Epic Florence 3 day itinerary for 2024

Wondering what to do in Florence in 3-day itinerary?

You are in the right place. This is a perfect Florence 3-day itinerary, plus this is a versatile Florence Itinerary where you can pick your favorite destination, based on your timing and interests.

This Florence itinerary is designed to help you make the most of your time here. Here you can find the best time to visit, the best areas to stay in Florence with a very handy neighborhood guide, the best transportation options in Florence, and a very helpful FAQ at the end.

After all, I have personally been to Italy several times, and I always plan my Florence itinerary on my own and have an amazing time. Now, I want to share all of my secret, insider tips with you to help you enjoy this amazing city and all it has to offer.

When you explore Florence for 3 days, you will see one of the top landmarks in Italy. You will be able to explore the famous Renaissance city, taste the amazing food and wine, and experience the age-long Tuscan tradition. And the good news is that even if you are short on time, you still can visit Florence from Rome, in as short a day trip. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy this well-crafted Florence in a three-day itinerary.

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Florence for 3-Days: Quick Guide

To make your Florence 3 days itinerary trip as hassle-free and budget-friendly as possible, here are some pro tips for you. You can thank me later 😉

I suggest you to buy the Florence Pass. The advantage is that it includes the top 3 attractions in the city, and you can easily select the timeslot and days in one reservation process. It helps to create efficiency in your trip plans, plus it is a Digital Pass, so you get everything by email.


Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo (⭐️ 9.4)
Residence Fiesole (⭐️ 9.1)
Art-Hotel Villa Agape (⭐️ 9.2)
La Maison du Sage (⭐️ 9.2)


🌟 Florence Pass: Uffizi, Accademia Gallery, Brunelleschi Dome (⭐️ 5/5)
📸 Best Tour: Florence Cathedral & St John Baptistery (⭐️ 4.7/5)
🍷Wine Tour: Florence City Tour with Sunset Wine Tasting (⭐️ 5/5)
✈️ Transfer: Airport Private transfer (⭐️ 5/5)

Florence 3-Day Itinerary Overview

Given the number of things to do and see in Florence, I recommend that 2 days is the absolute minimum you should plan for to avoid spending your trip running around from sight to sight without time to really enjoy the atmosphere of the city.

If you have a third day in Florence, you can easily explore the city and museums, or you can take a day to explore more of the Tuscan Region.

Just because Florence has so much to do and to see, I highly recommend coming to Florence with a well-defined itinerary, in order to maximize your time. The city is very walkable and Florence has a great public transportation system, so take advantage of it, and see my section about how to get around Florence.

Make sure you choose accommodation in a good area, where you can easily walk around and explore the main attractions. Making your reservations in advance is also part of a well-planned visit, as Florence is a popular destination and it may be hard to find last-minute accommodations.

Day 1 in Florence:
Piazza Duomo, Girotto’s Bell Tower, Baptistery, Piazza Della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Galleria, Galleria dell’Accademia
Day 2 in Florence:
Piazza Michelangelo, Basilica de Santa Croce, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, Boboli Gardens
Day 3 in Florence (Option 1):
Brunch, Piazza Della Republica, explore more museums in Florence, Sunset at Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Sunset Cruise, farewell dinner
Day 3 in Florence (Option 2):
Take a day trip to Pisa – Leaning Tower, Pisa Cathedral, Pisa Baptistery, Piazza del Cavalieri, Pisa Botanical Gardens
Italy Florence for 3 days

Arrival in Florence

I have traveled to Florence by train, by bus, and by car and now I am happy to share some experiences with you. Also, check my article on the best transportation options from Rome to Florence and how to safely rent a car in Tuscany for more helpful information.

🚗 BY RENTAL CAR: If you are on a road trip in Italy, and have a rental car, I highly recommend you just park your car in Florence until the end of your stay, and explore the city by foot or use public transportation. When choosing a car rental online, my number one pick is always Discover Cars. I personally use them and love them since they meticulously search through local and international companies to get you the best deal every time.

📸 BY PRIVATE TOUR: This is the easier way to visit Florence, while a guided tour saves you the stress of planning an itinerary and making arrangements for transportation. You can check here for my recommendations for the best tours to Florence.

🚌 BY BUS: On my first trip to Italy, I traveled to Florence by bus and it is an easy and cheap option. Flixbus is a great option. You can find buses from Bologna, Genoa, Rome—basically everywhere. If you’re still unsure how to get to Florence, the bus is a super flexible choice.  

🚊BY TRAIN: There are high-speed lines connecting Naples, Rome, Florence, and Bologna, and then off to all the major cities in the north such as Milan, Venice, and Turin. You can choose between the national railway company, Trenitalia, or Italo.

✈️ BY PLANE: Florence has a tiny little airport that is mostly for domestic flights, Amerigo Vespucci Airport. You can fly to Galileo Galilei Airport, in Pisa as it has way more flights per day and a greater variety of connections with other cities. From Pisa Airport, you can get to Florence via shuttle bus in just 1 hour. 

Florence 3 Days Itinerary

Day 1 Florence Itinerary: Appreciate Renaissance art

Day 1 of your Florence for 3 days itinerary will involve a lot of walking, you’ll get to see the biggest attractions in Florence, with many brilliant historical artworks and overpowering ancient structures. So make sure you wear those comfy walking shoes and let’s dive into this Florence Itinerary.

Florence is a city famous for Renaissance art, ancient architecture, and monuments, and today you will get a chance to truly appreciate them.

For the first part of your day, you will explore the Duomo and its surroundings, making it an easy walk distance, and for the second half of the day, you will explore the Renaissance art at Uffizi and Galleria dell Accademia.

1. Walk around the Piazza del Duomo

Here is the best way to start your Florence for 3 3-day itinerary. In the heart of the city, you will find the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (commonly known as the Duomo) towering over the Piazza del Duomo. This enormous Gothic cathedral was built in the 14th century and is arguably the most popular building in Florence.

It’s also the most famous attraction, with an iconic red-tiled dome. While the outside of the cathedral may appear plain, the designs of the interior are simply brilliant. You can climb up to the top of the dome to get a breathtaking view of the city.

⭐ INSIDER TIP: I recommend booking the tour to visit the Duomo as the views from there are spectacular! If you are visiting the interior of the duomo, you will need to wear appropriate clothes and cover your legs and arms. I recommend always carrying a Pashmina shawl with you.

Cathedral Florence for 3 days

2. Climb Giotto’s bell tower

Named after the principal architect who designed it in the 14th century, the elaborately decorated bell tower stands tall in central Florence’s Piazza del Duomo. It is an 84.7-meter tall bell tower with over 400 steps to the top for the most dramatic view of the city.

The climb can literally take your breath away, even before you get to the top, it’s a long hike that takes about an hour to complete. You have to pace yourself so you won’t run out of breath, however, there are several steps before you get to the top, and you can break your journey and admire the views on your way.

⭐ INSIDER TIP: If you are planning to visit Giotto’s bell tower, it is recommended to book in advance, check the price and availability

Optional: Climb Brunelleschi’s Dome

Believe it or not, you have the option of climbing two very tall and very different structures during your Florence three-day itinerary. And since you’ve already read about Giotto’s bell tower, let’s talk about Brunelleschi’s Dome.

Now, before you head inside the dome, be sure to enjoy the exterior of the Duomo since it features ornately decorated sculptures that many people miss during their 72-hour Florence itinerary.

When you’re ready, move inside and ascend the 463 stairs to the top of the dome. There is no elevator and the pathways at the top are quite narrow. So, if you or anyone you know has mobility issues, this might not be the activity for you. You’ll also immediately notice stunning frescoes and unparalleled panoramas of the city. Take some time to stop at a glass-protected balcony too so that you can have an up-close view of the interior of the dome.

If you can, arrive at the Duomo no later than 8:00 am so that you can avoid (some of) the crowds and enjoy the optimal light for photography. Just be aware that there will still be a line to enter the duomo at this time of day. You should also book your skip-the-line tickets for the dome well in advance.

⭐ INSIDER TIP: During your 3 days in Florence itinerary I would not climb both Giotto’s Bell Tower and Brunelleschi’s Dome. It’s just a lot of stairs and not necessary. So, opt for Brunelleschi’s Dome and you will not regret it. Yes, you will have to climb 463 steps to get to the top. But, it’s worth it to see the Last Judgment fresco by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari and to enjoy astounding views of the city.

3. Admire the artistic brilliance of the Baptistery

While you are in the area, the next stop on your Florence Itinerary should be at the Baptistery. This is another amazing ancient architecture in the center of Florence is the octagonal baptistery standing in both the Piazza del Duomo and the Piazza San Giovanni.

The Baptistery dates back to the 11th century and is currently the oldest building in Florence. It has three sets of artistically important bronze doors with relief sculptures and a magnificent mosaic ceiling.

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4. Explore the Piazza Della Signoria

This is one of my favorite places to visit in Florence, and it can be overwhelming by its beauty! Considering the most beautiful square in Florence, the Palazzo Della Signoria is famous for the replica of Michelangelo’s David, the bronze equestrian statue, impressive sculptures, and the Fountain of Neptune.

Also open for exploration is the Loggia Dei Lanzi, an open-air museum with its fair share of artworks, including five marble female statues and a statue of a barbarian prisoner from Roman times. Take your time exploring and admiring the breathtaking works of art to your heart’s content, then make your way to the Palazzo Vecchio.

5. Discover the hidden treasures in Palazzo Vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio (also called Palazzo Della Signoria) is another major attraction on the Piazza Della Signoria, in fact, that’s where the square takes its name from. This incredible palace has a high bell tower and fortified exterior, a visit to this building will take you through a medieval city hall with multiple floors and plenty of stairs.

As you make your way through the palace, you will find the “Hall of Five Hundred,” which is a large hall featuring a gold-paneled ceiling covered with artwork and two long frescoes by the walls. The Hall of the Five Hundred (or Salone del Cinquecento) is the largest room in the Palazzo Vecchio and has the greatest historic and artistic value.

Florence for 3 days itinerary

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6. Lunch at Ristorante Braceria AUDITORE

In the very heart of the city where most places are tourist traps, you will find the Braceria Auditore, which stands out with very delicious, high-quality food, excellent service, and great prices. It’s located right next to Palazzo Vecchio and offers an absolutely amazing experience.

The interior is warm and beautiful, with a serene and cozy atmosphere. Food is absolutely delectable with good drinks. It’s a great place to rest, drink some Spritz and eat some fantastic Italian food.

7. Explore the Uffizi Galleria

Make sure you don’t miss the Uffizi Galleria during your Florence Itinerary – I have visited Florence many times, and only on my last visit I was able to book the tickets in advance and spend about 4 hours exploring this magnificent gallery.

Right next to the Palazzo Vecchio is the Uffizi Galleria, an impressive museum built in the 16th century as the first modern museum in Europe.

The Uffizi Galleria has an impressive collection of artworks from different periods, it houses masterpieces by many iconic artists including Raphael’s “Madonna of the Goldfinch Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” and Titian’s “Venus of Urbino.

⭐ INSIDER TIP: You will have to take your time here because there are lots of terrific things to see. Before your visit, make sure to get a ticket in advance

8. Stop at Galleria dell’Accademia

Galleria dell’Accademia should be your next stop on your Florence 3-day itinerary, and it’s only a few minutes from the Uffizi Galleria. The Galleria dell’Accademia is an art museum and is best known for Michelangelo’s David sculpture.

You can easily spend 1-hour admiring the details and perfection of the stunning David sculpture, and wondering how it can have so many details, such as the feet and hands.

⭐ INSIDER TIP: This gallery has the highest number of Michelangelo sculptures on display. I recommend buying the ticket in advance to make sure you can visit on the day you are planning, and skip the line. You can get tickets in advance here.

9. Dine at Le Cappelle Medicee

After a long, exciting day exploring the best of Florence, you deserve to relax and refuel at an amazing restaurant like Le Cappelle Medicee. This is a very cozy and cute place, with very warm service and some fantastic traditional Italian dishes on the menu. The drinks are great, the service is excellent, and the prices are even better.

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Day 2 Florence Itinerary: See more of the amazing Florence

The second day of your Florence 3-day itinerary is another exciting day with lots of attractions to explore. Today you will walk through the oldest bridge in the city, marvel at the towering statue of David, visit the church where Michelangelo was buried, and finally, dine in one of the best restaurants in Florence.

1. View the city from Piazzale Michelangelo

The Piazzale Michelangelo is known for the imposing replica of Michelangelo’s David statue. To the first-timer, this square may come across as unimpressive, but it’s one with one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Florence. The view from the Piazzale will help you truly appreciate how amazingly beautiful the city of Florence is.

⭐ INSIDER TIP: Piazzale Michelangelo is free to the public, the best time to visit is either early in the morning or at night, to avoid the crowd. Also, watching the sunset from here is something that should be on your bucket list! It is stunning!

2. Visit the Basilica de Santa Croce

Continue your Florence itinerary by heading to Basilica di Santa Croce a Gothic-style church with great beauty. It dates back to the 14th century and is currently one of the richest churches in terms of medieval history. Santa Croce holds many artistic masterpieces, including stunning frescoes by Giotto.

The church is also known for the Renaissance-style Pazzi chapel, many impressive funerary monuments, and the finest of all early Renaissance tombs. Santa Croce is where Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei, amongst many others, were buried.

3. Walk across the Ponte Vecchio

Next, you head to one of my favorite things to do in Florence, and also, one of the top Italian Landmarks in the country. Strolling the oldest bridge in Florence, which was built over the Arno river in 1345. Ponte Vecchio is an outstanding medieval engineer and the first segmental arch bridge built in the West.

The bridge was built of wood and stone and has jewelry shops on either side, just like in the Middle Ages. Walking across the two wide terraces of the bridge gives you an incredible view of the Arno River.

Ponthe Vecchio florence for 3 days

4. Grab Lunch at Mercato Centrale

If you’re getting a little hungry then be sure to grab some lunch at Mercato Centrale as part of your Florence itinerary for 3 days. See, Mercato Centrale (aka San Lorenzo Market) is one of the best food halls in the city.

In fact, it is packed with awesome food that is spread out across two floors of the building and is a fun byproduct of the time in the nineteenth century when Florence served as the capital of the country.

Now, you’ll probably want to head straight to the second floor since this is where you’ll find a rad food hall selling everything from burgers to pizza to Asian-inspired desserts. Also, visit the central bar and order a refreshing limoncello spritz.

Alternatively, feel free to look around the first floor, where you’ll find a lot of fresh produce, cheeses, and meats, before heading to the outdoor market to pick up some cool souvenirs from your three days in Florence.

5. Explore the Palazzo Pitti

Located only 5 minutes from the Ponte Vecchio, on the south side of the Arno river, is the impressive Renaissance palace. Palazzo Pitti was built in the second half of the 15th century, this imposing Italian palace with a long history is now home to a number of important art collections, including sculptures, paintings, art objects, costumes, and porcelain.

The palace is an enormous complex that includes several museums and galleries, it holds so much history such as the treasures and belongings of the Medici family, artworks from the Renaissance and the Baroque, etc.

⭐ INSIDER TIP: If you are planning to visit the Palazzo Pitti, I highly recommend booking your tickets in advance.

Florence itinerary

6. Sunset walk at Boboli Gardens

Directly behind the Palazzo Pitti is the remarkable Boboli Gardens. It was originally built for the Medici family as a private garden and opened to the public in the 18th century.

Boboli gardens span over 111 acres of beautifully manicured landscape. Stroll through the awesome green scenery to catch the sunset, but make sure you don’t miss the sculptures and the panoramic views of the city below.

⭐ INSIDER TIP: If you are planning to visit the Boboli Gardens, I highly recommend booking your tickets in advance.

7. Dinner at Osteria Cinghiale Bianco

To close another day of your Itinerary in Florence, go have dinner at the Osteria Cinghiale Bianco. It is an absolutely fantastic restaurant for incredibly top-notch Italian food and drinks. They serve really amazing food and wine in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The staff are quick, attentive, and provide excellent service. Try the incredibly tasty Florentine steak drizzled with high-quality extra-virgin olive oil or the Tuscan wild boar pasta.

Day 3 Florence Itinerary (Option 1): Have a Relaxing day in Florence

Florence is a small city, but it is so culturally rich that you can easily spend 3-days in Florence, and still not see everything. Option 1 for this itinerary is to continue exploring Florence at your own pace and here are some great ideas:

1. Start your day 3 in Florence with an Italian Breakfast

Start your last day of your Florence 3-day Itinerary, by enjoying a traditional Italian coffee and pastry. You will find plenty of amazing and very charming cafés and patisseries to consider around the city. Here are only a few options that I recommend you to try:

2. Take a Stroll at the Piazza Della Repubblica

Florence has some amazing piazzas (squares) to explore, and one of the Other one of the main squares in Florence, the Piazza Della Repubblica. Once it was considered the city center since Roman times.

It is located only about three minutes’ walking distance from the Duomo. The Piazza Della Repubblica – which is translated as “Republic Square” has endured much change and has undergone massive reconstruction since its medieval beginnings.

Today, the highlight of this central hub is the iconic carousel that sits in its center. Here you can also find amazing restaurants around to enjoy a high-quality meal.

Piazza in florence

3. Continue to explore Florence’s Museums

Florence has many museums so I recommend picking at least one or two during your Florence 3-day itinerary. Galleria dell’Accademia and Uffizi Gallery are my top picks. I recommend securing skip-the-line tickets and/or booking museum tours in advance. Check options and book your tickets in advance.

But if you are a museum buff, the good news is that you have many options for amazing museums in Florence to consider visiting. Here is the list of all the museums in Florence for you to consider:

  1. Leonardo Interactive Museum
  2. Galleria Palatina
  3. Museo Archeologico
  4. Museo di Palazzo Vecchio
  5. Bargello Palace National Museum
  6. Church and Museum of Orsanmichele
  7. Museo Galileo

⭐ INSIDER TIP: If you want to get off the beaten path during your Florence three-day itinerary then visit the Stibbert Museum. It’s located a bit outside the city, in Villa di Montughi, and is a fantastic art museum that was once the private home of Frederick Stibbert. Because of an inheritance, he started collecting a wide array of furniture, art, armor, and, weapons that are now on display inside the museum. So, explore the incredible grounds and be on the lookout for an amazing Egyptian temple.

4. Take a sunset cruise

What better way to enjoy your 3 day Itinerary in Florence visit by watching the day come to a close, on a sunset cruise like this one?

You will glide along the water on a Florentine gondola, relax on the water, and discover the soul at the most picture-perfect moment of the day in Florence, the aperitivo time. This important time of the day is right before dinner, right before sunset, when Florence is flooded by the most magical light, and even the cold stones seem soft and warm.

5. Indulge in a Delicious Dinner

 There is no better way to celebrate the farewell of your 3 days in Florence, than with a romantic and delicious dinner. The good news is that Florence has amazing restaurants, from seafood to steak, to traditional Tuscan fare. Here are some of my top picks for you to get you started:

🍕 Traditional Tuscan Cusine:

  • Da Rugger
  • Trattoria Mario
  • Il Latini


  • Regina Bistecca
  • Perseus


  • Cestello Ristoclub
  • L’Angolo del Mare
  • Fishing Lab alle Murate
Florence for 3 days sunset

Day 3 Florence Itinerary (Option 2): Take a day trip to Tuscany Region

Another option for the third day of your exciting Florence Itinerary is dedicated to seeing a different part of Tuscany. There are amazing Towns in Tuscany to visit, and you can take a day tour from Florence, or you can visit Tuscan independently, this is what I do and it is a wonderful option.

For this itinerary in Florence, I’ve chosen the Tuscan city of Pisa, the city known for its famous leaning tower and other iconic buildings. Pisa is one of the most visited cities in Tuscany, and for good reasons; it has a lot of history and amazing monumental buildings.

From Florence to Pisa is an hour train ride, so get ready for a thrilling day trip. If you have more time, I really recommend spending at least one night in the Tuscan Region to experience this stunning region.

1. Marvel at the Leaning tower

The Leaning Tower is the most famous attraction in Pisa and one of the most famous landmarks in Italy. In fact, nobody visits Pisa without stopping by this iconic structure. This ornate free-standing tower is one of the most exceptional architecture from Medieval times.

It’s also known as the bell tower or Campanile and is one of the three buildings that make up the Pisa Cathedral complex. The obvious tilt is what makes it astounding and also a little scary, but measures have been taken to prevent a collapse.

⭐ INSIDER TIP: If you are planning to visit the Pisa Tower, I highly recommend booking your tickets in advance.

Famous landmark in Italy

2. Stop by the massive Pisa Cathedral

The brilliant white Pisa Cathedral is a magnificent building to behold. Although it doesn’t get almost as much recognition as the Leaning Tower, it’s an absolutely grand structure, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture.

Besides the arresting exterior, the most notable feature of the cathedral is the marble pulpit by Giovanni Pisano. The cathedral was constructed in the 11th century and is the oldest building on the plaza.

Pisa italy

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3. Visit the biggest Baptistery in Italy

Also, on the cathedral complex is another astounding Romanesque/Gothic-style architecture, the Pisa Baptistery. Standing at 55 meters high, this baptistery is the largest in Italy. The baptistery was built during the transition from Romanesque to Gothic style and embodies both styles.

One outstanding feature of the baptistery is the marble pulpit by Nicole Pisano. You can climb to the upper viewing points of the baptistery to get panoramic views of the city. And when you do, make sure you have your camera for some amazing shots.

4. Stop by the Piazza dei Cavalieri

This is one of the main squares in Pisa and is a central attraction. Dating back to the 16th century, the Piazza Dei Cavalieri (the Knight’s Square) remains as beautiful and astonishing as ever. At the center of the square is the statue of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Once a political center in medieval times, the square still holds so much history and culture.

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5. Stroll through Pisa’s Botanical gardens

Orto Botanico dell’Università di Pisa (University of Pisa Botanical Gardens) was the first of its kind in the whole of Europe and the world. It was originally built in the 16th century by the Medici family and has been relocated a number of times.

This beautiful garden is an awe-inspiring place to visit, it’s simply gorgeous with a variety of colorful plant species, it has different sections and comprises gardens, greenhouses, an arboretum, and ponds.

Best areas to stay in Florence for 3 Day Itinerary

One of the first things to do when you are planning your Florence 3-day itinerary is to decide on the best area to stay in, and in this section, I shared some of my favorite Florence neighborhoods with good reasons why they are the best places to stay for your holiday.

Also, check out these amazing articles, if you are looking for more inspiration:


Piazza Della Signoria: best for first-time visitors

If you want to stay close to all the top attractions in Florence, this is the perfect neighborhood for you. Piazza Della Signoria is the historical center of Florence, it’s the very heart of the city with several iconic buildings and incredible sights of Renaissance art. It’s also a very expensive neighborhood, with luxury 5-star hotels, but you can also get reasonably priced mid-range hotels.

Good Value Hotel |  Hotel Ester (⭐️ 8.3) has an excellent location, just a 2-minute walk from Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station,

Entire Apartment | Roommo Santa Maria Novella (⭐️ 9.0) is just a few steps from the main point of interest in Florence. This apartment has a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a balcony with garden views.

Luxury hotel | Hotel Bernini Palace (⭐️ 9.0) is a stunning 15th-century building, located only a 5-minute walk from Florence Cathedral and Ponte Vecchio. Featuring antique furniture and Murano-glass chandeliers.

Piazza Florence

Santa Croce: best for vibrant nightlife

This is a charming neighborhood with very lively nights and is only a few minutes stroll from the city center. Santa Croce is an excellent area for escaping from large tourist crowds, here you will interact more with the locals and even feel like one yourself. You will find intimate boutique hotels and bargain apartments.

Good Value Apartment | Aria Di Casa Apartment (⭐️ 8.3) is a self-catering accommodation with free Wi-Fi and is just a few steps from the Santa Croce Basilica.

Boutique hotel | La Casa di Morfeo (⭐️ 8.5) is a brand new property, located only a 15-minute walk from the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

Luxury hotel | Relais Santa Croce (⭐️ 9.3) is a 5-star hotel set in an 18th-century building one of the most luxurious, stylish, and elegant properties in the historic center of Florence.

Where to go in florence

Santa Maria Novella: best for budget-friendly accommodations

This is the ideal place to stay if you’re working on a budget, it’s close to the train station which means that you can easily get around the city. It’s also within walking distance of the major attractions in Florence. Santa Maria Novella is generally a very bubbly neighborhood with traditional buildings and great value accommodations.

Good Value Hotel | Hotel Boccaccio (⭐️ 8.9) has great value and an excellent location. With traditional architecture set inside an 18th-century Florentine building.

Boutique Hotel | Rivoli Boutique Hotel (⭐️ 8.4) is housed in an old renovated Franciscan convent, dating back to the 14th century.

Luxury hotel | 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino (⭐️ 9.2) is a gorgeous hotel close to several well-known attractions. Just a few minutes walk to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, 0.4 miles from Ponte Vecchio, and an 8-minute walk from Piazza del Duomo, Florence.

Iitinerary florence

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How to Get Around Florence for 3 days

With narrow streets, vast squares, and grand palaces, Florence is an interesting city to explore. But since most parts of the city allow limited traffic, getting around can be tricky. To make your stay in Florence easier and more memorable, I’ve listed the best ways to get around Florence during your brief visit:

BY FOOT: Florence is a small city and the major attractions are within walking distance from each other. So, it is possible and recommended to explore the city on foot. 
BY RENTAL BIKE: if walking is too much trouble for you, then you have the option of renting a bike. Bikes in Florence are inexpensive, you can get one for €2 per hour or €10 per day.
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Another great option for efficiently getting around the city is via the efficient ATAF buses and trams. Tickets go for as low as €1.50 ($1.70).
TAXI | UBER: this is an expensive option as the meter starts from about €3 ($3.40) on weekdays, and is even more expensive on weekends. Taxis are not the ideal transport for budget travelers.
RENTAL CAR: I have been many times to Florence, including with a rental car and I will be very honest here, I recommend you to NOT rent a car in Florence. Or if you are traveling by a rental car, park it in a designed area, and walk or use public transportation. The reasons are: It is very hard to find parking spots in Florence, the traffic is heavy, and be prepared to get many tickets.
Santa Maria del Fiore florence

What to Pack for three days in Florence

I have visited Florence in different seasons, and it can be cold in winter and very hot during summertime.

If you are also visiting during hot months, think about light clothes and comfortable shoes and explore during the day. Leave your pair of high heels at home, as you won’t need them. Don’t forget your sunblock, and sunglasses and consider a hat too.

For the evening, especially if you are planning to have dinner at one of the nice restaurants, you can think about a comfortable summer dress and sandals. Or if you are not into dresses, a pair of jeans and a nice top and a nice pair of sandals.

A pair of cute jeans are always popular and will serve as a versatile base. For colder months, wear them with layers such long-sleeved shirt and sweater. The climate can be mild in Florence, so even during hot months, consider bringing a pashmina for the evening.

Florence 3-Day Itinerary FAQs

Are 3 days enough for Florence?

Yes, 3 days is definitely enough time to see some of the most iconic landmarks in Florence. It will be a jam-packed 72 hours in Florence itinerary though since the city where the Renaissance was born has a lot to offer.

How many days is best in Florence?

To experience all of the best things to do in Florence, you’ll need to spend at least 3 days in Florence. However, if you don’t want to feel rushed then you might want to try a 4 days in Florence itinerary instead.

What month is best in Florence?

If you’re planning a 3-day Florence itinerary then the best months to visit are April, May, June, September, and October. This is when the weather in Florence, and Tuscany as a whole, is at its best. This is also peak season. So, be prepared for crowds and high prices when it comes to flights and hotels.

Is Florence a cheap city?

Florence is definitely not a cheap city but it’s also not the most expensive city in Italy either. In fact, when it comes to the cost of groceries, transportation, and food, Florence is reasonably priced when compared with other major European cities like Venice.

Is it safe to walk around Florence at night?

Florence is a safe place to walk around at night provided you use common sense and stay in well-traveled, well-lit places. Just steer clear of any dark alleys and the Santa Maria Novella area and you should be just fine.

Sunset in florence

Florence 3-Day Itinerary Conclusion

Kind of like Rome, Florence is a dream destination for any travel lover. So, it doesn’t matter if you love art, history, incredible food, or meeting friendly people, Florence offers it all, and exploring Florence for 3 day itinerary is a great length of time.

I hope this guide helped you to find out what are the best places to stay in Tuscany, and that you have found that dream destination to make your trip even more special.

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Florence for 3 day itinerary

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  1. Such an incredible and comprehensive guide! In the near future, I plan on visiting Florence again and taking my teenage son. I will definitely be revisiting this guide when I plan my trip!

  2. I love Florence! I went there 3 times already and I might go again! Thanks for yout tips, this city is incredibly pretty and I love the ambiance!

  3. This is a fantastic itinerary for a trip to Florence. I’m hoping to go there this year so I’ll save your post for sure!

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