Wild Atlantic Way Itinerary: Ultimate 7 days Road Trip in Ireland

If you’re planning a dream trip to Ireland, you will love this Wild Atlantic Way itinerary. At an impressive 1600 miles (2600 km) long, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the longest coastal routes on Earth. Boasting dramatic landscapes, panoramic ocean views, charming towns, and endless cultural attractions, there’s so much to do!

This Wild Atlantic Way itinerary guide is packed with insider tips. Here I detail the best places to visit, where to stay, and some other key information so that you’ll be fully prepared for your trip! You will also find alternative itinerary options inside this guide, in case you are short n time or have more time to explore.

There’s a lot to see along this route, and sometimes it can be hard to split up your time. Don’t worry as I’m here to help you how to plan your Wild Atlantic Way perfect trip! But the great thing about this itinerary – is it can be easily changed to suit you, as this covers 14 stages of the Wild Atlantic Way, including the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula.

Whether you’re looking to explore ancient castles, look for wildlife in the Atlantic Ocean, or visit some epic viewpoints, this incredible route has something for everyone. With this stunning Wild Atlantic Way driving, you will also go through plenty of quaint towns and villages along the way too! Get ready to discover the best of Ireland with this Wild Atlantic Way itinerary!

Wild Atlantic way itinerary

Wild Atlantic Way Itinerary Overview

The Wild Atlantic Way road trip is a super long route, there’s no denying that. Unfortunately, no matter how long you spend road-tripping this part of Ireland you’re never going to be able to see everything. That is the reason I also put together this Wild Atlantic Way Route Planner guide, to help you with all the plans and resources you need.

For this reason, it’s best to make a list of the top places you’d like to visit and prioritize them first. You can then create a Wild Atlantic Way itinerary from there and add in different destinations as you see fit. Below, I’ve outlined a quick itinerary which I believe offers you the best chance to see all that this country has to offer.

Day 1: Inishowen Peninsula & Fanad Head (Co. Donegal) – Malin Head, Trawbreaga Bay, Fanad Head, Horn Head & more.
Day 2: Slieve League Coast & Donegal Bay (Co. Donegal & Sligo) – Killybegs, Slieve Cliffs, Mullaghmore Head, The Fairy Glen & more.
Day 3: Erris & Achill Island (Co. Mayo) – Céide Fields, Downpatrick Head, Achill Head, Kildavnet Castle & more.
Day 4: Killary Harbour & Connemara (Co. Galway) – Connemara National Park, Kylemore Abbey, Clifden, Roundstone & more.
Day 5: West Clare & the Shannon Estuary (Co. Clare & Kerry) – Cliffs of Moher, Doolin, Bromore Cliffs, Shannon Estuary & more.
Day 6: The Dingle Peninsula & The Ring of Kerry (Co. Kerry) – Dingle Town, Dunquin Pier, Kenmare, Skellig Michael & more.
Day 7: The Sheep’s Head Way & West Cork (Co. Kerry & Cork) – Lauragh Forest, Sheep’s Head, Mizen Head, Old Head of Kinsale & more.
Wild atlantic itinerary Ireland

Wild Atlantic Way Distance

Being one of the longest coastal routes in the world, you’re in for an adventure and a half if you drive the whole Atlantic Way. It’s over 1600 miles (2600 km) long and although many people love to do the whole route, some people choose not to.

For this reason, the Wild Atlantic Way has been split up into 14 different sections. This way, people can choose to just drive along a couple of sections if they don’t have time to do the whole thing.

Here are the 14 different stages of the Wild Atlantic Way Route:

  • Inishowen Peninsula: Muff to Letterkenny (122 miles/197 km)
  • Fanad Head: Letterkenny to Bunbeg (101 miles/163 km)
  • Slieve League Coast: Bunbeg to Donegal Town (106 miles/170 km)
  • Donegal Bay and Sligo: Donegal Town to Ballina (119/192 km)
  • Erris: Ballina to Belmullet (132 miles/213 km)
  • Achill Island and Clew Bay: Belmullet to Westport (148 miles/238 km)
  • Killary Harbour: Westport to Clifden (103 miles/165 km)
  • Connemara: Clifden to Galway (109 miles/176 km)
  • The Burren and West Clare: Galway to Kilkee (102 miles/164 km)
  • The Shannon Estuary: Kilkee to Tralee (134 miles/216 km)
  • Dingle Peninsula: Tralee to Castlemaine (93 miles/150 km)
  • Ring of Kerry: Castlemaine to Kenmare (109 miles/175 km)
  • Beara and Sheep’s Head: Kenmare to Durrus (130 miles/210 km)
  • West Cork: Durrus to Kinsale (129 miles/207 km)
Best landscapes in Ireland
Wild Atlantic Way Route Planner

Driving Your Own Car in Wild Atlantic Way

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🚗 DOCUMENTS YOU NEED TO RENT A CAR IN IRELAND: 1) You must have a valid driver’s license from your home country, 2) International Driver’s Permit 3) a Passport or other identification 4) a Credit Card 5) Age requirements as most car rental companies typically request to be at least 21 years old

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Wild atlantic way route planner

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7 Days Wild Atlantic Way Itinerary

The below Wild Atlantic Way itinerary is going to be structured from North to South as many people fly into Belfast to start this road trip. However, it can easily be done the opposite way around. In fact, many people do choose to start from the South as you’ll be driving on the coastal side of the road! If you’d prefer to do it this way, then just swap the itinerary around.

I’ve sectioned this itinerary to cover all 14 stages but some days will require a lot of driving. However, some days you’ll be driving right around a peninsula so you can often cut this time in half, by heading directly to your next destination. That’s the great thing about this itinerary – it can be easily changed to suit you. Every day in this itinerary will cover two sections of the Wild Atlantic Way so we can fit everything in!

DAY 1: Inishowen Peninsula & Fanad Head (Co. Donegal)

  • Total Distance: 224 miles (360 km)
  • Route: Muff – Bunbeg
  • Top Tip: For the best experience, make sure you spend a good amount of time exploring the Inishowen Peninsula as there are lots of sights to see here.

Today’s Main Points of Interest:

Malin Head, Co. Donegal
Trawbreaga Bay, Co. Donegal
Fanad Head, Co. Donegal
Horn Head, Co. Donegal
Malin Head Ireland atlantic way
Malin Head, Ireland

To start off this Wild Atlantic Way itinerary, you’ll be driving from the village of Muff and heading along the Inishowen Peninsula. This is the largest peninsula in Ireland and it offers some of the most dramatic landscapes in the country. Along the way, you’ll get to witness pristine beaches and epic panoramas.

The first section of today will take you from Muff to Letterkenny, and along the way, there are a couple of must-sees. Malin Head is the most Northern point of Ireland and there are plenty of great hiking trails nearby. While here, watch for marine life swimming in the waters below.

Another popular spot is Trawbreaga Bay as the views from here are breathtaking! If you’ve got some extra time before starting the second half of today’s route, then why not stop off at a few other places? Some other great destinations include Carrickabraghy Castle and Inishowen Head.

The second part of day one’s itinerary will see you drive from Letterkenny to Bunbeg which is where you’ll stay for the night. Along this section, you’ll want to visit Fanad Head and Horn Head; both of which offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Fanad Head also has an awesome lighthouse that you can walk up!

Best Accommodations in Bunbeg:

  • TOP OVERALL PICK: Teac Campbell Guesthouse – one of the cheapest and most charming accommodation options in Bunbeg. It’s pet-friendly, and the views from the garden are breathtaking!
  • MID-RANGE: Teac Jack – the rooms are cozy and breakfast is included with your stay! There’s a restaurant on-site and you can listen to traditional Irish music here.
  • LUXURY: Apartment No. 3 Bunbeg – this is one of the most expensive options in Bunbeg although it’s not ‘luxury’ as such. However, it sleeps up to three people and offers plenty of space and comfort.
Best wild atlantic way itinerary
Fanad Head, Ireland

DAY 2: Slieve League Coast & Donegal Bay (Co. Donegal & Sligo)

  • Total Distance: 225 miles (362 km)
  • Route: Bunbeg – Ballina
  • Top Tip: This will be your longest driving day unless you decide to extend one of the other routes. For this reason, you’ll want to make an early start as there are plenty of awesome places to visit.

Today’s Main Points of Interest:

Killybegs, Co. Donegal
Slieve League Cliffs, Co. Donegal
Mullaghmore Head, Co. Sligo
The Fairy Glen, Co. Sligo
Wild atlantic way Ireland
Slieve Cliffs, Wild Atlantic Way

The second day of this Wild Atlantic Way Itinerary will see you visit some pretty incredible places. From Bunbeg, you’ll first head to Donegal Town before carrying onto Ballina. This is where you’ll stay for the night, but there’s plenty to discuss before that!

As you drive along sections 3 and 4, you’ll have the chance to explore charming towns, visit impressive castles, and head to breathtaking viewpoints. You’ll actually be traveling through three counties today; Donegal, Leitrim, and Sligo. You won’t see much of Leitrim, but you’ll get to visit some awesome attractions in the other two.

The most iconic destination is the Slieve League Cliffs which stand at a towering 1,972 feet (601 meters). This makes them the highest cliffs in the country, and one of the highest cliffs faces in Europe. Other highlights of day two include the town of Killybegs, Mullaghmore Head, and the Fairy Glen.

As day two covers the longest distance (if you don’t alter the itinerary) you’ll need to allow plenty of time for the drive. However, if you think you’ll have some spare time, there are many other awesome spots to visit. This includes Kilclooney Dolmen, Malin Beg, Raghly Harbour, and Ben Bulben.

Best Accommodations in Ballina:

  • TOP OVERALL PICK: The Loft-Bar, Restaurant & Guesthouse – boasting excellent facilities and spacious rooms, this is one of the best options if you’re planning to stay in Ballina!
  • MID-RANGE: Ballina Manor Hotel – this place is situated right on the banks of the River Moy and is in a great location. Your breakfast is included and there’s a restaurant on-site.
  • LUXURY: Belleek Castle – is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious options you’ll find in the area. All rooms are decorated beautifully and the castle is set within 1000 acres of land.
Best wild atlantic itinerary
Killybegs, Wild Atlantic Way

DAY 3: Erris & Achill Island (Co. Mayo)

  • Total Distance: Around 183 miles (285 km)
  • Route: Ballina – Westport
  • Top Tip: This would be a super long driving day if you were to do the whole route (280 miles) so I’d recommend changing it to make it shorter, which is what I’ve done!

Today’s Main Points of Interest:

Céide Fields, Co. Mayo
Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo
Achill Head, Co. Mayo
Kildavnet Castle, Co. Mayo
Wild Atlantic way best itinerary
Downpatrick Head, Wild Atlantic Way

As mentioned above, the total distance to do the entirety of these two sections would be 451 km (280 miles) which is far too much to drive in a day. I’ve condensed the distance by altering the route slightly on Google Maps and you can absolutely do the same, depending on which attractions you like to visit.

You may not think 280 miles sounds like too much but you won’t be on a motorway, you’ll be traveling below the speed limit on winding coastal roads. Starting from Ballina you’ll first drive to Belmullet and then onward to Westport which is where you’ll be staying tonight. Now, be prepared to see some epic sights along the way!

You’ll spend the whole day exploring County Mayo on day three, as there’s a lot to see. One of the best spots to visit is Downpatrick Head which is home to an excellent sea stack and an awesome coastal trail that allows you to spot nesting seabirds. You also don’t want to miss out on Céide Fields, Achill Head, and Kildavnet Castle.

Other popular spots along this part of the Wild Atlantic Way include Ballyglass Lighthouse, Benwee Head, the Claggan Mountain Coastal Trail, and Slievemore.

Best Accommodations in Westport:

  • TOP OVERALL PICK: Cú Chulainns Accommodation – this is one of the cheapest places you’ll find in Westport but the rooms are still super cozy and you’ll have free WiFi.
  • MID-RANGE: Clew Bay Hotel – you’ll have free access to the leisure center next door if you stay here, and the rooms are all elegantly decorated.
  • LUXURY: Westport Plaza Hotel, Spa & Leisure – one of the most luxurious options in Westport, you’ll benefit from luxury rooms, excellent facilities, and several on-site dining options.
Best wild atlantic way itinerary
Kildavnet Castle, Ireland

DAY 4: Killary Harbour & Connemara (Co. Galway)

  • Total Distance: 212 miles (341 km)
  • Route: Westport – Galway
  • Top Tip: Some of the roads along this section are pretty narrow so you’ll need to take your time when driving due to oncoming traffic.

Today’s Main Points of Interest:

Connemara National Park, Co. Galway
Kylemore Abbey, Co. Galway
Clifden, Co. Galway
Roundstone, Co. Galway
Wild atlantic way itinerary
Connemara National Park, Ireland

This is one of my favorite parts of the Wild Atlantic Way as the landscapes are simply spectacular, and there are so many fascinating spots to visit. It also allows you to appreciate Ireland’s rugged beauty and wilderness so it’s not a section you want to rush! Even better, you’ll be staying the night in one of Ireland’s most charming cities – Galway.

Starting off from Westport, you’ll spend the day exploring County Galway and all it has to offer. The first part of this route will take you to Clifden which is one of the most scenic towns you’ll come across in Ireland. Along the way, allow some time to explore Connemara National Park and visit Kylemore Abbey.

The second part of this route will take you all the way to Galway, and you’ll be treated to breathtaking views as you drive alongside the coast. Before you reach the city, make sure you stop off at Dogs Bay, Bunowen Castle, and Roundstone (if you have the time). If you don’t arrive in Galway too late, you can then allow some time to explore the city and find a traditional Irish pub.

Honestly, this section will be a highlight of your Wild Atlantic Way itinerary so take your time and appreciate the views.

Best Accommodations in Galway:

  • TOP OVERALL PICK: Salthill Hotel – boasting a fantastic location along the promenade, excellent facilities, and gorgeous sea-view rooms, this is one of the best options if you’re staying in Galway!
  • MID-RANGE: Park House Hotel – this hotel offers an award-winning restaurant, an awesome bar, and cozy rooms so it’s another great option.
  • LUXURY: Glenlo Abbey Hotel – is one of the best places to stay near Galway as the rooms are jaw-dropping. Not to mention you’ll have access to endless facilities including a golf course, spa, and estate gardens.
Wild atlantic way itinerary

DAY 5: West Clare & the Shannon Estuary (Co. Clare & Kerry)

  • Total Distance: Around 193 miles (310 km)
  • Route: Galway – Tralee
  • Top Tip: The total route would have been 236 miles so I’d recommend cutting out a few sections so you’re not driving the whole day! However, if you don’t mind the driving, then feel free to do the whole thing.

Today’s Main Points of Interest:

Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare
Doolin, Co. Clare
Bromore Cliffs, Co. Kerry
The Shannon Estuary, Co. Kerry
Wild atlantic way itinerary
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

As mentioned above, the total distance of these two sections is typically 236 miles (380 km). However, there are endless attractions to visit along the way so I’d recommend shortening the route if you’ve only got one day. There are plenty of ways to do this but make sure you include the most iconic spots on your route. I came up with a distance of around 193 miles which gives you that extra time to make stops.

After a fun night in Galway, you’ll continue along the Wild Atlantic Way to Kilkee and then onward to Tralee. Today, you’ll get to explore the counties of Clare and Kerry which are home to some of the country’s most popular attractions. You’ll also drive through County Limerick.

The most popular spot is the Cliffs of Moher which offers dramatic scenery, a coastal clifftop trail, and the chance to see wildlife swimming in the waters below. It’s one of the most popular attractions in Ireland so it can get pretty busy. Just keep that in mind if you’re planning to visit during the afternoon.

Other places you’ll want to visit along this portion of the route include Doolin, Bromore Cliffs, and the Shannon Estuary, with the latter offering a great opportunity to spot dolphins.

Best Accommodations in Tralee:

  • TOP OVERALL PICK: Tralee Benners Hotel – one of the most charming accommodation options in the area. On-site there’s a restaurant and a bar, both of which are beautifully decorated.
  • MID-RANGE: The Ashe Hotel – not only are the rooms spacious and comfortable, but there’s an on-site restaurant, garden terrace, and bar.
  • LUXURY: Ballygarry Estate Hotel & Spa – although out of the town center, this place is undeniably luxurious. With an on-site spa, two restaurants, a bar, and a fitness center, this hotel has a lot to offer.
Wild atlantic way
Doolin, Wild Atlantic Way

DAY 6: The Dingle Peninsula & The Ring of Kerry (Co. Kerry)

  • Total Distance: 202 miles (325 km)
  • Route: Tralee – Kenmare
  • Top Tip: There are so many incredible places to see along this section of the Wild Atlantic Way so be prepared to make plenty of stops!

Today’s Main Points of Interest:

Dingle Town, Co. Kerry
Dunquin Pier, Co. Kerry
Kenmare, Co. Kerry
Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry
Wild Atlantic way Ireland
Dunquin Pier

You’ll want to make an early start for this part of the Wild Atlantic Way road trip as there are so many places to see. From Tralee, you’ll drive to Castlemaine and then continue to Kenmare. Along the way, you’ll get to explore The Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry! Be prepared for plenty of breathtaking sights and unfortunately, some very narrow roads.

You’ll be driving over the Connor Pass which is the highest mountain pass in Ireland, and then you’ll drive along the Slea Head Drive. As well as spectacular roads, there are plenty of awesome places to stop. The must-sees include Dingle Town, Dunquin Pier, and Skellig Michael. The latter needs to be visited on a boat trip which takes around 2.5 hours so leave plenty of time for that.

If you do have some extra time, then you can always stop off at Wynn’s Castle, Staigue Fort, and the Tetrapod Footprints which can be found on Valentia Island. Honestly, this part of the country is home to so many iconic famous Irish landmarks!

After you’ve arrived in Kenmar you might want to get an early night as you’ll want a super early start in the morning. Why do you ask? Well, there are endless attractions to visit on the last leg of this Wild Atlantic Way driving route which you’ll be doing tomorrow!

Best Accommodations in Kenmare:

  • TOP OVERALL PICK: Kenmare Bay Hotel Lodges – a beautiful property just a 5-minute walk from the town center. The facility is amazing, offering a pool, gym, hot tub, restaurant, and bar.
  • MID-RANGE: Brook Lane Hotel – this cozy hotel offers spacious rooms (with breakfast included), an on-site restaurant, and a bar. The rooms even have under-floor heating!
  • LUXURY: Sheen Falls Lodge – this beautiful place is set among 300 acres of woodland so it’s the perfect spot for a peaceful evening. There are extensive facilities and many rooms offer bay views.
Wild Atlantic way Ireland

DAY 7: The Sheeps Head Way & West Cork (Co. Kerry & Cork)

  • Total Distance: Around 180 miles (290 km)
  • Route: Kenmare – Kinsale
  • Top Tip: The full route would have been 259 miles which is a trek if you’re wanting to stop off at sights along the way. I’ve made this section shorter, but you can make it even shorter still depending on which road you take.

Today’s Main Points of Interest:

Lauragh Forest, Co. Kerry
Sheep’s Head, Co. Cork
Mizen Head, Co. Cork
Old Head of Kinsale, Co. Cork
Wild atlantic way Ireland
Mizen Head, Ireland

Although this is your last day of exploring the Wild Atlantic Way, you’re in for an action-packed one. You’ll be exploring both County Kerry and Cork, and as there’s so much to see you’ll want to cut down your route if you’re limited to one day. The total distance would be 259 miles (417 km) which is a lot of driving and you won’t get to visit many spots along the way if you do it all.

Now where to begin with this day? From Kenmare, you’ll drive to Durrus, and from there you’ll end this road trip in the town of Kinsale. Along the way, the key sights you’ll want to stop at include Lauragh Forest, Sheep’s Head, Mizen Head, and the Old Head of Kinsale. Each one offers spectacular views so make sure you’ve got your camera!

Other awesome places to visit along this stretch include Allihies Copper Mines, Uragh Stone Circle, Baltimore Beacon, and Raheen Tower House.

Remember to include a seventh night for your trip, as you won’t have time to do today’s route if you need to fly out on the same day. For the best experience, allow 7 full days and then fly out on the 8th day so you aren’t rushing your time along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Best Accommodations in Kinsale:

  • TOP OVERALL PICK: The Lemon Leaf Café Bar and Townhouse – this place is situated in the heart of town and is one of the most charming places you’ll find in Kinsale.
  • MID-RANGE: Long Quay House – it’s in a great central location and there are plenty of awesome activities nearby. Breakfast is included in your stay and there’s free WiFi.
  • LUXURY: Trident Hotel Kinsale – is one of the most beautiful hotels in Kinsale with many of the rooms offering bay views. Aside from the facilities on-site, you’ll have easy access to surrounding bars and restaurants.
Wild Atlantic way Ireland itinerary
Old Head of Kinsale

More Wild Atlantic Way Itinerary Ideas

If you’d prefer to take your time with this route, then there are plenty of other alternative itineraries that you can do. Whether you’re planning to primarily cover the North or South of the country, or you have more time – there are endless options. Here’s a quick overview of other ways you can explore the Wild Atlantic Way.


For those just doing the Northern part of the route, you’ll travel from Muff in Co. Donegal to Clifden in Co. Galway. Of course, you can change the itinerary around to include Connemara and the city of Galway, but for now, I’m going to stick to the first 7 sections.

  • Day 1: Inishowen Peninsula (Muff to Letterkenny)
  • Day 2: Fanad Head (Letterkenny to Bunbeg)
  • Day 3: The Slieve League Coast (Bunbeg to Donegal Town)
  • Day 4: Donegal Bay and Sligo (Donegal Town to Ballina)
  • Day 5: Erris (Ballina to Belmullet)
  • Day 6: Achill Island and Clew Bay (Belmullet to Westport)
  • Day 7: Killary Harbour (Westport to Clifden)


In my opinion, the Southern part of the Wild Atlantic Way offers the most iconic attractions! I’ve split up the last 7 sections of the Wild Atlantic Way so you’ve got plenty of time to explore, but I’ve also included a day just for the Aran Islands.

  • Day 1: Connemara (Clifden to Galway)
  • Day 2: Spend a day exploring the Aran Islands (Inishmore)
  • Day 3: The Burren & West Clare (Galway to Kilkee)
  • Day 4: The Shannon Estuary (Kilkee to Tralee)
  • Day 5: The Dingle Peninsula & The Ring of Kerry (Tralee to Kenmare)
  • Day 6: The Sheeps Head Way (Kenmare to Durrus)
  • Day 7: West Cork (Durrus to Kinsale)


This itinerary is similar to the 7-day itinerary in this article, but I’ve included a whole day to visit the Aran Islands. I’ve also split up the longer days so you’ve got a chance to do the whole route, rather than cut some parts out.

  • Day 1: Inishowen Peninsula & Fanad Head (Muff – Bunbeg)
  • Day 2: Slieve League Coast & Donegal Bay (Bunbeg – Ballina)
  • Day 3: Erris & Achill Island (Ballina – Westport)
  • Day 4: Killary Harbour & Connemara (Westport – Galway)
  • Day 5: Spend a day exploring the Aran Islands (Inishmore)
  • Day 6: The Burren & West Clare (Galway to Kilkee)
  • Day 7: The Shannon Estuary (Kilkee to Tralee)
  • Day 8: The Dingle Peninsula & The Ring of Kerry (Tralee – Kenmare)
  • Day 9: The Sheeps Head Way (Kenmare to Durrus)
  • Day 10: West Cork (Durrus to Kinsale)


The Wild Atlantic Way can be split up into 14 sections so you’ll tackle one part of the route for each day you’re here!

  • Day 1: Inishowen Peninsula (Muff to Letterkenny)
  • Day 2: Fanad Head (Letterkenny to Bunbeg)
  • Day 3: The Slieve League Coast (Bunbeg to Donegal Town)
  • Day 4: Donegal Bay and Sligo (Donegal Town to Ballina)
  • Day 5: Erris (Ballina to Belmullet)
  • Day 6: Achill Island and Clew Bay (Belmullet to Westport)
  • Day 7: Killary Harbour (Westport to Clifden)
  • Day 8: Connemara (Clifden to Galway)
  • Day 9: The Burren and West Clare (Galway to Kilkee)
  • Day 10: The Shannon Estuary (Kilkee to Tralee)
  • Day 11: Dingle Peninsula (Tralee to Castlemaine)
  • Day 12: Ring of Kerry (Castlemaine to Kenmare)
  • Day 13: Beara and Sheep’s Head (Kenmare to Durus)
  • Day 14: West Cork (Durrus to Kinsale)
Wild atlantic way Ireland itinerary

Wild Atlantic Way Trip Resources

How to Get Around the Wild Atlantic Way?

BY CAR: You can pick up a rental car to explore which I’d wholeheartedly recommend. This allows you the most freedom and flexibility, and you can create your own itinerary. Many people choose to pick up a hire car right from the airport. When choosing an Irish car rental online, my number one pick is always Discover Cars.
BUS: There are two main bus services that operate along the Wild Atlantic Way; TFI local link and Bus Éireann. Between them, they cover a good chunk of the route so you can get from A to B. Just keep in mind that some services only run during the summer and you’ll be restricted to bus timetables.
BY TOUR: You can either opt for a large organized tour (usually done via a coach) or more intimate private tours. Whether you opt for day tours or multi-day tours is completely up to you, but there are plenty of options. Just be aware you’ll be following a specific itinerary, not your own!

When is the best time to visit Wild Atlantic Way?

Generally, I’d say that you can do the Wild Atlantic Way at any time of year. Each season has its pros and cons, and it all depends on what you want from the trip. For those after the best weather and highest temperatures, then you’ll want to go during the summer months of June, July, and August.

However, this tends to be the busiest time to visit. This can mean relatively busy roads, crowded tourist attractions, and high accommodation prices. Some of the more popular hotels can also get booked up way in advance so you’ll need to keep that in mind.

During Spring (March-May) or Fall (Sep-Nov), you’ll encounter fewer crowds and will benefit from lower accommodation prices. Tourist attractions also won’t be as busy!

You can also drive the Wild Atlantic Way during the winter if you don’t mind blustery conditions. The roads will likely be much quieter and you’ll truly get to experience the country’s wild and rugged landscapes through strong winds and huge waves.

Wild Atlantic Way Itinerary Conclusion

The Wild Atlantic Way is undeniably one of the most scenic routes in the world. Whether you’re a fan of dramatic landscapes or historic attractions, I can guarantee that you’re going to have a fantastic time!

Hopefully, this Wild Atlantic Way itinerary has given you a good idea of the top sights to see and where to stay. As you’ll be traveling through nine different counties it’s up to you how long you spend in each one. This itinerary is interchangeable and you don’t just have to stop at the attractions I’ve written about in this guide.

That’s part of the fun when creating your own itinerary! However, just keep in mind that you won’t be able to fit in all of the attractions along this coastal route in just one week. There’s a lot to see and you don’t want to rush your time here.

If you’ve got any further questions about this Wild Atlantic Way itinerary then just leave a comment below. If you’ve done the route yourself, how long did you spend here and what were your highlights?

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