couples who travel together, stay together

14 Reasons why Couples Should Travel Together

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You want to make sure your relationship lasts and you feel happy? The answer is couples should travel together! Go on a new journey with your best half and have fun. Life goes much beyond the everyday routine. Check out on 14 reasons why traveling as a couple is the best way to fire up the relationship.

After 14 years (happy) together, I am sharing 14 reasons why couples should travel

If I can give one piece of advice to anyone who asks me about my relationship, it would be: do things together...especially TRAVEL TOGETHER! Traveling brings so much joy and it affects a relationship in a very positive way.

It can help a couple to stay together, but most importantly, STAY HAPPY TOGETHER.

14 years ago I met my American husband in Brazil while he was living and working there. I was just back to Brazil from living in England and was finishing my MBA. It was a very good sign for both of us. He took the challenge to work abroad and I was just back from studying abroad and ready for the next adventure anywhere in the world. After a year, exploring Brazil together, we moved to the USA.

14 years later and 40+ countries explored together, we continue our journey with no plans to slow down.


Thailand is a great destionation for couples
Thailand 2015 - Our first trip to Southeast Asia


If I said my marriage is perfect, I'd be lying. Of course we have our ups and downs just like any couple, but I consider that we have many more ups. And I attribute it to doing things together that we both enjoy and our passion for traveling and Pin the Planet together.

Because of this shared passion, we built a solid and happy relationship, based on love, trust and excitement to discover the next adventure.

We love to explore the world together, meet people and make new friends, and build memories in this journey called “life”.

The excitement renews, as the cycle continues:

  • Dream about the next destination,
  • Plan our trip,
  • Agree and disagree on the itinerary,
  • Talk about our experiences when we are back
  • Start to dream about the next destination…
Couples travel together
Machu Picchu was another trip on our bucket list



Couples who travel together, stay together, because you are doing what you love. For me, traveling equates to exploration, learning, discovering new cultures, places and ideas.

Even traveling to a place close to home for a weekend getaway is break from the routine and a reminder that life is more than what we see on a daily basis. Couples should travel together, as any new adventure renews the relationship. It is so refreshing to go somewhere new, and at the same time have the anchor of your spouse/best friend by your side.


Pro Tip: Dreaming together about discovering and exploring your next destination and planning endless adventures with your partner helps to fire up the relationship. Get inspired with some of the top vacation destinations for couples

New Zeland is a great destionation to travel as a couple
White Island in New Zealand



A secret for happiness and success in any area of our lives is to find balance. Couples should travel together because is a perfect way to practice balance, as you will have to learn and adapt to the weaknesses and strengths of your partner and vice versa.

If you don’t like to bungee jump, you can take the pictures of your partner in action – but the important thing is to respect each other’s style and individual preferences, and find a way to participate in the experiences together.


Pro Tip: We find different ways to balance that make our trips even better. When we order food at a restaurant, we try each other's food and drinks. We take turns driving or taking pictures. We make plans on the go and adapt to the unexpected together.


Couples travel together
I love to flex...
Why couples should travel together
...Mike loves to read.



I believe everyone would agree that the best way to kill any relationship, is to have a routine, without anything to look forward to. Imagine a relationship that you work and pay bills while you save for your retirement. Does it sound familiar?


Pro Tip: Get out of the routine now! Book a trip and get excited about it. It doesn’t have to be any crazy exotic place, or take a plane across the world. You can take a weekend off and just drive somewhere different once in a while. The important thing is, get out of your routine! Now!



Build excitement by discovering a new place, meet new people, taste a new dish, try that local wine….

There are countless opportunities to experience the new together. I love trying new things, having new experiences and making the most of life...especially with my husband. TOGETHER AS A COUPLE!


Pro Tip: After you book a trip, you have plans to make together. On the trip, you will have so many experiences to share and memories to build. Live in the moment, treasure the present and all of the new discoveries. We frequently talk about our past trips and relive the memories and experiences, and talk about possible future destinations.

Wine taste in South Africa



It is so easy to get caught up in material things, and to develop the habit of “having things”.

If both are in sync, and decide to save money for traveling, it is another positive thing for the relationship. There are additional benefits. Your house won’t be cluttered with things that you don’t need for example.


Pro Tip: When you are on the road and traveling together you'll face all sorts of situations, such as not having A/C, the most comfortable bed, a Western bathroom or a hot shower…. Detachment is a great exercise to practice while you travel, and even better when you have a partner in crime and practice it together, as a couple.


One of the most incredible sunrise - Angkor Wat in Cambodia



What can better than build memories? Build memories with your best friend...together as a couple!

Memories are the only really valuable thing we can build in this life that you will hold forever. Making memories together is a sure way to stay in love.

Capture some of those moments in pictures and relive the is almost as good as being there again.


Pro Tip: Plan that honeymoon you never took or book a trip for your anniversary. Or if you have kids, yes, go on a family vacation. Create memories for your family as well.

Why couples should travel together
Exploring Sossuvlei in Namibia



My husband and I ALWAYS have something to talk about!

How many time have you been in a restaurant, looked around and saw a couple sitting at a table not talking. Instead, one or both are just play with their phones?  Couples that travel together, always have something to talk about.


Pro Trip: We often find ourselves talking about past trips and experiences or future options for trips. When you are with family and friends, you will be the cool couple who will have something interesting to share, and hopefully, inspire your friends to go on an adventure too. Or, inspire your kids to explore the world.

Couples traveling together in New Zealand
Hobitton in New Zealand
Couples should travel together to New Zealand



What is your definition of a Best Friend? If it's someone who stands by your side, no matter what and someone who accepts you just as you are, we would agree.


Pro Tip: You don’t always have to agree or have an amazing moment, as long as you have someone to share the amazing moments, and also the hurdles of traveling (or life). It doesn’t matter the challenges you go through or the differences, you have each other and that is all you need.

couples traveling together to Paris
Ooh La La....feeling romantic in Paris
couples travel together in Paris
but my favorite thing to do is to feel silly together



Most couples come from different backgrounds. In my case, we REALLY come from different backgrounds – Brazilian vs. American.

It is the beauty of our relationship. We add, accept and appreciate, without trying to change each other. We are constant learning from each other and also together as a couple


Pro Tip: Couples should travel together, since we learn something new and see things differently. Each person has a unique experience and perspective - even though they are doing the same thing. The chance to exchange our perceptions amplifies and enriches the experience. Whether you are from different cultures or not, sharing your thoughts on your adventure makes it so much better.



OK…another point that can be very critical and a sensitive topic in any relationship. MONEY!

My husband and I share our expenses for our trips. It works great for us, but maybe it is not the case for every couple.

Whatever works for you, the important thing is to have financial control, and this is another great excuse why couples should travel together, as it is a great exercise to control the financials for a great purpose.


Pro Tip: Make a budget together, and travel within your budget. Not changing the car this year, because you have decided to travel instead? As long as both agree, you will be happy to feel that as a couple.


Traveling together in New Zealand



This is one of my favorites reasons about why couples should travel together!

Remember how incredible the future was at the beginning of the relationship. It should continue to be like that. The future just keeps getting better.

For a relationship to last, it is important to have positive feelings about the future. Making plans together (no matter how small), keeps your life paths intersecting.

Planning and discussing the future is one big way to make sure you have a future together.


Pro Tip: Build excitement and create the anticipation of something that you can do together. Share a dream and realize the dream together.



You rely on each other. During moments of weakness, the other is strong.

As I type this one, I am giggling behind my computer remembering things that I have made my husband do, such as hike the Himalayas at a fast pace while I made him keep up with me just to record a video of me. Or make him drive a safari in Africa for 12 hours with a pelvic bone broke after an accident, because I was so excited about photographing animals and I didn't even realized we were driving for so long - husband is a rock star!


Pro Tip: Even on the little things, remember to appreciate your partner for the efforts. We all like to be appreciated, and what may seem small for you, can be a big challenge for the other. Come on, hiking the high altitudes of the Himalayas during winter is not that hard.

Traveling as a couple to Nepal
Nepal - We trainned for 2 months together to hike the Himalayas during our vacation



It's amazing how traveling together helps the couple find LOTS of things in common.

You will be in different situations and you will learn so much more about each other. Not only will you learn about your partner, but you will also learn a lot about yourself.

Traveling has a tendency to do that to people. Couples should travel together because we broaden our viewpoints and grow in amazing ways.

Traveling with your partner is a way for you to grow individually and together.


Pro Tip: Every year I include a different hike during our trip, and we train together for our vacation, besides bringing us together we also encourage each other to be healthy and fit.

couple trip to Tibet
My absolutely dream trip to Tibet - it was a very last minute trip without any planning



Last, but not least - Couples that travel together make new friends. And who doesn't like to make new and great friends?

Traveling has this power to bring amazing friends from all over the Planet, and from different cultures.

Instead of having only "his friends" and "her friends" we enjoy making and sharing the same friends together.

My husband is introvert while I am not at all, and I just love watching him making the effort and interacting with our new friends, and it helps me to see him in new and fresh eyes every time when we travel together.


Pro Tip: As important as making new friends, is to keep your friends. I am a natural communicator and I just love to be close to my friends. Once in a while we have calls together with our friends we make from all over the world, we change messages, pictures and follow up on each other. Bond with this new friends, helps us to bond with each other.

Namibia couple travel
Visiting the Bushmen tribe in Namibia
himba tribe visiting as a couple



This is my list with 14 reasons of reasons that couple should travel together.

If you feel inspired, just give it a try.  Grab your partner in crime and just go somewhere. Your relationship will flourish and you will be happier than you ever imagined.

What about you, do you have any "secrets" that bring you and your partner together? I would love to hear from you too.




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24 thoughts on “14 Reasons why Couples Should Travel Together

  1. Ryan K Biddulph says:

    Super points Paula! Kelli and I circled the globe for 8 years so far. Being out of routines as we travel bonds us, helping us get closer as we go with the flow in non comfy conditions. Excellent post.

  2. Francesca says:

    These are great reasons! I love traveling with my husband because it creates so many amazing memories for us. I also think it helps with communication and being able to get out of stressful situations.

    • Paula Martinelli says:

      Hi Francesca, I agree 100% with you. Traveling together improves so much the relationship and communication skills. It seems that every trip we go, things in regular life becomes much easier to handle, because we have been through so much together that the every day stuff becomes easier to deal with.


    Nossa realmente fantástico, mas do que um casal, parceiros de viagens, cumplices de sonhos, jornadas e acontecimentos únicos. As fotos são de tirar o folego e muito criativas por sinal. Difícil achar mais alguém no mundo que se conheçam tão intensamente e consigam viver juntos tantas aventuras. O baú de memórias deve estar repleto de experiências e felicidades … conhecer este mundão todo não tem preço. Mais que tudo PARCECEIROS DE VIDA. Parabéns o blog está maravilhoso e super informativo, mas não podia deixar passar tanta intensidade.

  4. Mike says:

    We have so many things in common, and so many differences. I think we share some key interests and passions that bind us together. Sharing a love for travel, animals, fitness, adventure and exploration strengthen our love for each other. Respecting our differences and savoring our mutual enjoyment of all this life has to offer is the juice that keeps us going!
    Te amo para sempre!

    • Paula Martinelli says:

      I am so glad to hear that your husband loves traveling now, and that you guys are building amazing memories together. My husband and I have always loved to travel, even before we met. We combined our our desire to continue to explore the world together, and it works so great for us.

  5. Casey says:

    Some really great thoughts! And I completely agree with everything, especially those not so sexy things like learning to manage money together etc. I feel like my partner and I are always bonded on a new level after a trip 🙂

    • Paula Martinelli says:

      Hi Casey, you are right – I always thought that money is a sensitive topic, as we all have our different backgrounds and different ways to make and spend it. But my husband and I, besides the differences, we do pretty well saving for our travels and sharing bills….and yes, the bond after each trip is so real, isn’t it!?

    • Paula Martinelli says:

      I love it Agnes – the same here! My husband is the navigator most of the time too. All we need to do is to use our “super powers” to complement each other, and make the traveling an amazing experience 😉

  6. Shannon says:

    I love this! Thank for sharing and being honest, I love your takeaways. I smiled and giggled as some rang true for us too. You’re so lucky to have a travel life partner!

    • Paula Martinelli says:

      Thanks Shannon, it is just so fun to explore the world together and to share moments that will last a lifetime. We don’t always travel together – I would say I travel more than he does – but traveling with my husband has been always so amazing and fun!

  7. Michelle says:

    I absolutely love this post. My husband and I travel together all of the time. I love how it gives us special memories and experiences that we can share in together. I wouldn’t trade my time with him for anything!

    • Paula Martinelli says:

      I am so glad to see when couples are building memories together through travels Michelle. It is for sure one of the best things for a happy and healthy relationship, right?

  8. Cathia says:

    I love your post, you made excellent points. Definitely spending time with my husband, while we are traveling, helps a lot in our relationship. He is my favorite travel companion.

    • Paula Martinelli says:

      HI Cathia – it is awesome that you and your husband are great travel companions, it is so healthy for any relationship. Keep on traveling with the hubby 😉

  9. Tabitha says:

    I really appreciate this post! My significant other and I don’t get to travel together, really, and this is a nice list of things to think about of how to travel together/what to do together.

    • Paula Martinelli says:

      Tabitha, what about if you go over this list with your significant other and give it a try for at least a short trip and see how it goes? It may end up being a magical experience 😉

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