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12 Best Glacier Tours in Iceland you can not go wrong with

Best glacier hikes in Iceland

Wondering what are the Best Glacier Tours in Iceland? With so many options to choose from it can be consfused to pick the best option for you. It will depend on what area, if you are looking for a short of a long tour, include visiting an ice cave, or only do the glacier hike […]

Glacier Hike in Iceland & Ice Climbing: Everything you need to know + FAQ

Glacier tour Iceland

A trip to the land of fire and ice is not completed without going on a Glacier Hike in iceland or an the Ice Climbing. This was the highlight of my trip, and I highly recommend you to add it to you Iceland Bucket list too. Here you can find all the information on my […]

16 Best Peru Hikes | Your Ultimate Guide to Trek Peru + Tips

Peru is a hiking and trekking wonderland, offering incredible towering mountains, well-preserved ancient ruins, stunning alpine valleys, lakes and rivers landspace. In this guide, you will find some of the best multi-day Peru hikes and also, the top day hike for your to go trek Peru like a Pro! Let’s be honest, all the Peru […]

Backpacking in South America: 10 Incredible Routes from 1-6 weeks

I got you! You are dreaming about go backpacking in South America and are not sure where to start? I am born and raised in Brazil, and South America is pretty huge…and amazing! Whether you have some bucket list destinations that are unmissable, such as Hike Patagonia, explore Machu Picchu, or soak in the sun […]

11 Most Epic South America Hikes + Tips to plan your trip

I may be biased here, as a Brazilian girl who loves South America. But for anyone who has had the opportunity to visit South America, I believe would agree with me that South America Hikes are among some of the best on the Planet! South America is home to some of the tallest mountains in […]

Sedona Hikes: Complete Guide from the Challenging to the Easy Hikes in Sedona (+ Tips)

Hikes in Arizona breathtaking landscape

If you are planning a trip to go hiking in Sedona, you already know that Arizona has some of the most amazing hiking trails in the United Stat3es and in the world. Sedona is one of the most unique and scenic areas of Arizona, and one of the best destinations for hikers looking to spend […]

15 Best Places to go Hiking in Arizona |From Easy to Challenging hikes in Arizona + Tips

This guide compiles the best varieties and options to go hiking in Arizona, from the high country to the low desert, and everything in between. There are hiking trails in Arizona that are sure to challenge you and views that are sure to amaze, including some stunning hiking in Sedona – one of the best […]

Jalapao Brazil: A hidden ecological paradise in Brazil ( Complete guide + Itinerary)


Jalapão is a unique destination for ecotourism lovers and ready to reveal stunning experiences. As you travel along the dirt roads, you can’t even imagine the beauties lurking around the region, the dry and unbearably hot savannah gives way to the verdant green paths, mysterious boils, dunes and hills, waterfalls and transparent rivers.