22 Alaska Bucket List Experiences You Won’t Want to Miss!

Alaska has been on my travel bucket list for many, many years and finally I got to go on a phenomenal road trip and now I am here to share the incredible Alaska Bucket List with the top 22 Alaska experiences.

If you have dreamed about traveling to Alaska or are already doing your research and planning your trip, this list should satisfy your wanderlust…

The Last Frontier State offers a large variety of things to do, from excellent hiking trails, to the stunning wilderness, to glaciers you can explore from a close distance and feel the power of nature happen just in front of your eyes. 

This Alaska bucket list article is your one-stop guide. It is based on the ultimate best activities you can do in Alaska, plus it is packed with very helpful information to guide you to pick the best Alaska bucket list that fits your taste, time, and personal preferences. I have got you covered! So, without any further ado, let’s discover this unmissable Alaska bucket list!

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Ultimate Alaska Bucket List

1. Take a Road Trip in Alaska

WhereThe best is to start your road trip in Anchorage and do a loop based on your length of time. Check here for itinerary ideas
Best For:Photographers, best views of Alaska, couples
Best time: Between June and August, this time of year offers excellent weather conditions and wildlife-watching opportunities.
Alaska experiences

I will start this amazing list with my best recommendation for your Alaska bucket list: a road trip! When you choose to visit Alaska on a road trip, be prepared to see breathtaking landscapes, and drive the most scenic roads in the United States, and even, in the world, and for a lot of driving.

Alaska is so big and vast, that it seems nearly impossible to find the perfect route. But with some research, calculations on your time and distance, and prioritization on what you want to visit in Alaska it is possible! If you are looking for a great recommendation, you should check my Alaska 10-day itinerary for some inspiration, and also, one of the best routes for a road trip in Alaska. I started it in Anchorage, then visited Valdez, Fairbanks, Seward, and back to Anchorage.

To give yourself enough time to see the most popular sites, it’s best to allow around 10 days for this road trip. This way, you won’t have to rush and you’ve got the flexibility to change your route slightly and make several stops on the side of the road to take on some breathtaking views. 

PRO-TIP: You will need to decide on your Alaska itinerary and what time of year before you make a decision to rent a car and if a 4WD is necessary. If you are driving this Alaska Itinerary in the summer you can rent a 2WD. I recommend renting a 4WD if you are traveling in Alaska during wintertime. You can get a 15% off your rental car when you book through this site. 

2. See the Aurora Borealis

WhereThe best place to see them is in Fairbanks, Alaska, which is located under the Auroral Oval
Best For:Photographers, and for everyone visiting Alaska
Best time: The best time to see the Northern Lights is during the winter months when the nights are longer.
Bucket list Alaska

Seeing the Aurora Borealis should be on top of your Alaska bucket list! One of the best places to see the Northern Lights in the US and actually in the world is Fairbanks.

This happens because of the Fairbanks’ location, directly under the Aurora Oval – a ring-shaped region hovering over the far north – also, combined with a good balance of clear nights, low precipitation, distance from the coast, and minimum artificial lights.

But even if it is a bucket list to do in Fairbanks, unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that you will see the Aurora Borealis. The recommendation is to book a minimum of 3-nights to increase your chances to see the lights by 90%. 

But don’t get discouraged if you don’t get to visit Fairbanks, or if you don’t see the Northern Lights there. I spent 3 nights in Fairbanks and I still didn’t see the lights, but I end up seeing it in Seward. You will find excursions that offer the opportunity to see the Northern lights from different parts of the state.

PRO-TIP: I recommend going on a tour like this one for at least one night, as they will really take you to the right location, at the right time and guide you through, increasing the chances to catch the best lights. Also, they will help you with your camera and the adjustments you may need to capture the best shots.

3. Watch Whales in their Natural Habitat

Best For:Photographers, wildlife lovers, families
Best time: The best time to whale watch is from April to November, when approximately 600 humpbacks inhabit the waters of the northern Inside Passage
Bucket list Alaska
CONTRIBUTED BY: Ossama Alnuwaiser from Awesome Traveler Blog

Alaska is one of the best places to visit in the United States because of the unique things to do and discover along the way. Alaska is filled with nature and wildlife, and one of the top experiences in Alaska is to go on a whale watching at the Juneau. You can rent a boat at the main cruise ship terminal downtown where you cruise all the way to the Mendenhall Glacier.

Along the way to the coast, you can see humpback whales floating in the water. These amazing creatures can reach up to 46 to 56 feet and weigh up to 44 tons. You should also watch out for orcas, as you might see them jumping out of the water as if they welcome you to the sea.

PRO-TIP: The booking is available all throughout the year, but it is best to book during the day, so you have a better glance at the swimming whales. If you are a photographer, it is also best for you during the day, so you can snap a clearer picture. I recommend booking this half-day tour at Juneau wildlife whale watching & Mendenhall Glacier, with a 100% guarantee to see whales.

4. Wildlife Encounter at the Alaska Conservation Center

WhereLocated 11 miles from the Girdwood turnoff, roughly 45 miles from Anchorage
Best For:Families with kids, wildlife experience, ethical animal conservation experience
Best time: Open all year, though their daily times vary based on the month. Check out their full schedule here.
Bucket list in Alaska

If spotting the big 5 is on your Alaska bucket list, the good news is that if you miss the opportunity to go into the wild, you still can see them in one location, the Wildlife Encounter at the Alaska Conservation Center or the AWCC.

This is a must-visit during any Alaska Itinerary. The AWCC’s mission is to preserve Alaska’s wildlife through conservation, research, and education, and the animals here are treated with care, spread across 200 acres of land. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center turned into a non-profit organization in 1999.

You can buy your tickets in advance, or directly at the entrance, for $17 (adult price), and here you can see moose, bears, porcupines, coyotes, wolves, wood bison, reindeer, and many other animals. This is a great opportunity to get to meet some of the most magnificent animals in Alaska. I ended up not seeing any other bears during my Alaska trip, so I appreciated the opportunity to visit the AWCC.

5. Take a Boat Tour on the Kenai Peninsula

WhereThe peninsula extends about 150 miles (240 km) southwest of the Chugach Mountains, south of Anchorage
Best For:Wildlife views, photographers, families, couples
Best time: Summer is the best time to go to the Kenai Peninsula

You cannot plan to visit Alaska, without adding a boat tour to your bucket list. One of the best places to see the unique beauty of Alaska, plus to discover the marine wildlife is at the Kenai Peninsula.

Taking a wildlife cruise was the highlight of my trip to Alaska! Whales, sea otters, puffins, and mountain goats are just a few of the species that are regularly seen within the Kenai Fjords. You can also spot orcas if you head to Seward during the right time of year. 

This stunning wildlife tour takes you on a 100-mile (161km) round trip and is great for sightseeing too! Depending on the weather conditions you’ll get to see either Holgate or Aialik glacier and then head to the Chiswell Islands or Cape Resurrection.

6. Hike the Exit Glacier

WhereLocated in Kenai Fjords National Park, 3.7 miles north of Seward. If you are planning to visit Exit Glacier, the best place to stay in Seward.
Best For:Hiking, photography, wildlife, and families with kids as the hike are very easy
Best time: The best time to go to the Exit Glacier is May to October
Exit Glacier Hike

Located in the Kenai Fjords National Park, just outside the town of Seward, the Exit Glacier is a very accessible glacier and you can get to it by car, and it is a very popular destination because of its natural beauty, and easy hikes.

The Exit Glacier is breathtaking to witness, and its beauty is undeniable. But it is also where I felt the effects of climate change most profoundly, especially after learning that the glacial retreat at an average rate of 125 feet a year. So visit it, and hike the Exit Glacier while you still can – and feel gifted with a glimpse of a disappearing frozen Planet!

For those who want something a bit more difficult, check out the Harding Icefield Trail that also starts from the Exit Glacier area.

PRO-TIP: You can also choose to go hiking the Exit Glacier glaciers with an experienced guide. This tour is about $200 per person and takes an average of 8 hours and includes professional guides and the gear you will use for the hiking. Check availability here.

7. Take the Alaska Railroad Goldstar

WhereOne-way transportation from Seward to Anchorage departing 6 pm and arriving at 10:15 pm
Best For:Amazing views, families, wildlife, and cultural experience since the train is narrated
Best time: Alaska Railroad is only open during the summer months, providing plenty of sunlight to enjoy your ride
Bucket list Alaska

How to think about the bucket list in Alaska without adding the Alaska Railroad train? Heading on the Alaska Railroad train to Anchorage is without a doubt one of the best ways to see Alaska’s epic scenery.

This is a 4-hour journey that will take you through towering mountains, along stunning coastlines, and past open plains where you might be able to spot wildlife. The spacious carriages have large panoramic windows and open vestibules which means you can take plenty of awesome photographs along the way. 

The journey is also narrated so you can learn more about the area. This is the perfect way to continue your Alaska Itinerary and isn’t something you want to miss out on!

Unique Alaska Experience

8. Bear Watching in Katmai National Park

WhereKatmai National Park
Best For:Wildlife experiences, bear watching, wildlife photography
Best time: From late June through the end of August
Alaska Experiences
CONTRIBUTED BY: Agnes from The Van Escape

The top of Alaska’s wildlife are the bears. Alaska is home to about 70% of the entire North American brown bear population and most of the grizzly bears, as well as black bears and polar bears.

Bear-watching in Katmai National Park should be on your Alaska bucket list. Over 2200 brown bears are living in the small area of this park. In addition, the scenery is incredible, as the park has an abundance of sockeye salmon, which the brown bears feed on before winter.

The Brooks Falls waters are where the salmon spawn during the summer months. The bears catch and eat them as they need to stock up on fat for hibernation. From wooden viewing platforms, tourists can observe and photograph the bears from a safe distance. The views are fantastic. You can also book a photo tour to capture incredible shots of the bears.

It pays to book a stay in the park many months in advance. There is only one lodge in the park, and the number of places is minimal. There is also a small campground, fully booked several months before the season begins.

PRO-TIP: However, visiting the park on a day trip from King Salmon or Homer is also possible. You can only reach Katmai by floatplane, so book your trip in advance with a reliable business that offers a cancelation policy and get ready for a lifetime Alaska experience!

9. Go Hiking and Camping at Denali National Park

WhereLocated about 2 hours away from Fairbanks and 4 hours from Anchorage it is an easy road trip.
Best For:Hikers, photographers, wildlife lovers
Best time: The best time to explore Denali National Park is June- August
Alaska Experiences
CONTRIBUTED BY: Lisa from Planning Away

Denali National Park is one of eight National Parks in Alaska and one of the most popular. Denali needs to be on your Alaska bucket list!

A bus tour is one of the most popular ways to explore.  This 8-hour adventure will take you 64 miles into the park.  Cars are not allowed past mile marker 15.  The bus tour is a great way to see wildlife. Make sure you read my complete visitors guide to Denali before your trip, to plan your visit accordingly.

If you don’t have the time for a bus tour don’t worry. The first 15 miles are incredible! There are plenty of beautiful hikes, wildlife, and even a dog sled team you can spend time with.  You can easily spend one day exploring this area.  If you wanted to do both a bus tour and the front part of the park I would plan for 2-3 day, as you will find plenty of amazing things to do in Denali.

One thing people might not know is that if you go to Denali National Park to see the tallest mountain in North America you may be disappointed.  Unless it is a clear day, without a cloud in the sky, you will not see it.  The Denali State Park is where you can get a much better view or go on a flightseeing tour out of Talkeetna, for a complete Alaska experience! Check out my guide on the ultimate Denali flightseeing tours for more information.

PRO-TIPS: The best time to explore Denali National Park is June- August.  The weather is perfect for hiking and the days will be much longer.  This is also a very popular time to visit so you will need to make sure you book your accommodations well in advance.  You can also visit Denali on the glass-topped train from Anchorage to Denali.

10. Go on a heli-hiking tour at Mendenhall Glacier

Best For:Adventure, hiking on the ice, amazing views, couples, solo travelers
Best time: Summertime
Alaska Experiences
CONTRIBUTED BY: Shannon from Adventuring With Shannon

One of the best Alaska experiences to put on your bucket list is hiking on the Mendenhall Glacier. This massive glacier is about 12 miles long and 1.5 miles wide and is accessible from the Alaskan capital of Juneau. It is so close to town, that the original name for it is translated to “the glacier behind the town.” 

There are a couple of ways to access this glacier. You can begin self-guided hikes from the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center which take you to the base of the glacier as well as to the famous “Nugget Falls.” However, if you are really looking for an adventure, you can sign up to go on a heli-hiking tour of Mendenhall Glacier.

During the heli-hiking tour, you are flown in on a helicopter and get to enjoy scenic aerial views of the glacier. Once you have landed on the glacier, you gear up with crampons and ice axes and prepare to explore the glacier.

These special hikes take you to explore the ever-changing ice formations on the glacier including ice caves. Plus, there are different heli-hiking tours for all skill levels. If you are looking for a true Alaskan adventure, then heli-hiking to Mendenhall Glacier is the ideal choice.

PRO-TIP: You also have the opportunity to join a heli-hiking adventure if you are in the Anchorage area. This small-group tour takes you by helicopter to the high country, surrounded by spectacular scenery filled with glaciers and mountains

11. Kayaking to Mendenhall Glacier

Best For:Active adults, there is a strong current that may be difficult for small children.
Best time: Visiting in the Summer will give you the best weather!
Alaska Experiences
CONTRIBUTED BY: Chantelle from Flannels or Flip Flops

Kayaking to Mendenhall Glacier should be on your Alaska Bucket List! It is such a unique and memorable experience that you can’t get anywhere else. 

To Kayak to Mendenhall Glacier, you need a permit, they are extremely limited, so it’s best to do this with a tour company since they handle the permit process.  It’s also nice to go on a guided paddle so you can learn the history of the glacier from your guides. 

You can choose to kayak on the sea to Mendenhall Glacier, or on Mendenhall Lake.  Choosing Mendenhall Lake gets you much closer to the face of the glacier than the sea, and you also get to paddle past a waterfall, offering an opportunity for a memorable Alaska experience.

PRO-TIP: Lake Mendenhall to Mendenhall Glacier is about 2 miles and is moderately challenging. The tour takes about 4 hours, so it’s a perfect Alaska shore excursion if you are on a cruise. 

12. Go on a Journey above the Arctic Circle

Where Pickup in Fairbanks, travel with your informative guide along the Dalton Highway, technically Alaska Route 1
Best For: Adventure, photography, wildlife, wilderness views
Best time: June-July because of the warmest weather | Don’t Visit in December-early April when there are frigid temperatures and days are short and dark
Alaska experiences

This Alaska experience is something you will want to add to your bucket list! You can get the opportunity to go off the beaten track along one of the world’s most isolated roads, and pass through icy, uninhabitable, and wilderness views as you have never seen before!

If this is on your Alaska bucket list, the good news is that there are a variety of opportunities to go on this journey, for example, you can join a small group town from Fairbanks to the Dalton Highway on a 14-hour journey to the edge of the Arctic Circle and get the opportunity to catch the Northern lights from one of the most incredible places on the planet!

Or you go on a 16-hour Arctic Circle journey with the departure from Fairbanks and visit the Yukon River, stop by the Arctic Circle Trading Post, and get views of the tundra landscape, while you learn about life in rural Alaska with a local guide. Don’t miss the opportunity to snap your picture in front of the big Arctic Circle sign, just off the Dalton Highway.

13. Helicopter Ride with Landing in Skagway

Where Skagway, AK
Best For: Adventure, couples, families
Best time: May-September
Alaska Experiences
CONTRIBUTED BY: Chantelle from Flannels or Flip Flops

Alaska is a beautiful state with endless adventures and bucket list experiences. When creating and dreaming about your bucket list in Alaska, be sure to add a helicopter ride with a glacial landing in Skagway to the list!

There are several tour companies to choose from and each one will surely give you a memorable experience! After meeting your pilot, they will walk you through safety protocol and provide you with boots and a safety belt. Shortly after taking off, you will be met with nothing but black and white mountains for as far as the eye can see.

After maneuvering through the mountains, your pilot will search for a safe place to land. You’ll then get to explore the glacier and even drink the bright blue glacial water!  It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime ride and one of the best Alaska experiences!

14. Take a Flightseeing Tour

WhereAnchorage or Talkeetna – Fly over Denali National Park
Best For: Adventure, couples, families, photographers
Best time: The massive size of Mt. Denali results in unique weather patterns than can vary throughout the day

Taking a flightseeing tour in Alaska is one of the best ways to see the dramatic beauty of the Last Frontier State from above. Especially considering that often, the most beautiful areas in Alaska are inaccessible.

The good news is that a perfect Alaska experience you can go to is to book a private plane with one of the flightseeing tour operators. I normally don’t pay much for tours when I am traveling to a new place, but it was one of the best things I have done during my trip to Alaska.

This experience in Alaska will allow you to enjoy the rugged and magnificent Brooks Mountain Range. The flight route passes just east of the Gates of the Arctic National Park, the wild and pristine jewel of the National Park System. Soar over rivers, valleys, and glaciers, and experience landing and walking on a glacier, with the optional glacier landing.

PRO-TIP: I booked a flight with this tour and it was worth every penny! being able to wind between the Denali peaks and feeling so small, is an experience of a lifetime. I booked a private flight, so I could really take advantage of getting the best seat in the house and ask tons of questions to my pilot.

15. Go on an ATV or snowmobiling Tour

Best For: Adventure lovers, outdoor lovers
Best time: Fall and winter time for snowmobiling and summer-spring for ATV
Alaska experiences

This is one Alaska experience that you need to add to your bucket list if you are an adventure and outdoor lover! Taking an ATV or a snowmobiling tour is a super fun way to explore Alaska wilderness!

If you choose one of the tours in the Fairbanks area, you will get the opportunity to go off the beaten track along the Kelhini River to Flower Mountain, taking you miles through remote areas. But if you choose to go to a different area, make sure you book with a reliable tour company, as they do an amazing job. They organize excursions to specific destinations based on a few hours, up to half-day tours.

PRO-TIP: There are many tours to choose from, including this full-day private tour, which includes lunch, exclusively private and customized experience, and experienced guides. You can check prices and availability here.

Alaska Bucket List Towns to Visit

16. Anchorage: Catch the cultural world of Alaska

Best For:Adventure, outdoor lovers, and the cultural soul of Alaska
Best Time to Visit: Summer is the best time to visit Anchorage, as you’ll find the nicest weather, clear skies and roughly 460 flower beds in bloom.
Read More: 20 Awesome Things to do in Anchorage
Alaska Itinerary

Anchorage should be on your Alaska bucket list, especially because most likely you will be arriving here. Most of the flights from the United States and Canada arrive at Anchorage Airport (ANC).

Alaska’s largest city has plenty of things to offer – from hiking trails, such as the Flattop Mountain, to watching beluga whales from the road if you stop at the Beluga Point Sight. From visiting museums such as the Anchorage Museum where you can learn about the land, culture, and language of the Dena’ina people, to the Alaska Native Heritage Center to discover more about the cultural heritage still living and thriving today at the largest cultural institution in Alaska.

As soon as you start your driving south out of Anchorage on the Seward Highway (AK 1), you will already see the stunning mountain views. Stop at some of the viewpoints along the road to admire the views and take some great pictures.

PRO-TIP: If you are not planning to rent a car then hopping on this train is a great way to appreciate the area’s incredible beauty. This ticket even includes a return journey for the same day which allows you enough time to explore some of Seward too.

17. Fairbanks: Soak on the Chena Hot Springs

Best For:Catch Northern Lights, soak in the hot springs, hikers, and outdoor adventure
Best Time to Visit: The best time is from July to August and also shoulder seasons, including May to June and August through September, are also ideal
Read More: 24 Things to do in Fairbanks, Alaska
Alaska 10-day itinerary

Fairbanks is deep into the wilds, tucked in between two immense mountain ranges, nestled up against the winding Chena river and where the magical northern lights dance across the sky for 9-months of the year.

In this article, you will find from the Northern lights to hot springs and all between, since there are plenty of things to do in Fairbanks to keep you busy for a few days. Here you will find mountain ranges, flowing rivers and sparkling lakes, amazing wildlife, and great history and museums for you to learn about the rich Alaska Native Culture!

Packed with great things to do in Fairbanks, Alaska, here is also a great base camp if you are planning to visit Denali National Park, the Arctic Circle, and the magical little town of the North Pole.

PRO-TIP: I recommend booking your stay at the Chena Hot Spring Resort, as it is one of the top places to see the Aurora Borealis in Fairbanks. But even if you don’t stay at the resort, you still can visit the resort area, and pay a fee of $15 to soak in the hot springs for ages 18 and up only.

18. Seward: Explore hiking trails and glacier boat tours

Best For:Nature lovers, families, wildlife views, photographers, hikers
Best Time to Visit: The majority of visitors to Seward arrive during peak season from June through August
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If you are looking for some top Alaska experiences, you need to add Seward to your itinerary in Alaska.

There are plenty of exciting things to do in Seward Alaska – from enjoying the stunning Kenai Fjords, and going on a tour to observe the wildlife and glaciers, to exploring nature and the views of Seward. You won’t be bored in Seward!

The main reason many people visit Seward, AK is because of the popular wildlife cruise at Resurrection Bay. This half-day wildlife cruise will take you through the Kenai Fjords and Resurrection Bay where you’ll have a great chance of spotting wildlife. As you head along the bay, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for whales, Dall’s porpoises, sea otters, and orcas. You might even get to spot sea eagles or mountain goats scrambling along the nearby cliffs.

19. Valdez: Chase waterfalls and glaciers

Best For:Waterfalls, wildlife views, glacier tours, fishing, hiking
Best Time to Visit: the best time to visit Valdez is between July and August.
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Alaska experiences

Nestled on a strip of land between the Chugach Mountains and Prince William Sound, you can find countless things to do in Valdez Alaska from amazing hikes and trails to stunning glaciers, to great history, culture, and winter sports, This small coastal town is a must be on your Alaska bucket list destination.

I was very surprised to learn that Valdez has some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Alaska, and even, in the world. The reason for so many waterfalls in the Valdez area is that it has more than 27 feet of average snowfalls during winter, and when the snow melts in the spring and summertime, it forms countless waterfalls in the mountains in Valdez.

Here you will also find some of the most beautiful glaciers in Alaska, such as the Columbia Glacier. Columbia Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in Prince William Sound and the second-largest in North America. The landscape here is absolutely dramatic and a great opportunity for pictures. To reach Valdez, you can either drive or catch the ferry from Whittier.

PRO-TIP: When you get the chance to visit it, you will pass through chunks of glacial ice. You can choose to go on a wildlife boat tour for about $150 per person. Or you can also go on a kayak day trip. You also have the option to take a helicopter tour and land to see the wonders of the Columbia Glacier.

20. Talkeetna: Have some local beer while catching the Mt. Denali views

Best For:Adventures such as jet boating, river rafting, scenic flightseeing over Denali, ziplining, and mountaineer climbing
Best Time to Visit:  July, June and August are the most pleasant months, while December and January are too cold to visit
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CONTRIBUTED BY: Tabitha from travelcompositions.com

You will find amazing things to do in Talkeetna. This quaint little village is located114 miles north of Anchorage, and a great half-day detour if you are driving to Denali National Park. 

This historic, one-road town feels like it’s from the old west with buildings dating back from its founding year of 1916 through 1940. These buildings are still used today as gift shops, general stores, restaurants, and art galleries. 

Many tours depart from Talkeetna including jet boating, river rafting, scenic flightseeing over Denali, ziplining, and dog sledding. Mountaineer climbers to Denali also use Talkeetna as their jumping-off point. Beer lovers will be glad to know that Talkeetna has its own brewery and foodies will hunt down the infamous Talkeetna Spinach Bread. 

Tour and taste birch syrup at Alaska Wild Harvest. The largest birch syrup company in the world harvests their sap in Talkeetna and during the summer months, you can visit their gift shop, get a tour of the sap-to-syrup process, and try all their sweet treats made from birch sap like candies, syrups, caramel, mustard, and even birch water. On a clear day, catch a view of Denali at the Talkeetna Lodge.

21. Homer: Halibut fishing capital

Best For: Homer is perfect for families, couples, and solo travelers; anyone who loves solitude and stunning scenery
Best Time to Visit: July or August when the fireweed is in full bloom
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Alaska experience

The scenic views of snow-capped mountains across Kachemak bay are enough to land the small town of Homer on any Alaska vacation bucket list.  But, incredible scenery isn’t all Homer has to offer.  You can also explore the tidepools on Bishop’s Beach, take a ferry to the nearby town of Seldovia, or have a beer at the iconic Salty Dog Saloon. 

If you are a fisherman (or woman), Homer is known as the Halibut fishing capital of the world.  If you aren’t into fishing, it is still fun to go to the harbor and see the boat captains unloading their fresh catch of the day. It is best to explore the town of Homer independently. The top attractions can all be easily visited on your own time without a tour guide.

22. The North Pole: Visit Santa Claus all year long

Best For: A visit to the North Pole is perfect for the family with kids, and actually, for anyone who enjoys the magic of Christmas
Best Time to Visit:
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Bucket list in Alaska

Do you believe in Santa? If you answer yes, you need to add a visit to the North Pole to your Alaska bucket list. The North Pole is a small community, with about 2,700 residents that keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long.

It is located only 15 minutes from Fairbanks, so if you are planning to visit Fairbanks you should stop by to visit Santa at the Santa Claus House. This sprawling store holds endless aisles of amazing Christmas trees, toys, and ornaments…And the highlight of the visit is to see the real Santa Claus – (well, just look at my face and you will see that I really believed it). Going to the North Pole and not seeing Santa, is the same thing as going to Rome and not seeing the Pope!

At the North Pole Post Office, located on South Santa Claus Lane, more than 400,000 pieces of mail arrive annually simply addressed to “Santa Claus, North Pole, Alaska”. Each year, teams of community volunteers work to respond to each letter. What a magic experience, to conclude this incredible list of bucket list experiences in Alaska!

PRO-TIP: Stop for a crepe and a coffee at the North Pole Creperia – it is honestly the BEST crepe and cappuccino I ever had in my life! I had the Nutella with strawberry and it was just phenomenal!

Alaska Bucket List Conclusion

With this amazing article, we conclude the 22 Alaska bucket list experiences you cannot miss when you are planning your dream Alaska itinerary. What are your top pick Alaska experiences you will add to your bucket list?

This list can keep on and on….since Alaska is so vast and amazing! But if there is anything I am missing here, please leave me a message below as I love to learn about new adventures for my next visit too.

Hope this Alaska bucket list has inspired you to visit Alaska and to continue exploring and pinning the Planet!

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