezzo or Menaggio.

Most boating companies will provide full details of where your tour departs from when you book, so be sure to check this before setting off!

How long does a boat trip in Lake Como last?

The duration of your Lake Como boat tour varies based on your chosen tour or rental.

Public transport boats, such as vaporetti, operate at short intervals and have designated stops for village exploration. They follow a set route and usually run every 30 minutes to an hour. These tours are ideal if you want to disembark and explore one of the villages for a few hours before resuming your journey around the lake.

Private boat rentals offer flexibility, typically with half-day (four hours) and full-day (eight hours) options. Dinner tours allow three hours between departure and docking, while traditional sightseeing tours last two to four hours, with longer options for shoreline exploration.

When is the best time to visit Lake Como?

Any time of the year is a good time to go on a Lake Como boat tour. This is the best way to see the most beautiful views and visit the stunning villas around Lake Como. But if you are planning to catch the warm weather, why not, swim in the blue water lake, between March and November is the best time as you will catch the peak of summertime at Lake Como. Just don’t forget to pack your sunblock and swimsuit.

If you are visiting Lake Como during spring and autumn, they are also beautiful seasons to go on a boat tour, and even if the temperatures are cooler, the crowds are also smaller.

Now if you are visiting during wintertime, you will be able to catch the snow-capped mountains in the background, you will just need to wear layers and especially a warm jacket and you will love this charming season at Lake Como!

What to wear in Lake Como?

If you are also visiting during the hot months, think about light clothes and comfortable shoes to walk and explore during the day. Don’t forget your sunblock, and sunglasses and consider a hat too. If you are planning to go on a boat tour at Lake Como, bring your bathing suit 😉

Boat Tours of Lake Como

Best Boat Tours of Lake Como Conclusion

I hope this list of the best boat tours of Lake Como has helped you to choose the perfect tour for you. Whether you choose to go on a romantic sunset boat tour while sipping a local prosecco, or if you are looking to enjoy the stunning views of the villas and villages, there is a Lake Como boat tour for everyone.

When planning a perfect Lake Como itinerary, don’t forget to add a boat tour to take full advantage of your visit. These best Lake Como boat tours will have you packing your bags and planning your trip!

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