Winter in Salzburg, Austria: 10 Amazing Things to do + Best Christmas Market

If you love the charm of Austrian towns, surrounded by breathtaking views while exploring the history, combined with the magical Christmas Market, you will love spending your next winter in Salzburg. The city is packed with amazing things do, from Mozart to Christmas Market.

Winter in Salzburg means crisp chilly nights while exploring some of the Best Christmas Markets in Austria and drinking a delicious and warm Glühwein. Discover Mozart’s birthplace, and explore medieval castles, and listen to The Sound of Music.

This Salzburg in winter guide is packed with very useful information, from all the tips you need to make your trip easy and fun You will find the top 10 things to do in Salzburg during wintertime, the best places to stay, my recommendations for restaurants, plus the best Christmas Market in Salzburg to visit during your winter vacation.

So without any further ado, let’s discover the best of Salzburg in winter!

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Winter in Salzburg

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Essential Tips for visiting Salzburg in winter

  • Salzburg is a compact city, making it easy to visit in only 2-days and it is very walkable, offering a magical landscape all year long.
  • Winter in Salzburg is magical and a must place to visit with easy access from many places in Europe. It is only 3 hours driving distance from Vienna, located on the border with Germany, at the foot of the Alps.
  • Winter in Salzburg is cold – The days are usually snowy, rainy, and cold, with very little be sure to pack your warm jacket!
  • You can take a very convenient tour from Salzburg to Hallstatt – Salzburg to Hallstatt is a 2.5 hour ride by bus or train, and only 1.5 hour if you choose to drive. 
  • The best option for accommodation is in the city center, as Salzburg city center is very compact and easy to explore on foot. The place I choose to stay is the Townhouse Tessa by HeymCollections as it has an excellent location, and I could explore Salzburg on foot.

Best Places to Stay During Winter in Salzburg

The most popular areas for accommodations are the Old Town or Altstadt, and you can find a wide range of accommodations for every budget, and with a very convenient distance to the major attractions. 

winter in Salzburg

GREAT VALUE: Austria Trend Hotel Europa Salzburg

Guests Rating

100 meters from Salzburg Main Train Station, Austria Trend Hotel Europa Salzburg is just a 10-minute walk from Mirabell Gardens, Congress Center, and Mozart’s Residence. The property also offers a panoramic restaurant and free WiFi. For your convenience, parking is available on site.

winter in Salzburg

MID RANGE:  Pension Ballwin

Guests Rating

Located in Salzburg, 2.6 km from the Salzburg Festival, Pension Ballwein offers free WiFi and free private parking. Rooms feature flat-screen satellite TV, and some units have a terrace or balcony. In addition, the accommodations include a private bathroom with a shower.

winter in Salzburg

BEST RATED: Townhouse Tessa by HeymCollections

Guests Rating

Townhouse Weisses Kreuz is a carefully renovated 16th-century building located in the historic center of Salzburg, 200 meters from Salzburg Cathedral and 500 meters from Festival Hall. All rooms have a flat-screen cable TV. For your comfort, bathrobes, slippers, and a hairdryer are provided. Townhouse Weisses Kreuz features free WiFi throughout the property.

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Best Tours to Take in Salzburg in Winter

There are plenty of awesome activities to explore around Salzburg in winter. I have selected some great options for top organized tour. Check my top picks for you:

Salzburg Hallein Salt MineThis fascinating tour through the tunnels of the salt mine in Hallein will provide an unforgettable adventure for the whole family.

Salzburg 2.5 hour Walking Tour – If you don’t have much time to explore the city, this is a great option to explore the center of Salzburg, the New and Old Town and learn about diverse history.

Salzburg Private City Tour by car – This is a great option to visit the main sights of the city with the comfort of a private car and guide. 

Salzkammergut Mountain & Lakes from Salzburg – If you have more time to explore the city’s surroundings, this tour is highly recommended. You will visit the fascinating ancient mountain retreat of the Habsburg royalty.

Top 10 Things to do in Winter in Salzburg

1. Stroll Around the Old Town

If you are visiting Salzburg in winter, you will have the chance to see that the lanes and alleys of Salzburg’s Old Town are particularly charming during the Christmas season. In particular, the shops of the Getreidegasse and the Goldgasse are often beautifully decorated.

The Old Town has a lovely atmosphere, surrounded by the Alps and with baroque architecture. The Alstadt is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, with its cute stone streets, cathedrals, and domes, and during winter it’s here that you can also find the most important Christmas Market in Salzburg. 

Some of the iconic monuments of the Salzburg Old Town are  St Peter’s Abbey, cemetery and catacombs, the Nonnberg monastery, and Kapitelplatz which is an art piece with a large golden sphere holding a man on the top, and the Salzburger Dome Cathedral. 

PRO-TIP: Besides all the history you can also find several cafés, restaurants, and boutiques on the narrow streets decorated with Christmas lights making the evenings look even more inviting to continue exploring. 

2. Visit the Honensalzburg Fortress

The Hohensalzburg fortress was built in 1077, and it was one of Europe’s largest castles at that time, and it is actually the largest preserved castle in central Europe. This fortress was built to protect the archbishops and the principality from any possible attacks.

This is one of the top attractions during winter in Salzburg, so try to get here early, at the opening time and you will avoid waiting in line and avoid the big crowds. There are 2 ways to get to the fortress – One option is to ride the funicular, and the other is to walk up the steep path that leads to the entrance. 

Once you make it to the fortress, you can find a couple of small museums and rooms that you can tour. But the best part of visiting the fortress is the views from the top, where you have the best views of Salzburg and also, the countryside.

PRO-TIP: The whole tour takes about 1 hour, and if you choose to walk up to the fortress, the way back is so rewarding because of the views and scenic walk. I recommend to b buy your ticket in advance.

winter in Salzburg
The fortress overlooking the Christmas Markets

3. Visit the Residenzplatz – The Main Square in Salzbrurg

There are many squares in Salzburg, but Residenplatz is the largest and most popular.

It is surrounded by the Salzburg Cathedral, the Panorama Museum, and the Residenz Gallery. Also, it features a large, stunning fountain in the center of the square. Be prepared to face the crowds, though, as a lot of people choose to visit Salzburg in winter. 

Salzburg Christmas Markets
People enjoy the Christmas Markets in Salzburg

4. Go Ice Skating on Mozart Square During winter in Salzburg

Winter in Salzburg offers so many awesome options for extra activities, including ice skating in Mozart Square. You can rent a pair of skates and enjoy the magical Christmas spirit and snowy weather. 

5. Visit the Salzburg Cathedral

The Salzburg Cathedral was built in 774 and it was completely rebuilt several times, and it is where Mozart was baptized in 1756. It is incredible Baroque architecture, with stunning carved details and murals.

The Cathedral is located in the center of the town so it is impossible to miss, and if you are visiting Salzburg in winter, here is where you can find the largest Christmas Market in Salzburg.

PRO-TIP: To visit is free, but it is encouraged to give some donations. 

6. Visit the Mozart Birthplace Museum

One of the most famous citizens of Salzburg is Mozart, and you can visit Mozart’s Birthplace Museum. You can tour the house that Wolfgang Amadéus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756, and is today one of the most frequently visited museums in the world.

PRO-TIP: The house has three stories of exhibitions about all the details of Mozart’s life, and the tour takes approximately one hour and costs $14.00 per person – I recommend booking your tour in advance


7. Go on the Sound of Music Tour

If you are a movie lover you have probably seen and know Salzburg as the city of The Sound of Music movie from 1965. You can take the half-day tour, which starts in the section of Salzkammergut, part of the Austrian Alps, which is a stunning place and also, a UNESCO world heritage site. 

PRO-TIP: Along the tour, you will have the chance to learn more about Salzburg, some of the famous locations where the movie was filmed, and learn more about the famous Von Trapp family. This tour tends to sell out, so you can guarantee your booking it in advance

8. Enjoy Christmas Time in Salzburg in Winter

When I travel to a new place, one of my favorite things to do is to experience the local culture, and Salzburg in winter offers a perfect opportunity. You can go to the Salzburger Adventsingen, a traditional play in which local children sing in local dialects and put on a nativity play. Salzburg has some of the most magical Christmas Markets in Austria.

You can also visit the Nativity Scenes, the stable of Bethlehem that is normally displayed as an Alpine cabin with the Holy Family carved in wood. Or you can check out the Salzburger Heimatwerk, culture and traditions association for events typical for the region.

The best christmas market in Austria

9. Must Eat Lebruchen & Drink Gluhwein at the Salzburg Christmas Market

Another great experience if you are visiting Salzburg in winter is to try the traditional Austrian Christmas cookies and pastries, which often become real competition for the best ones in the city. The Christmas Markets and bakeries around the town offer a large variety of them for you to choose from. 

In the chilly weather, nothing beats warming up with Gluhwein, also known as hot, spiced wine sold in the markets and throughout the city in the winter. Lebkuchen and gluhwein will have you singing Christmas carols in your head as you absorb the magical atmosphere.

10. Go Skiing During Winter in Salzburg

Every winter, thousands of ski enthusiasts travel to Salzburg and other areas in the Alps to explore picturesque valleys with excellent slopes. The skiing season varies slightly from year to year and among different areas, but generally, it peaks between late December and early March.

 You can also snowboard, ride a sled, go cross-country skiing or skating – winter sports are big in Salzburg.


Christmas Market to Visit During Winter in Salzburg

Visiting Salzburg during wintertime means the opportunity to enjoy the magical Christmas Markets. Salzburg offers amazing places to visit such as medieval castles, museums, cathedrals, and a fortress. But it is during the winter when the city holds the magical Christkindlmarket (Christmas Markets), one of the oldest Advent markets in the world. 

Check the best Salzburg Christmas Markets and make sure if you are visiting Salzburg during winter, you visit a couple of these fairy tale markets.

Salzburg Christmas Market Christkindlmarket Amdoplatz

  • WHERE: On Cathedral and Residenz Square, in Salzburg’s historic city centre
  • WHEN: 20 November – 26 December

The  Christkindlmarkt am Domplatz is the largest and most famous Christmas Market in Salzburg has been held at the Cathedral Square since 1974. This famous Christmas Market draws countless visitors from all over the world every Christmas season and is also very popular with the locals. 

The traditional huts blend to create a unique atmosphere, along with special lighting that stretches above the market like romantic stars across the night sky. 

The organizers have also ensured that visitors are treated to a colorful daily events program that includes readings of Christmas stories for children, Krampus parades, guided Christmas tours, choral cand oncerts, visits by the “Christ Child”, festive melodies performed from the surrounding towers, and so much more. 

Salzburg Christmas Market

Advent Market in the Honensalburg Fortress Courtyard

  • WHERE: Fortress Hohensalzburg
  • WHEN: 30 November – 23 December

The Advent Market under the linden trees in the castle courtyard is not only the highest Salzburg Christmas Marke but also one of the most atmospheric.

The stalls offer a fine selection of Salzburg delicacies, local handicrafts,s and gift ideas. In this market, you can find local arts and crafts, very charming gifts and a great lively social interaction, besides great views of the city.

Salzburg Christmas Market at Advent Magic in Helbrunn

  • WHERE: Hellbrunn Courtyard
  • WHEN: 21 November – 24 December

The Advent market right outside the city of Salzburg has always been a memorable experience for the young. From mid-November, the facade of the palace with 24 windows turns into a huge Advent calendar.

In front of the Hellbrunn Palace becomes a fairy tale forest with more than 400 conifers, decorated with 13,000 red Christmas baubles and fairy lights, which light up the entire area during nighttime and create a very special atmosphere.

Salzbrug Chritmas Market on Mirable Square

  • WHERE: Mirabell Square, Goethestraße
  • WHEN: 19 November – 24 December

If you are looking to experience a small Christmas market and avoid the big crowds, this is a perfect option. The Salzburg Christmas Market on Mirabell Square offers a wide selection of delicious food, mulled wine, and many amazing artistically decorated huts with out-of-the-ordinary products.

It is also located at a perfect location for public transportation, as the bus stop and the parking garage are located just directly on the opposite side, and the train station is only a few minutes walks away.

Salzburg Christmas Market

Weather During Winter in Salzburg

Winter in Salzburg is cold!

The average daytime temperatures are 3°C to 6°C (37°F to 43°F). The temperatures at night drop and it can range from -4°C to -2°C (25°F to 28°).

But don’t let the cold temperatures intimidate you. The city has a fairy tale setting during wintertime, with the snow capping the building and the Alps, and the festive, crisp, and chilly air.

There are always plenty of options to grab a coffee or Gluhwein to help you to keep warm. Keep in mind in the winter in Salzburg, the daylight is reduced with the sunrise around 7:00 am and sunset around 4:00 pm. 


Salzburg in Winter Orientation

Winter in Salzburg is magical and a must place to visit with easy access from many places in Europe. It is only 3 hours driving distance from Vienna, located on the border with Germany, at the foot of the Alps.

Salzburg is the largest city in the area, and it makes a great place to visit and also, a great option for a base if you have more time to explore other places in Austria, such as Hallstatt and Berchtesgaden

⇒ From Vienna (Austria): 296 km (184 miles) – 3:00 hours

⇒ From Munich (Germany): 144.5 km (90 miles) – 1:30 hour

⇒ From Venice (Italy): 446 km (277 miles) – 4:50 hours

⇒ From Prague (Czech Republic): 374 km (232 miles) – 4:16 hours

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How to Get Around Salzburg in Winter

You can choose to fly direct to Salzburg  W.A. Mozart Airport (SZG), which is only 4km from the city center.
A trip by train is also very popular, and you will arrive at the Hauptbahnhof Station. You don’t need public transportation to explore Salzburg, as the city is very compact and you can explore on foot. But if your hotel is outside the town center, there is a trolley and bus system that serves the city
If you are planning to visit and explore Salzburg, I recommend buying the Salzburg Card before you start your exploration.

It gives you FREE, easy, and fast access to the top things to do in Salzburg, such as the main tourist attractions, museums, and public transport – I recommend buying your Salzburg City Card.

You don’t need a car to explore Salzburg, as the city is very compact and you can explore on foot. But if you are driving a rental car, parking in Salzburg is easy, as the town has parking garages located just outside the old town. I parked at the Linzer Gasse Parking Garage and it is just a short walk down a pedestrian street. 

You can get a 15% off your rental car when you book through this site. I use and recommend RentalCar because it is the most reliable rental car source, and it allows you to compare the prices of different places.

Best Places to Eat in Winter in Salzburg

There are plenty of great options to eat in Salzburg, and I have listed a couple of recommendations:

  • Augustiner Braustuebl – It is one of the best options for dining in Salzburg. Here you can drink locally brewed beer and dine on local cuisine.
  • Barenwirt – If you want to try authentic Austrian food, this is the place. Must try the Brathedndl (fried chicken).
  • Gasthaus Zwettlers – This is a charming 160-year-old restaurant. The Kaiser Karl (local beer) is available in different types. 
  • Johanneskeller – A cozy place in the middle of the old town and affordable with a great atmosphere.
Best place to eat in Salzburg

Winter in Salzburg Conclusion

There are incredible destinations to visit in Europe during wintertime, and Salzburg is one of them. Salzburg is a great place to visit all year long, but winter in Salzburg makes it even more special.

From charming streets and cozy cafes to visiting the iconic highlights including castles, and baroque buildings while surrounded by the Alps covered in snow immerses you in a wonderland. 

Salzburg is a very popular destination during the Christmas holiday, so be aware that hotels often charge peak season rates. Visiting Salzburg in winter, especially in December is a busy, but magical experience.

If you have more time during your visit, you can stay in Salzburg and take day trips to Berchtesgaden in Germany and Hallstatt in Austria.

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