RV Rental Prices: How much does it cost to rent an RV + Tips to Save Money


If you are thinking about going on a Road Trip, but are not sure about how much it costs to rent an RV, and you are looking for a place to start, I have compiled this very detailed guide to RV Rental Prices. 

If you have been searching for RV rental prices, you are in the right place! You will find absolutely everything you need to know in this very detailed guide.

The cost of your adventure vacation is likely one of the first questions that will come to mind, and what are some ways to save money when you rent an RV. 

So before you start your Google research on “RV rental prices near me” check this guide to find out not only the RV rental cost but also, all the hidden costs that no one tells you upfront. 

For my first RV trip, I did a lot of research on Everything I needed to know before I rent an RV, including a deep analysis of RV rental prices in order to make the right decision to travel safely and within my budget. 

If you are looking to budget your road trip, renting an RV can still be the best option – as long as you understand how much it really costs to rent an RV, plus I am sharing tips to save money.  

Enjoy this RV Rental Prices guide, and safe travels!

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RV rental for family vacation


This was the first question I had when I have decided to rent an RV for my road trip – and also, the first question anyone asks me too: “How much does it cost to rent an RV?”

The rental prices for an RV fluctuate based on many factors such as:

  • The age of the RV
  • What type of RV and size
  • Rental company
  • Seasonality
  • The length of your trip
  • The location 

If you are looking for a budget option, you can choose a smaller RV such as a Class B, which usually is cheaper than Class A and a 5th wheel.

For you to decide on what RV is the right one for you, I recommend reading Everything you need to know before you rent an RV – here you can find all you need to know to help you to make the best decision. 

To make it easier to understand how much it costs to rent an RV, I have prepared the chart below with the average price per night:

Class A RV Rental  – $175 – $275
Class B RV Rental – $100 – $200
Class C RV Rental – $80 – $150
Fifth Wheels RV Rental – $60 – $150
Trailer Rental – $50 – $125

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RV rental prices for road trip

RV Rental Prices | Fuel and Mileages

Now that you have a better idea of the daily RV rental prices, it is time to address other costs associated. 

Keep in mind that fueling up an RV is not the same as filling up your car. Some Class A motorhomes can hold around 150 gallons of fuel. The Class C that I rented had a 50-gallon fuel tank. Now consider the mileage of RVs. Class A motorhomes usually get around 6 mpg, while a Class C will get around 10 mpg. 

At $2/gallon, it will cost $100 to fill the tank, and you will be able to drive 500 miles ($ 0.20/mile in gas).

So be prepared to spend a lot of money each time when you stop to fill up the tank. Also, expect to fill up more frequently than you normally would (man, these things are fun, but they burn a lot of fuel!).

Each rental business has different ways to charge for the mileage. Some have mileage restrictions, while some charge additional mileage fees if you are above a certain number of miles per day. 

Just to help you to understand, the average cost is from $ 0.25 to $ 0.75 per mile over the allotted amount.  

You can now estimate your costs associated with the miles you plan to travel – (fuel cost/mile + surcharge/mile) x miles in your trip. For example ($ 0.20 gas/mile + $ 0.35/mile surcharge) x 1,000 mile trip = $ 550 cost for distance. Of course, if you are on a budget they can help to tailor your trip to your budget.

RV Rental Prices - how much it costs

RV Rental prices | Insurance

It will depend on where you are renting your RV, you will have different Insurance Policies – so I recommend evaluating them before you make a decision. 

Outdoorsy for example, give the renters up to $1 million insurance, plus roadside assistance for free. While at Cruise America you are responsible for any damage in the vehicle, or you can purchase Insurance, which is not mandatory. 

You have the option to purchase Trip Insurance and/ or Damage Protection. These insurances allow you to get your money back (deposit, fees, etc.) in case of covered emergency cancellation or interruption and damage protection protects you from paying for things like broken appliances, damages in the interior, etc. These are recommended if you are renting a luxury RV.

RV Rental prices | Taxes

Keep in mind that anytime when you are RVing, you will have a great experience exploring the roads, but also, you will need to pay taxes. The taxes are based on the state that you are renting the RV in, even if you live in a different state. 

how much to rent an RV road trip

RV Rental prices | Generator & Propane

Most rental RV’s come with a generator, so there is a relatively small charge associated with the generator. In hotter months generator use will increase as the onboard A/C is used more. 

During colder months, you will need to use propane for the hot water and heater.

RV Rental prices | Kitchen utensils and bedding

Some RV rental companies charge a fee for kitchen utensils (pots, pans, dishes, etc.) and bedding. However, you have the option to bring your own utensils and bedding, and you don’t need to pay these extra charges. 

RV Rental Prices | Cleaning Fees

Again, the cleaning fee will vary on the renter agreement. 

Some renters charge cleaning fees when the vehicle is not in good shape when you return it, or if you bring your pet and they find dog hair in the vehicle.

Always be sure to clean the RV you rent and remember to leave it in great shape for the next person.

I brought a broom with me and also, kept cleaning it all a couple of times per day. The area is small enough to clean very quickly, and I didn’t let the dirty accumulate, making it super easy to return it the same way when I rented it. 

how much to rent an RV and costs

RV Rental prices | Setup/ Delivery

Some RV renters give the option to have your vehicle delivered to the campground site you choose and will set it up for you. For some, this is the only option to rent their RV. If this is the case, the usual cost is around $150-$200 one-time.

But if you are planning to go on a road trip with the RV, which is the fun of renting an RV, you don’t need to worry about this setup fee. 

RV Rental how much to rent an RV


RV Rental prices | Campgrounds

Of course, you can always camp for free by boondocking your RV rental in places such as the Walmart parking lot, or in nature. 

But if you are planning to stay in a campground, you will need to pay for your spot which comes with a full hook up for city water and electricity. Some facilities also offer amenities such as a bathroom, shower, laundry room, pool, dog park, and playground. 

You can find a range from low-cost to luxury campgrounds – and you get what you pay for. The price will depend on the place, size of the RV, amenities, and season.

The average you will pay per night on a mid-range campground is $ 25 to $ 80 per night with access to power and water.

RV Rental Prices | Park & Attraction Entrance Fees

On top of camping site fees, you may have to pay a daily admission fee if you are camping somewhere like a State Park.

Some State Parks offer camping for free with full hook-up if you pay for the park admission, such as the Glenn Canyon National Recreation Area – I spent 3 nights here and had a great experience, with spectacular views. 

RV rental road trip adventure


How much does it really cost to rent an RV?

My honest answer is that renting an RV for that dream road trip can be as affordable or luxurious as you want – thankfully you have plenty of options based on your travel style and budget. 

By this point, you have a much better idea of the prices to rent an RV and all the costs associated with it. But to make it simple, I have breakdown the costs below, based on 

RV Rental: $ 100 – $ 275 per day 
Mileage Cost: $ .35- $ .50 per mile
Kitchen Accessory Rental (optional): $ 110 one time
Bedding Rental (optional): $ 60 one time
Generator Cost: $ 35 per hour
Insurance: $ 0 – $ 15 per day
Cleaning Fee (optional): up to $ 250


I am always looking for opportunities to travel comfortably but also, without spending too much money. RVing is not different, and it is possible to travel on a budget.

Check out these very helpful tips for curring costs when you rent an RV:

  1. SHOP AROUND: This is my number one tip to save money when you rent an RV. I did a side-by-side price comparison and I end up getting a better deal with Cruise America. They gave me a new 2020 Vehicle and offered me a 20% discount, which was the cheapest of all the options for my road trip. 
  2. PICK UP THE RV NEAR YOUR DESTINATION: One other way to trim costs is to pick up your RV near your destination. This will save you miles and save you money. I drove from Clearwater to Pensacola, where I picked up my RV. There was nothing really I wanted to see on driving, and it saved me some good money.
  3. CHECK OUT A MERMBERSHIP FOR CAMPING: Membership always comes with discounts on select campgrounds, I took advantage of my 10% discount to stay at KOA Campground. You can also check Good Sam or Passport America
  4. BOOK THE CAMGROUND AHEAD OF TIME: I did all my driving spontaneously and did not book in advance, but I also traveled during the low season. But if you are traveling in high season, that campground you were headed to can be fully booked, and also, you can get better rates when you book in advance. 
  5. BOONDOCKING FOR FREE PARKING: While you can camp for free, keep in mind that with this option you won’t have access to the hook-ups. While you may save on camp fees, you may potentially pay more for generator use (to run the microwave and outlets).
  6. SHOP AROUND FOR FUEL: Now that you know that any Recreation Vehicle really uses a lot of gas, it is a good idea to compare prices. A few cents here and there can really make a difference at the end of your trip. 
  7. BRING YOUR OWN FOOD: One of the best things for me during my RV road trip was to be able to open a bottle of wine and cook my own meal at the end of the day. I could eat healthily, AND I save good money not eating out. 
  8. TRAVEL OFF-SEASON: This is a big one too. Traveling in peak season, besides of have to face the crowds, the prices are also higher. Visiting the destination off-season or during shoulder season, can be a great option to enjoy each place you go, without the additional costs. 
  9. DISCOUNT FOR LONG TERM RENTAL: Many RV owners offer a good discount for long-terms RV rentals, and you can find good deals. 
  10. BRING YOUR OWN UTENSILS & BEDDING: You have the option to pay a charge for the kitchen utensils and bedding, or you can bring your own and save money. 
  11. BUY A PORTABLE HEATER OR A/C: You will need to use your A / C during summer, or use the heater if you are traveling to cold destinations. Bring your own portable heater or A / C will do the work and will save you some money. The RV heater runs off propane and consumes quite bit (you pay for propane). A space heater runs off electricity, which is included in the price of a camping spot with hookups (electric and water).


Considering the convenience of taking “home” with you and your family, renting an RV is quite the bargain, especially when you consider the issues and costs associated with air travel and the hassle of checking in and out of motels.

And unlike a motel, your RV rental features all the comforts wherever you decide to stop.

Another benefit of renting an RV right now is that it is the safest way to travel during a Pandemic. During an RV trip, you can travel inside your “little bubble” and control your environment. You cook your own food, you have your own bathroom and you can visit less crowded places, respecting social distancing. It is all a win-win.

My main take ways for renting an RV are: finding the right size for you, plan your budget accordingly, have the desired itinerary for your road trip, make sure you do the RV rental orientation, and that you are comfortable driving and operating your vehicle.

When you wake up to a sunrise over the coast or hike back to your RV doorstep for dinner, it’ll be so worth it!


RV Rental Video Tour


If you have experience camping or backpacking, packing for your first RV road trip should be easy. As I always say, pack light and smart!

Pack essentials like warmth and rain resistance layers of clothing and adventure gear like a backpack, first aid kit, headlamps, hiking shoes, etc.

One of the best things about RVing is that you can pack some of those luxury items you usually leave at home, like toiletries and towels, favorite foods, kitchen items, camp chairs, and firewood. You’ll have more room to store things and spread out than you’re used to in a tent. 

Also, remember to pack for your pets or kids – Check the printable packing list for an RV trip I have prepared.

RV rental packing list


One of the best resources you can have and use on your first RV road trip is to have the right apps. Here I have listed some that are very useful and highly recommended:

KOA – A free app that you can search for KOA (Kampgrounds of America) RV parks based on location, amenities, and attractions. You can use the app to book online and they offer a 10% discount if you rent a Cruise America. 

The Dyrt – This free app provides information on thousands of campsites all across the United States.

Google Maps – This is my go-to navigation app, and quite possibly the most-used navigation app. 

Accuweather – It is the most accurate weather app out there and helps your RV road trip planning. 

Road Trippers – This app helps you to find fun things to do and see along your route. 


It doesn’t matter if you are traveling around in a van or a luxury Class A. Things can go wrong on any trip, and never travel anywhere without having travel insurance. 

I recommend reliable travel insurance through World Nomads before your road trip. 


  • Check and double-check the RV rental insurance policy
  • Check and double-check how the Roadside Assitance work and if they offer 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Be aware of their cancelation policy
  • Make sure you will need a GPS integrated into your RV rental or cell phone GPS
  • Check to see if the RV rental option has rear an side view cameras to help in parking and turning
  • Do the RV rental offers options to rent kitchen supplies, pillows, towels, etc?
  • Respect the number of people that are going on the trip, if the RV size is for 5 people, it doesn’t mean that 5 people will fit comfortably inside it. 
  • Does the RV have AC and / or heater? Depend on where you are going, you may need it. 

Travel Insurance for your trip

I never leave my home without travel insurance which is designed to help cover your expenses if something goes wrong on your trip. Things can go wrong, and you don’t want to get stuck paying tons of money if you get sick or have an accident without travel insurance. 

World Nomads Travel Insurance has been designed by travelers for travelers, to cover their trip essentials. Especially if you are like me, travel insurance is ideal for adventurous travelers. Travel smarter and safer – You can do your quick quote below and find out how little you can pay for the essential benefit of Travel Insurance for your next trip!


Here is some further information I think you might need to plan your RV rental road trip:

RV rental prices

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