19 Incredible Hikes in Asia Revealed by Travel Experts

If you are searching for some of the most amazing hikes in Asia, you are luck! I have asked some travel experts what are they favorite hikes in Asia, and am here to reveal them to you

Asia offers a large array of incredible hikes to explore, from easy day hikes to some multi-day strenuous treks. The Asian continent is rich in diversity and a dream bucket list destination for any adventure traveler. But Asia also offers some of the best hiking opportunities on the planet.

I have done some incredible hikes in Asia, and they are all unique in some way. To put together this list, I invited some of the top travel experts for their favorite hikes in Asia, and now we bring to you the most diverse list of the hand picked and most incredible hikes in Asia!

If you want to climb a mountain, trek through a jungle, or hike along an enjoyable scenic trail – you will find it all here. Your options for hiking in the Asian Continent are limitless, including some of the hardest hikes in the world!

This list is a guide for some incredible hiking or trekking in places you may have never heard of. Below you will find a combination of the best hikes for all tastes and styles – from one of the toughest multi-day treks in the world to one of the best viewpoints to watch a romantic sunset after a rewarding hike.

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Best Hikes in Asia | 10 Essentials Tips

Before we get started on this amazing list of the 18 Most Incredible Hikes in Asia, let’s remember to always travel safely:

  1. No Cell Phone Service: Cell phones do not work in most places in the backcountry and GPS is sometimes unreliable – Consider carrying a Satellite Phone with Maps and GPS Navigation.
  2. Do not hike at night: If you are camping, plan to get to your campsite before dark.
  3. Language Barrier: Having a pocket translator is a great option.
  4. Difficult Hiking Trails: “Difficult Hiking Trails” are characterized by steep elevations, increasingly difficult terrain, and longer distances. Only experienced hikers should attempt these trails
  5. Be physically prepared:  Many of these hikes are easy and can be done by anyone. A couple of the hikes are epic and I recommend following a plan for hiking fitness preparation prior to attempting any long or challenging hike.
  6. Consider the high altitude: Many of the places listed here, are at a high altitude. Make sure you acclimate before you start your hiking, and pack an Altitude Sickness Relief.
  7. Bring plenty of water: Remember you will be outdoors in the sun and you will need to drink a lot of water. My LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle has been my lifesaver for all my trips. I can refill this bottle anywhere and it comes with a carabiner to connect it to my daypack.
  8. Check the Weather: Check the current weather forecast and be prepared for quickly changing conditions.
  9. Pack Snacks: You will need to keep that energy for your hiking, so don’t forget to pack high-energy food for your hiking.
  10. Leave no Trace: Be a responsible traveler, it is all about enjoying nature and ensuring you help to preserve the environment.

Multi-Days Hikes in Asia

1. Annapurna Base Camp, one of my favorite hikes in Asia

  • Location: Annapurna Region, Nepal
  • Distance: 67 kilometers | 42 miles
  • Duration: 9-12 Days
Hikes in Asia
Hike Expert: Paula from Paula Pins the Planet

I will start this amazing list with the Best Hikes in Asia with one of my favorite hikes in the world, the Annapurna Base Camp or simply ABC. Known as one of the most popular hikes in Nepal, and is well known for its breathtaking views.

Be a mountaineering enthusiast, a traveler, or an adventure-seeker, it is almost a must to visit the Annapurna Base Camp. And such fame is not without a cause; the sublime Himalayas, cultural display on the trip, and the trails themselves help to make the Annapurna Base Camp Trek the most famous trek not just in Nepal but the entire world. 

The hike starts in the city of Pokhara where you will take a short car ride to the town of Nayapul, where the ABC starts. Along the hike, you will pass villages such as Ghandruk. This village is somewhat of an ideal instance of a thriving Gurung community and also hosts great views of the Himalayas.

You will pass bridges, and rivers, climb up and downstairs, and zig-zag during your hiking among the majestic Himalayas mountains. The trek also takes you through the incredible tropical forests in the Annapurna Conservation Area, slowly giving way to increasing alpine vegetation. The views of the mountains are breathtaking and will make you feel so small.

I recommend hiring a Porter in Nepal to go on hiking in the Himalayas. They just don’t make your hiking easier and safer, as I am also a big supporter of the locals. By hiring a porter in Nepal you are helping to employ amazing people in Nepal.

2. Gokyo Ri

  • Location: Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal
  • Distance: 98 km with a 2,737m ascent
  • Duration: 10 Days
some of the Best hikes in Asia is in Nepal
Hike Expert: Cecily from Groovy Mashed Potatoes

Hiking to the summit of Gokyo Ri in Nepal is one of the most beautiful and rewarding treks in Asia. Reaching the summit at 5,347 m (17,575 ft) elevation you have one of the best panoramic views of the world’s highest mountains, including Mount Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu. Each of these peaks soars above 8,000 m (26,246 ft)!

The trek to Gokyo Ri is one of the best alternative treks to Everest Base Camp. Rather than hiking all the way to base camp, you instead take a quieter trail that takes you past waterfalls, glaciers, gorgeous turquoise lakes, and yaks carrying supplies up to high mountain villages.

For a trek with an altitude like this, it’s important to acclimatize in Namche Bazaar (3,440 m) for a couple of days before making your way to Gokyo. To help with altitude sickness, drink at least 3L of water a day and take altitude pills (Acetazolamide).

Hiring a guide and porter for your trek to Gokyo Ri is highly recommended. A guide books your teahouse accommodation and takes care of your well-being on the trek. A porter helps you with weight going up the mountains by carrying your gear. Himalayan Glacier is a respectable Nepali company that has a long history and incredible reviews. They will match you with an excellent guide and porter suitable to you.

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3. Sapa Mountain, one of the best hikes in Asia for culture immersion

  • Location: Sapa, Vietnam
  • Distance: Various trails to choose from
  • Duration: It can be done in 1-3 days, depending on the route
2-week trip itinerary in Vietnam
Hike Expert: Paula from Paula Pins the Planet

The mountains in Sapa offer some of the best hikes in Asia for the challenges, and also, because of the cultural immersion. The highlight of my trip to Vietnam was hiking the mountains in Sapa for 3 days and doing a homestay with a Black Hmong hill tribe.

The best way to explore Sapa and go off the beaten path is by hiring a local hill tribe guide to show the real-life experience, and explore lesser-known trails. You can literally and figuratively walk miles in their shoes!

Sapa is located beyond the clouds in a mountain town in Lao Cai Province which also includes Vietnam’s highest peak, Fan Si Pan. It is in a remote corner of Vietnam about 350 km northwest of Hanoi, close to the Chinese border.

When you choose to hike in Sapa, you’ll enjoy amazing views of mountains, waterfalls, mountain slopes of rice paddy terraces, rivers, and cross bridges where you can see local women washing clothes. You’ll pass small villages and meet many curious children on their way to and from school. 

This very remote and quiet part of Vietnam is home to many different ethnic tribal people. Sapa is not only beautiful, but it is also very rich in culture and a safe place to visit while you are in contact with nature and the lovable local people.

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4. Ak-Suu Transverse Kyrgyzstan

  • Location: Kyrgyzstan
  • Distance: 109 km | 68 miles
  • Duration: 7 days
Best hikes in Asia
Hike Expert: Stephen Lioy from Asia Hikes

Hiking the 109 km (68 miles) in 7 days in Ak-Suu Transverse Hike in Kyrgyzstan remains one of my favorite hikes in Asia, even in a region as spoiled for choice as Central Asia. It visits some of the best landscapes Eastern Kyrgyzstan has to offer, from still-as-glass alpine lakes to exposed and rugged mountain passes, and all along the views just get progressively more amazing.

The seven-day length is long enough to escape the demands of everyday life, but still short enough to carry everything you and your trekking party will need without worrying about a resupply (though, of course, porters and horses are available for parts of the route if you’re looking to lighten your load).

It passes through the highlight of the entire Issyk-Kol region: Ala-Kol lake, but does so while minimizing time spent on crowded trails and opts instead for out-of-the-way routing and extra helpings of amazing mountain views.

Starting in the small eco-tourism hub of Jyrgalan village and ending at the Soviet-era sanatoria (spa resort) of Jeti-Oguz, both trailheads are served by infrequent public transport from the city of Karakol.

The region’s real trekking hub, Karakol is interesting enough to spend a few days relaxing between treks but also small enough to start a day hike straight out your guesthouse door.

5. Jyrgalan

  • Location: Jyrgalan village, Kyrgyzstan
  • Distance: Various distance
  • Duration: ranges from a few hours to a few days
Best hiking in Asia
Hike Expert: Margherita & Nick from The Crowded Planet

Jyrgalan is a small village in Kyrgyzstan and a great place to arrange hiking expeditions to the nearby Tien Shen mountains. Hiking lovers heading to Kyrgyzstan should definitely plan to visit Jyrgalan, where you can stay at Alakol Guesthouse, a wonderful community-run lodge, the perfect base for longer or shorter hikes in the surrounding mountains.

There are literally hundreds of hikes possible in the surroundings of Jyrgalan, ranging from a few hours to a few days, some of which can also be done on horseback. However, it’s important to go with a local guide, as hiking in the Tien Shan mountains is completely different from hiking in the Alps or Rockies – there are no signs, and it’s very easy to get lost.

Some of the best Kyrgyzstan hikes from Jyrgalan include the Keskenkija loop trek, a 4-day ring trail taking in some of the best scenery around the village, and the Boz Ushuk trail which opened only a few years ago.

These are all multi-day outings, including unforgettable nights spent sleeping under the stars. However, if you’re after something shorter, Jyrgalan offers many opportunities for day hikes too, like the full-day hike to Emil’s Peak, named after the owner of Alakol Guesthouse. Jyrgalain is a truly wonderful place, and among one of the best hikes in Asia. I left my heart there and have no doubts you will too!

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6. Chadar Trek

  • Location: Himalayas, India
  • Distance: 65 km | 40 miles
  • Duration: 5 days
Best hiking in Asia
Hike Expert: Arnav Mathur from High on the Himalayas

Chadar Trek is one of India’s toughest treks and also one of the most unique treks in the Himalayas, it takes essentially 5 days of walking on the frozen river Zanskar. It’s a 65 km long trek, in Ladakh. The Land of High Passes, in India, is operational for a period of 45 – 50  days from Jan to mid-Feb every year and makes for an excellent addition to this 5-Day Leh – Ladakh Winter Itinerary.

The Chadar Trek experience is without a doubt one of the most adventurous, and rewarding trek experiences there is. It tests both your physical and mental endurance.

This hiking makes you appreciate the small joys of life and also gives importance to the small things, such as keeping your feet dry at all times (to avoid hypothermia), changing into dry fresh pair of socks the moment you reach camp, pack essentials and the importance of layering.

If you are thinking of doing the Chadar Trek, it’s imperative that you plan your trip in such a way that allows you to acclimate for 3 days in Leh prior to the Trek, because of the high altitude and the thin air.

And also it’s recommended that you keep some extra days in your hand, towards the end of the planned trek dates. This is because, there are chances of delay due to unforeseen circumstances, such as heavy snowfall, which restricts you to step out.

7. Sandkphu Trek

  • Location: West Bengal, India
  • Distance: 46 km | 28.5 miles
  • Duration: 6 days
Best hiking in the world
Hike Expert: Ruma from The Holiday Story

The highest peak in West Bengal is Sandakphu which means “Height of the Poison Pants”. Poisonous trees grow near the summit of Sandakanfu and hence the name, and the sunrise and sunset over Kanchenjunga from Sandakphu will be a lifetime experience.

Manevanjan can be called Sandakphu Gateway. Sandakphu peak is 3,638 meters (11,941 feet high). This peak is on the West Bengal-Nepal border along the Singalila National Park in Darjeeling. It is the highest point of the Singalila Hills. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu – all four of the five highest peaks in the world can be seen from here.

Sandakan is a paradise for those who may not be a very good trekkers, but love mountains. This is probably why Sandakanfu is called Trekkers Paradise because it allows you to enjoy all the beauty of the Sandakan trek.

Temperatures on the Sandakanfu-Falut trek can range from 12-20 degrees Celsius during the day and minus 5 to 5 degrees Celsius at night, depending on the season. Strong winds with temperature are another challenge of this trek. So you should prepare very well in terms of clothes.

On the day of arrival and departure, you can visit places like Meghma, Tonglu, Tumling, Gauribas, and Kalipokhari, and on a clear sky day, you can see the curve of the road and also see Kanchenjunga, consider yourself lucky if you find a red panda here.

The Sandakphu top, it’s a flat area and very windy all day. From here the view of snow peaks like Pandim, Elephant Hills, Kabru, Kabru Dom and Shinchala including Kanchenjunga is amazing.

Everest, the highest peak in the world, can be seen from here if the sky is clear – talking about the best hikes in Asia for the views, this is a must! Note that from June 15 to September 15 is restricted due to rainfall.

8. Kumara Parvatha

  • Location: Karnataka, India
  • Distance: 28 kilometers | 17 miles
  • Duration: 2-days
Hike Expert: Raksha from Solo Passport

One of the most rewarding treks in the southern part of India is the trek to Kumara Parvatha. At a height of 1,712 meters, Kumara Parvatha is considered the toughest mountain to conquer among trekkers.

Also known as Pushpagiri, Kumara Parvatha is part of the Western Ghats in Karnataka state. It is the sixth-highest mountain in the state. The trek can be started from either Kukke Subramanya or Somwarpet and both of these towns are just an overnight bus journey from the city of Bangalore. Permission from the forest officials needs to be obtained to trek in the national park.

The total trekking distance is 28 kilometers that are spread across two days. As the trail is very steep all along to the peak, the trek requires a good fitness level. The first 7 kilometers of the trail are in the forest and the remaining part of the trail is in the grassland and does not have any shade. 

As it is a multi-day trek, one needs to camp for the night. The camping can be done at the forest checkpoint and the camping site has very limited facilities. It is best to trek this trail during the winter season (between the months of November and February) as the weather is pleasant and calm.

9. Kumano Kodo, one of the most spiritual hikes in Asia

  • Location: Kii Peninsula, Japan
  • Distance: 70 km | 44 miles (different trails to choose from)
  • Duration: 1-9 days
Hike Expert: Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan

The Kumano Kodo is a pilgrimage trail that winds through the Kii Peninsula and leads to the three most sacred shrines in Shinto, an ancient religion native to Japan. Actually, in centuries past it was common for Japanese people to practice both Shintoism and Buddhism side by side, and you can still see some traces of Buddha worship along the trail today.

But in the 19th century, a law was passed forcing a separation between the two, and nowadays the Kumano Kodo is primarily associated with Shintoism.

Shintoism has no dogma or theology. Instead, it is about worshiping and paying homage to the many spirits (called “kami”) that inhabit all aspects of nature, including the trees, rivers, and stones.

And what better place to worship these spirits than in a sacred forest of towering cypress trees? For foreign visitors, a walk along the Kumano Kodo is much more than just a hike. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about and participate in Japan’s customs, traditions, and beliefs.

When researching my Kumano Kodo hike, I was surprised to learn that there is no definite starting or ending point. Rather, the Kumano Kodo is a series of connected trails, and you can spend anywhere from a few hours to a week or more walking these trails.

Most walkers visit at least one of the three main shrines – the Kumano Hayatama Taisha, the Kumano Hongu Taisha, and the Kumano Nachi Taisha.

If you want to visit all three, you will need several days. A shorter alternative is the Nakahechi Route, which takes two full days of walking and finishes at the Kumano Hongu Taisha shrine. To reach the trailhead at Takijiri-oji, take a train from Kyoto or Osaka to Tanabe and then a bus the rest of the way.

10. Kalaw Trek

  • Location: Myanmar
  • Distance: 57 km | 35 miles
  • Duration: 2-3 days
Hike Expert: Reshma from The Solo Globetrotter

The trek from Inle Lake to Kalaw, the neighboring hill town dotted with beautiful mountains, is one of the most popular hikes in Myanmar. Most people first visit Inle Lake, one of the top destinations in Myanmar, and hike all the way further to Kalaw.

While Inle Lake is famous for the different settlements on wooden stilts, Kalaw is a small hill town known for its natural beauty, relatively cold climate, and lots of floral and wild species.

Hikers will pass through many remote settlements in the mountains, where they can experience the Burmese ways of life in the countryside. You will stay at homestays run by these locals, and will also try the delicious Burmese food. I

t is an experience to get to the heart of rugged Burma, away from the chaotic cities and the crowds. The total distance of the hike is over 55 km (34 miles), almost on a flat trail. It can range from easy to slightly moderate depending on your fitness level. If you book through one of the tour companies at Inle or Kalaw, you can drop the luggage and carry what’s required.

They will usually drop the rest of your items in Kalaw or Inle, depending on your direction. You can book your trek after you arrive in either of the towns as the prices are lower. You can also do it from Kalaw to Inle, and it takes about 3 to 4 days on average. You can skip a few sections and make it in 2 days also.

The best time to do this trek is from November to February after the monsoons when there are blooms, and the hills are green. There are plenty of buses from all major cities to Nyaungshwe, the nearest town to Inle Lake.

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11. Trek to Tobavarchkhili Lakes

  • Location: Georgia (Europe/ Asia)
  • Distance: 77 km | 48 miles
  • Duration: 4-5 days
one of the best hikes in Asia
Hike Expert: Jozef from Caucasus-Trekking

Trek to Tobavarchkhili lakes is one of the best hikes in Asia and one of the many amazing hikes in the country of Georgia. It explores the Egrisi mountains range which separates the famous highlands of Svaneti from the lowlands.

Egrisi mountains don´t belong to the highest ones in the Caucasus, so what makes this trek special? Of course, lakes themselves come to mind. The most famous ones are Okhoje and Tobavarchkhili – to visit these, you will need to trek for at least four days.

But if you want to visit also secret ones such as Lakamurash Toba or Tshakatskali, reserve for at least a week. But be warned – while the main route is in good condition, hidden lakes are hard to reach and require experienced trekkers. But there is one more reason why this walk is so good. In greater mountains, you often look at the same scenery for a better part of the day (only from a different angle).

Here, the scenery changes constantly (at least once you climb above the treeline). You will ford rivers, cross marshes and lush forests, climb several almost 3000 meters high mountain passes, wild camp by mountain lakes (each one more beautiful than the other), admire massive waterfalls and gorges, and drink with local shepherds, while meeting a few other tourists, if any at all. An unforgettable adventure!

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Epic Day Hikes in Asia

12. Lion Rock

  • Location: Lion Rock Country Park in Kowloon
  • Distance: 6.7 kilometers | 4 miles
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
Best hikes in Asia
Hike Expert: Sean from Living Out Lau

The hike is situated inside the Lion Rock Country Park in Kowloon. There are many ways to reach the top (Lion’s Head), but the quickest and most convenient is to go to Choi Hung MTR station. From there, you can hike to the start of the trail or take a taxi to the start.

Hiking Lion Rock is not extremely difficult, but shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if you are hiking in the hotter months of Hong Kong. We would rate this hike moderate in difficulty.

The most popular Lion Rock hiking route is about 6.7 kilometers in length. There are shorter and longer routes but the 6.7-kilometer one is by far the most popular as it is safe, easy to get to, and offers great views along the way.

The entire trail takes about 2.5 hours of hiking to complete. However, you might want to factor in extra time for breaks and take photos from one of the best viewpoints in Hong Kong! 3.5 hours would be a reasonable amount of time for this hike!

13. Phadaeng Peak

  • Location: Laos
  • Distance: 3.4 km | 2.1 miles
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
Laos is one of the best hikes in Asia
Hike Expert: Sasha and Vincent from Mog and Dog Travels

With its stunning mountain ranges, picturesque waterfalls, caves, and rivers, Laos is an absolute dream for nature lovers and hikers everywhere. Arguably, Laos has some of the best hikes in Asia.

The hike to Pha Daeng Peak (also known as Nong Khiaw viewpoint) is a great introduction to hiking in Laos. The starting point of the hike is Nong Khiaw, a cute little town surrounded by limestone mountains and on the banks of the Nam Ou River in Northern Laos.

The trailhead is within walking distance from Nong Khiaw town –  most visitors either hike Pha Daeng Peak in the early hours of the morning, before sunrise, or just before sunset.

If you choose to do the latter it is very important that you bring a torch with you as the path is quite steep and difficult to descend in the dark. Depending on your level of fitness, the ascent takes around 1 -1.5 hours, although if it has been raining it can take longer as the path can become extremely slippery and muddy.

At the top of the peak, you will be greeted by gorgeous 360-degree views of the forested mountains, the lush valleys, and the meandering Nam Ou river below. If you choose to hike the trail before sunrise, you will be treated to the stunning sight of the clouds hovering just above the town and then breaking up as the sun rises.

The absolutely incredible scenery at Pha Daeng viewpoint and the fact that you are likely to be able to enjoy the views all by yourself (one of the bonuses of hiking in Northern Laos) make this an awesome hiking experience.

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14. Adam’s Peak

  • Location: Sri Lanka
  • Distance: 5,000 crumbling steps
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
one of the most beautiful hikes in Asia
Hike Expert: Emma from Bonjour Sunset

Adam’s Peak, also known as Sri Pada (The Sacred Footprint) is located in southern Sri Lanka, around 150 km from the capital city Colombo.  Adam’s peak holds a special significance to the Buddhist population who believes that the depression on the ground of the summit, is a footprint of Buddha.

For this reason, Adam’s Peak is an important pilgrimage site for Sri Lankans and a great physical and spiritual experience for tourists too.

While Adam’s Peak can be hiked at any time of the day, it is particularly memorable to climb it at night and reach the summit at dawn. This is when you can see the spectacular sunrise, as well as the enigmatic shadow of the peak over the surrounding valley. A surprisingly perfect triangular shadow that doesn’t seem to match the actual shape of the mountain.

Depending on each level of fitness it takes around 3 to 4 hours to climb the 5000 steps to the summit. The numerous shacks along the hiking path, selling tea, water and snacks are great places to take a break, when the climbing becomes strenuous.

Hiking Adam’s peak is an incredible experience, both from a physical point of view (these 6000 steps will take your breath away … literally), but also from a spiritual point of view. Watching thousands of pilgrims of all ages, in all kinds of physical conditions, with a lot of bare feet is very humbling.

The best time to climb Adam’s Peak is the dry season, from December to April. It is better to avoid weekends, public holidays, and full moon nights when the crowd can be so huge that it makes it impossible to reach the summit.

15. Tiger’s Nest is one of the most impressive hikes in Asia

  • Location: Paro, Bhutan
  • Distance: 6.5 km / 4 miles
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
Best hiking in the world
Hike Expert: Dagney & Jeremy from Cultura Obscura

One of the most iconic images from Bhutan is of the Tiger’s Nest a Buddhist monastery nestled in the mountains near the city of Paro. Legend has it that the founder of the temple, Guru Rinpoche, was carried up there on the back of a disciple who had transformed into a tiger.

The Tiger’s Nest (or Paro Taktsang as it is called in the Bhutanese language of Dzongkha), is one of the best hikes in Asia for a spiritual experience, if not the world. As an added bonus, Bhutan is such an off-the-beaten-path destination that although it is the number one thing to do in Bhutan, hiking the Tiger’s Nest rarely gets overcrowded.

I’m not a big hiker but was nevertheless excited about doing the Tiger’s Nest trek as I’d heard it was worth it. Although it is not an incredibly strenuous hike, the altitude can really affect people, and we definitely felt it!

The total hike is around 6.5 km (4 miles) and it takes around 4-5 hours. One of the hardest parts of the hike is the last stretch before you reach the actual monastery as you first descend over 100 steps, before climbing up even more. It was hard to push myself to do it, but the views over the valley from outside the temple were incredible!

Most non-Indian visitors to Bhutan need to go through a registered tour company and pay $200-250 a day. Although this is steep, it covers all accommodation, food (not alcohol), transportation, and entry fees within Bhutan.

16. Mount Halgard

  • Location: Iraq
  • Distance: 16.8 km | 10 miles
  • Duration: 7-8 hours
Best hiking in the world
Hike Expert: Diana from The Globetrotting Detective

Mount Halgard is known to be Iraq’s highest mountain. The summit of the mountain is as high as 3,607 meters and it’s located not far from the Iraq – Iran border.

One of the most fascinating things about Halgurd Mountain is that it has absolutely no tourism infrastructure, and for this reason, Mount Halgurd is one of the best hikes in Asia for anyone who loves hidden gems. To find out how you can make it to the country’s highest summit as a foreigner, you need to make some local friends either through social media or Couchsurfing or pay for a tour.

To climb to the top, you need to get prepared. Foreigners must have a permit from the Kurdistan Mountaineering and Climbing Federation to climb Mount Halgurd. For me, the friends of my Couchsurfing host arranged the permit.

The total hiking is around 16.8 km (10 miles) and it takes approximately 7-8 hours. Moreover, you can’t just go there by yourself or only with other foreign friends. You need local friends who know the right way to the peak.

Some routes are off-limit in the mountains because of the presence of foreign drones, landmines, and unexploded munitions and because the correct hiking trail is not indicated. Last but not least, you need a jeep. From the city of Choman, you need to drive 95 km. You need a big beast to drive on the dirt roads of Halgurd Mountain. No normal vehicle can manage on those roads.

17. Taung Wine Mountain, one of the most romantic hikes in Asia

  • Location: Myanmar
  • Distance: 180 meters up the mountain
  • Duration: 1 hour
Best hiking in the world
Hike Expert: Ilse from Digital Travel Couple

The Taung Wine mountain is located in a small mountain village called Hpa-An in Myanmar. The hike up to the top of this 180-meter-high mountain is very steep and strenuous, but doable in about 45 minutes – an hour.

The view from the summit of the surrounding area is incredible, especially during sunrise and sunset. So make sure to plan your hike either very early before sunrise, or in the afternoon so you can watch the sunset from the summit. This also avoids you from hiking during the midday heat.

The Taung Wine mountain is 13 km east of Hpa An located. The easiest way to get to the base of the mountain is with a rental motorbike. But be prepared that you have to drive on some unpaved, dusty roads.

You can rent a motorbike for around 10 000 Kyat a day or arrange a taxi or TukTuk for around 7000 Kyat one way. But if you want to do the sunrise hike, make sure to arrange transport the day before. The hike starts immediately from the parking lot with steep stairs leading up the mountain. It’s not even a super long hike, but pretty strenuous all the time with many steep steps.

You will need to rest sometimes to catch your breath and rehydrate. But keep going because the view from the summit is priceless! Especially with sunrise or sunset, when the light reflects beautifully on the mountains and creates a beautiful orange-golden glow.

Make sure to put on comfortable hiking shoes and bring enough water as you won’t see stalls on your way to the summit to buy drinks or snacks.

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18. Birtvisi Canyon

  • Location: Georgia
  • Distance: 5 km | 3 miles
  • Duration: 5-6 hours
Best hiking in the world
Hike Expert: Baia from Red Fedora Diary

If you are looking for off-the-beaten-path hikes in Asia, consider Birtvisi Canyon in Georgia. Located only a one-hour drive from the capital, Tbilisi, the canyon boasts excellent views of volcanic hillocks.

Being so close to Tbilisi makes it a perfect hiking day trip to escape to nature from the hustle and bustle of the city. The total hike is around 5 km (3 miles) which can be done in 5-6 hours.

Small vulcanic hills and several independent rocks created millions of years ago due to a volcanic eruption, make the canyon very charming and interesting to explore. On top of this rocky terrain lies Birtvisi Fortress, which used to be very hard to conquer by the enemies.  Therefore, it’s called Sheupovari in Georgia, meaning “invincible”.

Along the hike, you can see the several towers and walls of the fortress covered in green foliage. The best way to do the Birtvisi Canyon hike is to either rent a car and drive to Tbilisi village in the Kvemo Kartli region or take public transport, marshrutka (minibus), towards Tsalka from Navtlughi bus station.

Once you get off near Tbisi village, you’ll find signs of the canyon. Hiking the canyon is possible all year round, however, it gets quite hot during the summer months. As the trek is quite easy, you don’t need any special equipment.

Though, note that as you’ll be climbing the steep rocks up and down, make sure you wear either hiking boots or non-slippery shoes. Also, be cautious and extremely careful where you step when climbing toward the Birtvisi Fortress. It surely is a bit challenging climb, but the views are utterly breathtaking.

19. Mount Batur

  • Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • Distance: 5 km | 3 miles
  • Duration: 2.-4 hours
  • Hike Expert: David from The World Travel Guy

The Mount Batur hike in Bali is a very popular volcano for sunrise trekking in Indonesia, and it’s not very hard to do from any part of Bali island. Lots of tour packages are available that include hotel pickup and dropoff, plus a guide for the trip.

I’ve done this Bali volcano hike many times over the years, and the Mt Batur trek is always a completely memorable adventure in its own way. It’s an active volcano with heat vents at the top where you can cook eggs, which is also fun to do for breakfast!

This hike is not too difficult and you don’t need to be super fit to do it. However, shoes and a light jacket are highly recommended for climbing Mount Batur because the path is rocky and it can get a bit chilly at the top while waiting for sunrise. The entire hike takes about 2 to 4 hours roundtrip, depending on your pace. A flashlight is also a good idea since you’re hiking in the dark, although most tours provide one.

Early morning trekking at Mount Batur is especially popular because you can catch amazing views of the sunrise from the top of the mountain, usually in a sea of orange clouds!

 Best Hiking Jackes for women is a must packing item

Best Hikes in Asia | Essential Packing Gear

  • Portable water bottle: Remember to bring and drink a lot of water and if you need to refill, a LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle is the best option.
  • First-aid kit: Always remember to pack a first-aid kit for your hikes.
  • Day-Backpack: I love my day-backpack and it is very handy for any hiking.
  • Headlamps:  Carry a flashlight or headlamp even on a day hike. If you have trouble on the trail, darkness may fall before you can finish your hike.
  • Wear sturdy shoes for hiking: The most important thing is to protect your feet and avoid twisting your ankle and getting injured. I recommend investing in a good hiking boots brand such as Teva, Salomon, or even Keens.
  • Moisture-wicking clothing: These clothes help to pull the sweat away from your body and stay cool and dry during your hiking such as light hiking pants & long sleeves shirts.
  • Warm Layers: Early morning or late night can get cold so it is important to bring layers, a lightweight puffy jacket is a must!
  • Packing for winter hiking: During winter make sure to have a good quality hiking jacket and pack a warm pair of pants for your hike.
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses: It is always important to protect yourself against the sun. Bring a hat with a good face cover like this one and don’t forget to pack a pair of polarized sunglasses
  • Bring along some food or snacks: It’s a good idea to pack trail mix or cereal bars to munch on during your hiking, check here for the best food for hikers.
  • Bring your Camera: You will see some incredible views during your hiking, so don’t forget your camera, or check out some great value options here


If you are planning to carry a backpack during your hiking in Italy, I have compiled a very detailed review of the Best Backpacks for Travel in the market today –

Also, it doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, you will need a good jacket to go hiking in Italy, so check my complete review guide on the Top Jackets for Travel

Another great item for your hikes is to invest in a good pair of leggings for hiking – Pack Smart!

Ethical and Responsible travel tips

Best Hikes in Asia Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this amazing list with some of the most incredible hikes in Asia. The continent offers some of the best hiking opportunities in the world. From the Himalayas Mountains, hikes take you to a spiritual experience – The hikes in Asia will surprise you in many ways!

Choose the hiking trail that better fits your needs and adventure level. And the most important thing, keep active and safe travels, everyone!

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