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20 Best Jackets for Hiking in 2021 | Expert Review + Buying Guide

The best jackets for hiking in the market

As I continue to Pin the Planet, I have also continuously grown my passion for adventure travel and hiking. Hiking and backpacking are some of my favorite things and with that comes shopping for jackets for hiking and testing them on the trails, and trust I’ve done a lot of testing, and as usual, I’ll […]

Best Hiking Backpacks of 2021 | Top 15 for every Budget (Expert Review)

Ethical and Responsible travel tips

If you are like me and love the great outdoors and hiking are one of your favorite things, then you already know the importance of finding the Top Hiking Leggings, the Best Jackets for hiking, and the best hiking backpacks to fit your budget and to accompany you on your hiking adventures. On this guide […]

16 Best Peru Hikes | Your Ultimate Guide to Trek Peru + Tips

Let’s be honest, all the Peru Treks are very unique, and a trip to Peru is not completed if you don’t add at least one hiking destination to your bucket list. Whether you are planning a backpacking trip around South America, or just explore the best hiking trails in South America, you have to add […]

Best Hiking in Europe: 16 off-the-beaten-track shared by top bloggers

Iceland vacation cost

16 Best Hiking in Europe – Incredible hidden gems in Europe If the opportunity to go discover some hidden gems in Europe and go on one of the best hiking in Europe makes you want to get your backpack and jump on a plane, read on and prepare to be amazed by these incredible destinations […]

Best hiking in Asia & Pacific Adventure: 20 Off-the-beaten-path Hiking revealed by experts

Best hiking in the world

The Best hiking in Asia & Pacific – Off-the-beaten-track Have you ever imagined hiking in Asian or Pacific countries?  The Asia Pacific region is rich in diversity and offers some of the best hiking opportunities on the planet. And even better, you can find some incredible off-the-beaten-track travel destinations in the Asia Pacific region. You […]

63 Best Hikes in the World: The Ultimate off-the-beaten-path Revealed by Travel Experts

Best hikes in the world

63 Best off-the-beaten path Hikes in the Planet If you are always searching for less crowded places to visit, love to discover hidden gems on our Planet, are a nature lover, and like to combine your vacation with a fitness challenge, you are in the right place.  I invited travel bloggers from all over the world to help me put together this ultimate list of the best off-the-beaten-path […]

How to Prepare for hiking | 9 Steps for the Best Fitness Level for your hikes

Hiking Guides

In this fitness preparation guide for hiking during your vacation, you will find advice on how to prepare for this big adventure, separated in 9 easy sections, from exercises, diet, and many other tips and tricks for you to be in the best shape for your hike during your vacation. Detailed 9 steps to help […]